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Aeroplane Jelly Lite 2 Pack $1.60 (Was $2) @ Coles


Its back (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/615663)

Copy from my old post:
Hello friends,

Some smart maths genius worked out that Aeroplane Jelly lite is cheaper than the standard version. (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/358063)

You get 1L of jelly per packet of Aeroplane lite vs 500mL for standard. The packets also weighs less - so less petrol cost if you drive to Coles.

I've been buying this for quite a while and feel it tastes as good or better than standard. I rarely see it on special so thought this was worth a mention.


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      thanks. I presume amazon usual matching colesworth deals?

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        yea looks like it,

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    Top tip:

    There's a passionfruit mango flavour which tastes amazing mixed with plain Greek yoghurt for a healthy, sweet, sugar free snack.

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      Another idea: I get this from Costco, and eat it with it. Channeling the 6 year old child in me haha. It's also a good dessert if you're doing sugar free.

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      Careful; the mango is 20ยข more.

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      mixed with plain Greek yoghurt

      You can't get Greek yoghurt in Australia, only Australian yoghurt.

      Do you mean Greek style yoghurt?


      What Greek Yoghurt do you get?


      As in you make up the jelly with yoghurt instead of water or just serve it with yoghurt?


        why they left us hanging? :(


          Scroll down a bit for my reply, but TLDR….. Make hot it will set, cool it will not. Both taste good. Water is not bad but not so good.

          I prefer to split it half and half with almond milk but you need to stick it in a blender or something to avoid layering as it sets. Bonus is it sort of aerates and makes a fluffier mousse type texture. Making it with straight yoghurt results in something more firm.

          If mixing with milk you can just heat the milk in a microwave and mix the jelly into that before putting in a blender with the yoghurt.

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    Raspberry or Lemon with Peters Sugar-free Ice cream are a great combo.


      Nice haven't tried that ice cream seems much cheaper than the usual low carb suspects


      Lemon - which seems to be only sold at Woolworths mixed with a tub of forme or zero or whatever low cal yoghurt you like is delicious.

      I heat the tub for 1 min in microwave, mix 2 x sachets in, heat another minute, mix, and heat once more and mix. It still tastes great if you don't heat it but it doesn't set.

      Both Woolworths and Coles have these on special once a month, but sometimes it's a two for X price which isn't always that much of a saving.


    "Some smart maths genius worked out that Aeroplane Jelly lite is cheaper than the standard version."

    It's liter, so it shoud be ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    These are not Vegan.


      Well you are not missteaken