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Gainward GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Phoenix (LHR) $1199, 3080 Phantom (Non-LHR) $1788 (OOS) + Delivery @ Techfast


Techfast is back with another great GPU deal

Gainward GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Phoenix (LHR) $1199

A quick comparison with 3070Ti, I think this is a great price and you don't have to deal with the notorious hot gddr6x

Gainward GeForce RTX™ 3080 10GB Phantom (Non LHR) $1788

Some extra stock added for the popular Gainward 3080, all previous remaining orders are being fulfilled today

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        • ray tracing is ass unless you play the Metro game….rest is crappy reflections or shadows that already look pretty good but cost 3x performance and fps
          if used like in Metro sure, if not then big no no

          • @botchie: I guess another game perfect for it is Minecraft, the few game that shows a day and night difference.

          • +1

            @botchie: I dunno, I use it in DOOM Eternal and it's definitely better than traditional screen space reflections. I've actually seen some demons behind me in reflections and 180'd to shoot them or dodge projectiles from the demons.

        • IMO ray tracing is only really worth it for 3080 and above. Otherwise the performance hit is way to much

          • @nnolan: Depends on the setup, I run a 3070 on a 1080p, a bit of an overkill but I can easily max out raytracing.

            • +3

              @RobBoss: yeah no offence but no ones buying these 3000 series cards for 1080p. Or very few

              • +1

                @nnolan: Is gaming at on a 1080p 144hz monitor with high/ultra display settings not a thing?

                • @KoNpHuSeD: that's exactly what I go for, buttery smoothness for Apex. Another thing is, there really isn't a lot of 1440p 24 inch screens out there

          • @nnolan: Depends on the game. Metro Exodus Enhanced is AMAZING on my 2080. 3440x1440. I can't believe how well it runs. Better than the original. They really programmed that one well.

          • @nnolan: Depends on resolution and lots of other things. I've got a 3070 and I play Doom Eternal at ultrawide 1440p essentially locked 100fps on ultra settings with full raytracing and it's incredible.

        • Hopefully Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition supports RT

    • +1

      Aside from DLSS and Raytracing

      So aside from 1 of the biggest changes in graphics ever, and DLSS that can gain you like 50% performance with almost no loss in graphical quality, you mean?

    • +1

      Well DLSS is actually superior and legitimately good technology with amazing potential and is proven to work.

      Also tensor cores on Nvidia GPUs have genuine advantages for productivity applications

      You can bet everyone who is in creative field and plays casual games will get Nvidia even if it’s less expensive than AMD card let alone same price.

      If AMD wants to sell their card they need to reduce the price quite a bit

    • main reason for me is nvenc, as well as being burned by 5700xt drivers :(

    • To use WiiU, Switch, PS3 emulators with less bugs.

    • If you're an Adobe user then Nvidia and cuda cores are a must unfortunately. Especially with Premiere there's a substantial difference in gpu accelerated performance compared to AMD.

    • Look, I hear you, but I gotta say, really cool being able to enable DLSS and RTX on my 2080.

      I know it's a gimmick but it's still cool.

    • Nvidia broadcast (or voice, not sure what it's called now) is an amazing feature for removing background noise/audio that I didn't know I needed until I bought my RTX card, if it's worth paying a premium or not it's up to each individual

  • +9

    Damn Techfast has the worlds stock of the ugliest graphics cards.

    • +2

      it is an acquired taste ;)

  • +16

    still way over priced.

    you'd have to be silly or desperate to buy these.

    • -4

      The 8-10 dollars a day profit on the 3080 indicates otherwise.

      • LHR ?

        • -2

          Etherium is moving to proof of stake at end of the year and profit will drop by half so no it’s not worth buying a mining card atm that’s why prices are dropping don’t be fooled when things are too good to be true they often are. Stick to LHR models

          • @amerh: Proof of stake is a hard fork, and does not use mining.
            Mining the new fork will not be possible, so in fact profit of ETH mining will drop to $0

            • @thedean: Yes but other coins will still be mined hence still profitability

            • -1

              @thedean: Mining will be pretty much dead in December so I don’t know why people would buy Non LHR now makes not sense you won’t make the money back in time

            • @thedean: This guy is correct. Most smart miners will have paid off their GPU by then though, so I suppose depending on your ROI and initial price of the card it really doesn't matter what happens in 6 months. The money's already been made lol.

      • Canberralad92: That 8-10 dollars a day profit, does that take into account the electricity bill, and general wear-and-tear and depreciation to other PC components when mining?

        • +1

          Hey there ed, yeah it does take into account elec costs. The EIP update soon will remove the fluctuation in profit due to fees but the belief is that the baseline mining profits will only drop slightly until eth changes to PoS.

          Regarding GPU wear and tear, I'm seeing lower core and VRAM temps on my rigs compared to if you were to play graphically demanding games. Time might tell, but haven't had a single issue with my farm running 24/7 for years. The only time wear and tear would be an issue above and beyond regular use would be if people are using laptops to mine.

          Disclaimer. I don't believe in crypto, fiat all the way BB.

          • @Canberralad92: Same here, I'm a miner since 2013, the only component that has constantly died on me are GPU fans and the occasional PSU, these are replaced by warranty pretty quickly.

            I've never mined with laptops though.

            Enjoy your fiat, enjoy being poor hahaha. :D

        • Depreciation hahah, more like appreciation. The 3080s I bought on launch are now worth more, I can sell them for a profit even after mining with them.

      • Yeah pretty sure that's desperate, champ.

        • -1

          In your opinion maybe, champ.

    • Not if you're in Sydney and on an igpu

  • +3

    HODL , only down from here !

    • Not for the non-LHR version

  • 3080 - product not found?

  • The 3080 link says "Product not found!"

  • I'd probably buy this 3080 if there was a waterblock available for it…

  • Good time to buy?

    • +7

      Only if you're truly desperate.

    • Wait a few more weeks.. Some states in USA have just started banning GPUs used for gaming including the 3060 and faster 3X series cards. They are now limited to slower cards like 1650s because there is nothing wrong with those slower cards for gaming.

      So more stock and lower prices for the rest of us.

      • Banning for what? Playing games? Where was this?

        • +2

          no its for high power consumption..

          • @truebunny: Right, that makes a lot more sense.

          • @truebunny: Dell confirmed to The Register that the California ban was down to power consumption regulations, saying:

            Yes, this was driven by the California Energy Commission (CEC) Tier 2 implementation that defined a mandatory energy efficiency standard for PCs – including desktops, AIOs and mobile gaming systems. This was put into effect on July 1, 2021. Select configurations of the Alienware Aurora R10 and R12 were the only impacted systems across Dell and Alienware.


        • 3060 draws too much power so it will be illegal to order them

          Gaming consoles will be allowed since they can't be configured to have lower specs.

      • Lol BS

        • https://www.dell.com/en-us/member/shop/gaming-and-games/sr/g...

          This product cannot be shipped to the states of California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont or Washington due to power consumption regulations adopted by those states. Any orders placed that are bound for those states will be canceled.

          • @imcold: People will easily find a way around this though. But it is an interesting development. In the long run, it will be great if all devices have to hit power standards.

            • @Sxio: I doubt it we are talking about states where home owners can get fines that are in the thousands, ten of thousand, hundreds of thousands for non- compliance.

              People might even panic sell their cards just to avoid getting fines of possessing non-compliant cards if they start dishing out fines.

              There are already devices that are compliant, like the 1650 Ti, and 500W PSUs.

              • @imcold: You think the threat of a fine will stop people?


  • if 3070 goes for 1200$ , what would a normal price for 3060Ti be?
    Looking to buy one.

    • +1

      RRP is $749,oversea price eagle 3060ti 8GB has dropped to around $1000 and still down trend.

      • +1

        You can buy it for 1k from pccg

        • thanks mate

  • +3

    I brought from them on the 13th and only just got tracking number yesterday and then people who brought from this deal and got tracking number within 40 minutes . I learnt my lesson .

    • +2

      What's so hard to understand? They made it pretty clear in the other post they were shipping in order of purchase date, and said they were getting stock during the week. Given this deal is already done now already (the original deal was up for nearly a week), its pretty safe to assume they received a few extra cards that were actually on hand.

    • Lol 40 minutes. That comment was referring to the last batch of cards, not this one.

  • +4

    Feels to me like company's are dumping their cards before the price tanks.

    • +5

      Good I hope the prices tank so I can finally build a PC.

      • I've been asking about builds excluding the GPU and no company seems interested since the 30xx series hit the market, too much money to be made.

  • Any new deals on 3070 pre-builts?

  • +1

    I have a Palit RTX 3070 which is essentially the same and am very happy with it. Yeah the looks are an acquired taste but I quite like the RGB lighting and its cooling and operating noise has been fantastic.

  • 3080 ozbargained??

  • +1

    Still stupid expensive and only if you are very desperate would it be worth spending literal hundreds over rrp

  • +1

    3080 Price for a 3070 "bArGaiN"

  • Yep keep waiting and just pay more. I got my Gigabyte 3070 at this price on Boxing day sales and the same GPU costs 400 bucks more. I can sell my GPU for profit if I want. If you need it just buy it you'll save money on something else down the track.

  • How thick is the 3070? I'm looking for a card for the NZXT H1. Is it thinner than the 3080's 60mm? The 3070 isn't listed on the compatibility list but might be the same size…. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jhSktv9PHy1BKiMhvzWX...

    By the way should have been one per person for the 3080 to be fair.

  • +1

    I’m not buying until RRP

  • upvote for the deal.
    unless need it now, it is ok to buy this one.

  • +6

    Imagine paying above msrp for an LHR card.

  • Still waiting for my order from the 6th..

  • with eth going to PoS might as well wait until the price drops again. Not only that but 4000 series are around 1 year away. Just my opinion but I think it's best to wait. That is if you don't mind waiting for a good deal or need a gpu asap. A $1300 3080 does look reasonable within the next year and a half.

    • eth going to PoS delayed since 2017 - You like to wait again ?

    • +1

      why wait? Considering you can make ~$200 per month mining with a 3080, buy and in 2 and a half months you have a $1300 3080.

  • Watch out for the closet cryptominers, they are coming for this deal

  • So what is a good price to by a 3070? 1k mark?

    I remember PCCG selling it at launch around the $800 - $900 mark if I am not mistaken?

  • What is better value - this 3070 for $1199 or a Galax 3060ti for $899?

  • +2

    Hoooold you fools!

    • +2

      I'm still hodling i7-2600 and i5-2500k and both with gtx 1060 😂

    • I'm still hodling Ryzen 5800x with gtx 1050ti 😂

    • holding the line 3700x with 1060 3gb

  • That 12 gig of vram in the 3060 would be marvelous in these cards, but Nvidias probably got that planned for the 4000 series cards in 2022 October, eitherway 12gig 4080, 16gig ti, and 32gig 4090.

    Either way what's to be learnt from this, well Nvidia caps the performance of cards if they see a loop hole, but could the same be said with windows 11 CPU's soon to be flooding the market in 2022, same as ex us d miner gpu's, they will not be 2022 4000 series but if you have no loyalty towards capitalism it's a win win.

  • I just gave my 8gb RX580 to my Daughter as she is streaming/gaming and I am now using her R9 270X which is painful. These prices are ridiculous and I am also waiting for them to settle back down. What person can afford these prices, because I know I can't.

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