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SanDisk Ultra A1 512GB MicroSD $89.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square


SanDisk Ultra A1 512GB MicroSD $89.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square

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  • Does anyone know if can price match with Office works of jbhifi?

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    Is this a good quality???

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    Can I use this for switch?

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      You can if you need 512GB, otherwise I'll go for smaller but faster cards.

  • Just get a Patriot 512GB MicroSDXC on Amazon.

  • The description is a bit dodgy. It says that it has "transfer Speeds of up to 120MB/s" but doesn't specify if that's the read speed or the write speed. If it's the read speed, it's unlikely that the write speed s more than 40MB/s.

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      It's a U1 class microSD. U1 > 10MBPS write. U3 > 30MBPS write.

    • yep, they've scammed lots of people in the past

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      How on earth are deals still allowed to be posted for them then?

      If OzB won't ban them they should at least tag the deal with a warning.

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    Easy way to double your steam deck storage

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      Too slow for Steam deck tbh

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    Has anyone seen a decent deal on 1tb?

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    why this one on ebay only $39.99 is it the same??

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    Why not get a much better quality Samsung card that is also much faster for only $17 more?

    I have both Sandisk and Samsung cards. Three Sandisk micro SD cards have failed in a 2yr period and zero Samsung.

    Also, think about the comments about Shopping Square and warranty process. Amazon RMA process is near perfect and super-easy.

    • why… because we are ozb' and only the cheapest is what we are after :)

      • And the cheapest you'll get (SanDisk quality and notorious "support")

    • I was about to post the same link. I don't get it. The current card in my switch is a 128gb U1 sandisk and I need a bigger one.

      I've been looking for some reason not to get the cheaper and faster Samsung card, and I don't think there is one!

      • you're right. Samsung is the best, however, only if purchased from a reputable seller like Amazon. I wouldn't call Shopping Square a reputable seller. Why? For the reasons listed here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/forum/shoppingsquare.com.au

        plus the fact that eBay has banned them due to many complains.

    • Hey vrsac… What happens when they fail? I have a 128GB Samsung EVO in my phone. About a month ago the phone started popping up a message several times a day saying the card was unexpectedly removed.

      • contact place of purchase first. If no luck, go to Samsung directly. Hopefully you have a receipt. There is a 10yr warranty for SD cards:

        • I didn't realise that so I chucked the receipt a few years ago. Sorry I just realised that can be read two ways. What I meant was, is what I described the kind of behaviour you see when memory cards are about to die?

          • @Faulty P xel: I've had a card die just the way you've described it. Try formatting the card on a PC, full format.

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