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Town & Country Living Passages Comfort Mat $39.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Product Description
This Town & Country Living Passages comfort mat provides cushioned support during long periods of standing. It's durable with a stylish accent, it has a non-skid bottom material, and it can be wiped clean.

Colour options:
Wood Brown
Black Grey
Dark Brown

Customer ratings 4.8/5.00(16 reviews)

The last Ozb post of a comfort mat for $48.99 of a different product with similar dimensions at Costco was popular and sold out.

Have looked at alternate products elsewhere and this is seems worth.

You can find the item dimension 50cmx99cm at this 3rd Party site showing item specs as its not listed on the retailer site. If in doubt you may call Costco to confirm.

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    The mat placement inside the entrance door in the thumbnail pic is perfect for those nosey parker neighbours who need the comfort factor when spending their days scrutinising neighbourhood goings-on 😀


      Sounds like I need one then. I'm trying to work on the computer at the front of the house and the neighbour across the street is out with a blower vac blowing away for hours… it drives me mental. I find myself standing there cursing her lol


        lol Also WFH & our study is at the front of the house so noise from neighbours mowing their lawn/using power tools, etc is quite distracting during lockdown business hours