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nbn 100/20Mbps Unlimited $78.90 Per Month @ Kogan


The 100/20 NBN plan is good deal as there is no 6 months promotional price crap like other providers. This price is ongoing price from what I can see and it's limited time offer.

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    + Cheap

    - - - - Is Kogan

    Lot of downside.

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      Kogan is using Vodafone nbn.

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        Sure, but going by every other experience I've had with Kogan it's reselling all the way down with the margin found in quality of service and support. I'd rather spend the little bit extra to not have to deal with them.

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      I have been using kogan nbn for more than 2 years and my experience is very positive.

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      Haven't had any problem with kogan, there's always one :D

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    Decent deal, can't imagine that they are great to deal with support wise though.

    • Unless something has changed, support is directly with Vodafone staff, just like Kogan mobile.

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    Kogan nbn™ is provided by Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd (Vodafone).

    • Vodafone nbn price for 100/20 is far more expensive.

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    I have been with Kogan NBN (100/30) for more than a year now. I haven't had any problem. (Looks like they no longer provide 30 Mbps for upload)

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      Do you mean 40?

      • Yeah it was 100/40. There has never been 100/30.

      • You are right. I double checked my plan details. It is 100/40.

    • nbn introduced 100/20 and many ISPs moved to that for new customers. 100/40 is still available if you shop around.

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    Surely Mate Communicate is a better option at 10 cents more per month?

    • is the mate only for 6 months?

      • Normal price.

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      10c, this is ozbargain, saving 10c a month is a $1.20 a year. Shut up and gimme that saving

  • No choice of decent 40 upstream plans?

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      100/40 - Future BB, Mate, Launtel, Superloop, Aussie BB.

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        thanks, I'm on superloop 50/20. I guess they're still the best choice for 100/40

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    Sorry not a deal, MATE NBN for an extra 10 cents offer exceptional customer service (based locally) not a 6 month deal either, it's permanent

    im getting around 105/18 during peak for 100/20, no drop outs in 7 months

    • I’ve been thinking about switching to mates, do you get static IP?

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        Static IP is included with Mate.

    • They report typical evening speed of 83mbps? Isn’t that worse than kogans?

      • Kogan is 90Mbps TES.

        • I have been with mate over a year! I love them and despite some slightly cheaper deals popping up I stick with them. I was with cable Telstra and then got moved to nbn, however my offer was over and they asked for $100 a month for 50/20! So I moved to Kogan first and lots of drop outs and no help. Then superloop and again lots of drop outs no help and waiting on the phone for hours! Once I spoke to them they would say restart modem???!!!!
          Finally mate, the dropouts restarted. I spoke to them on chat (took 1 minute), they booked nbn straight away. The nbn technicians had to come twice but got sorted (some cables were like old Telstra cable I believe), they rewired and I never had 1 problem since.
          Mate forever!

    • What would you recommend for a fellow tieghtarse needing internet for Netflix and gaming. 1-2 users (small household).

  • I am on 100/40 unlimited with Myrepublic for $79.95. Hardly any issues with them in all the years I have been with them

    • Is your deal still available? Not on website, but via a call or chat?

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        Nah MR 100/40 is $99 for new customers.

  • I did it over the phone about 1.5 years ago. Price on their website is dearer I think. I get almost full speeds everytime I do a speed test

    • Wow nice. So you have to call up to negotiate?

      • I just told them that I saw online people with similar deals (which was the truth) and they matched it aslong as I went on a one year contract. Contract has ended but still got same deal. Just did speed test now, download speed was 106.59Mbps 🙂

        • Is that BYO modem?

          • @mrtee: Nah, their Modem. But I had the modem for a while because I was on a different plan with them previously

  • What's the cheapest NBN 25/5 byo modem?

    • Might as well get Felix unlimited sim if you don't gaming. $35 per month unlimited. 20/20 speed

      • The speed on Felix seems to be even slower than that when you hotspot.

        • Try to get a tplink 4g router or another router (around 120 on ebay) which supports vodafone bands. It's rock solid for many people. As long as you have good reception for vodafone.

        • When I had felix I often got over 20 down and over 20 up

  • Garbage evening speed, not a bargain either.

    • What are you getting and which plan?
      Vodafone mobile network in my area is crap, would NBN service be the same?

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