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Earn 1 Picnicware Credit for Every $20 Spent (flybuys Membership Required) @ Coles


Just received this email in my inbox. Looks like it's a targeted early points collection promo:

Dip, dine and share with FREE Picnicware at Coles!

With Picnicware credits when you spend $20 in one transaction and scan your Flybuys card*

As you participated in the MasterChef Cookware promotion, we’re giving you early access to earn credits for our new Picnicware from today!

The Picnicware range will launch in-store from Wed 4 Aug 2021. You’ll earn one Picnicware credit for every $20 spent in one transaction at Coles or Coles Online when you scan your Flybuys card.

Track your credits via the link above or check the bottom of your receipt each time you shop!

There are 5 high-quality, reusable Picnicware pieces to choose from which are all made from durable melamine, dishwasher-safe and European designed.

List of items:
  • Set of 2 dipping bowls 10cm (10 credits)

  • Set of 2 bowls 15cm (15 credits)

  • Serving bowl 23cm (15 credits)

  • Set of 2 plates 24cm (15 credits)

  • Serving bowl 30cm (20 credits)

Terms and Conditions

Spend $20 in one transaction at Coles or Coles Online (after savings and discounts have been applied) to receive a Picnicware Credit. Offer available while stocks last only. Earn credits until 12 Oct 2021. $20 spend excludes some purchases including Coles Insurance products, iTunes cards, gift cards, liquor, smoking/tobacco products, mobile phones and mobile phone plans, recharge, Opal top up, calling cards, eBay and UberEats purchases. Excludes Coles Express. For full terms & conditions visit coles.com.au/picnicwareterms

Five bonus credits for new Flybuys members  

Five bonus credits will be awarded when a new member registers for Flybuys and verifies their email address during the Campaign Period (from Wed 4 Aug 2021 to Tue 12 Oct 2021). Offer available once per Flybuys account. Bonus credits will take up to two weeks to be credited after completed registration. Standard Flybuys terms & conditions apply. 

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  • +16 votes

    Can't wait for all stores to run out of everything 6 weeks before the promotion ends just like knives and pans promotions.


      At least those of us in Sydney can still visit all of the Coles stores within a 10km radius trying to find a store that has stock.


      Don't understand these promotions. The vast majority of customers don't know or care about it. and even if you did as you say, they have run out of stock anyway. It creates more negative publicity than good surely.

      Are there bulk buyers out there taking everything long before your typical customer has a chance?


        I’ve seen lots of examples where people actually buy these promo items without even having a flybuys/rewards card. On one occassion the checkout even asked a guy if he had a flybuys card and he said no and turned down the further offer to join 😂


      My local Coles ran out long time before the end of the pans promo. Then suddenly had shedloads of them two weeks ago.
      Must have found them "out the back"?


        You can still redeem for free with points.
        I got my pot with 80 points a few days ago.
        There's plenty of stock


          No longer on the flybuys app?


          Yeah I got a frypan for 70 points.


    Anyone know if we can transfer cookware credits (ideally also knive points - though very unlikely?)


      No you can't.

  • +6 votes

    Is this a bargain though?

  • +21 votes


    Spend $400 to redeem a $2 plastic bowl…

  • +4 votes

    Didn't they get rid of the LittleShop because of the environmental pressure? Now the introduce even more plastic crap to replace it. At least this is marginally more useable than a small plastic packet of TimTams.


      Oh but this is "sustainable" plastic just like their new bags. Coles is really turning a new leaf towards care for the environment! /s

    • +5 votes

      Plot Twist
      If you put this plastic crap in an oven is shrinks down to LittleShop.




    This one at least requires much less credits but it will result in much less stock to redeem. I only got 12 cookware credits in total because I don’t do big shops at Coles. I would suggest making the $20 target accumulate with multiple shops, but they won’t do that. Top up shoppers lose out once again.

  • +4 votes

    Super annoyed with these promotions as I purposely buys more to reach at least $20 per visit only to find out they do not have any stocks to redeem and the accumulated credit can't be carried over. Not falling into the same trick again.

    • +1 vote

      I sent their flybuys team a dirty email and reminded them what bait advertising was, they sent me a pan directly in the post as a 'gesture of goodwill'.
      Seems the only way with these promotions


    What’s the point when there is insufficient stock. Either spend up big, go hard and go early or miss out.

  • +3 votes

    The last promo ended and I was 1 point away from getting anything. They should allow you to roll over the points into the next promo.

  • +1 vote

    If these retailers had any decency, you would be able to carry over points between these short lived promotions!
    P.s. I got the email too… but didn't think it OzB worthy!!!