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Alienware 38" Curved AW3821DW Gaming Monitor $1299 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Alienware 38" Curved AW3821DW Gaming Monitor $1299 Delivered @ Dell eBay


For anyone who missed out on the original deal ;) .
I managed to secure one on the last deal and they are gorgeous screens.

LED-backlit LCD monitor - 37.5"
Curved Screen: Yes
Adaptive-Sync Technology: NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate
Features: AlienFX lighting system
Panel Type: Nano IPS
Aspect Ratio: 21:9
Native Resolution: 3840 x 1600 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 85 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.229 mm
Brightness: 450 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand 89.49 cm x 29.35 cm x 44.97 cm

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  • +12

    Tempted…… Must……resist…….

    • +2

      You must buy.
      I bought the last round it is awesome , came from predator x34p and this is on another level.

      • +3

        I upgraded from the Asus pg348q and it's definitely on another level.

        • +2

          How does this compare to 2* 27"? I like the idea of one screen but sometimes gaming on one screen with the other playing youtube or whatnot is nice.

          • @PlagueistheCheap: Not as wide, but more vertical screen resolution. I don't full screen anything on this monitor except for games.

            You can have two windows side by side, but the video won't be as big compared to full screen video on a 27" monitor. Nevertheless, I think this is the better solution.

      • +3

        it's just the bloody missing usb-c pd setup i'm missing. is there a good workaround?
        i'm on Google Pixelbook (i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB)
        i so want 38"… currenlty on 34" lg with one usb-c that powers, connects sound, mouse, keyboard and display with one cable and i love that simple setup.

        • not really a workaround, but i'm using a thunderbolt dock + a displayport switch (this monitor only has 1 displayport) + a usb switch for mouse and keyboard :cry:

          • @nubix: Thank you but I just can't do this. I totally decluttered my desk and I don't want to go back there anymore. MaybeI just need to sit this one out.

            • @BoughtTSLAat200: USB-C monitors are great for de-cluttering. The Dell U3821DW has USB-C, but no deals as good as this one so far.

        • +1

          Literally in the same boat as you. Have a Phillips one at work with USB C for my Mac laptop. Been hunting for one at home to use for gaming also (non Mac of course) not much options / stock at the moment.

          So much more handy and so clean with one cable.

        • I have the Dell 38" equivalent that has USB-C, love it….but its 60hz

        • You would be wasting it with USB-C - you need DisplayPort to be able to achieve 144Hz and that resolution and with HDR, notice HDMI can only do 85Hz as it is HDMI 2.0, not the very new HDMI 2.1 for example.

          Over USB-C you would be able to do just 60Hz.

      • I don't need to hear that crap. Do you have any idea how much I have already spent on gaming shit this year? Must resist

      • I didn't jump on this because I want nice blacks since I'll be using in a dark room. Though now I can't seem to find a good solution…qhd/144hz/nice contrast. Bonus points for broad colour space and lag that doesnt cause artifacts.

        Now I can't seem to figure out if im better off getting the s34dgm va for $500 (I couldnt find reviews on it at all & no crazy wqhd ultrawide or curved monitor experience to draw on)…,maybe 2xs27dgm for $800?

        It doesnt help that my research began this arvo but there seems to be a huge difference in high end and I guess mid tier monitors like those. The samsung 38" g7 is around $2k so $1500 more than that 34" va dell.

        I ended up looking at rtings tv's. Any lg oled (old c7, cx, c1) has the contrast, 120hz gsync, uhd and from 2-8ms input lag…but I'd robably kill it with firefox burn in even if I made all windows elements hide, used night mode and a short screen off/saver time.

        Rabbit hole lead me to Hisense U8G. Surprisingly great looking va+quantum dots tv with even more options than the oleds when it comes to supporting full 10 bit chroma at 1080, 1440, uhd 120hz and some pretty intense hdr.

        tldr. help pls!

        • +1

          Yeah, join the lg oled but smaller desktop version bandwagon! It’s the answer your looking for.

          • @pingMarky: Absolutely. Almost had mine for a year with no burnin yet. Admittedly I have taken many of the precautions xentar mentioned to prevent it, but its been amazing as a daily driver. Definitely no regrets

        • If you've got the cash to burn, the odyssey neo g9 is what you're looking for. Super ultrawide, 240hz, HDR2000 with a Miniled backlight. Preferable to the LG OLEDs imo

      • Same. Second this! X34p to 38AW was a immersive difference!

  • Fantastic unit and even better price.
    I use for productivity, and only thing missing is support from Dell Display Manager for pre-defined window alignment.
    Using PowerToys as an interim tool

    • Power Tools is good but really need hardware side by side (or PIP or whatever it's called) for remote desktop support.

  • +2

    Ahhh,will buy one if I don't have xiaomi 34".

  • Is this the only 3840x wide monitor available?

    • +1

      I've got the LG version, and I paid 2800 for it this time last year. This is a fantastic price and I am very happy with mine.

  • +1

    Why is this better then say 2 individual monitors at 1920x1600 each?

    • +8

      Curved, one screen so no shitty bezels down the centre, specs, aesthetics.

    • +3

      Desk space, less cable nightmare.

    • Same exact dilemma I have…

    • If you game then no question, UW monitor is much better than 2x individual monitors with bezels right down the centre of the screen. You would likely just game on one of your individual monitors rather than span across both. More immersive on the single UW monitor. For productivity I would say 2x monitors are bettter for sure.

  • +2

    Got this one, it came with a stuck pixel, after weeks of dealing with dell, they sent a new one… is a very good monitor, love working on it

    • Mine has a few bright (not dead) pixels all of different colours. Although only one (light blue) is visible when viewing normally. The rest can only be seen if I look closer at an angle on a black screen. Only realized it was there after turning off the local dimming (so the backlight is always on). Haven't yet gone back to Dell but thinking whether I should. How easy was it for you to do the exchange? I heard they can send a refurb instead of a new unit. Just don't want to end up with a unit that's worse than the one I have.

      Otherwise, it's an amazing monitor (if we ignore the edge lit local dimming which is terrible to begin with). Price is great now as well.

      • +3

        they first refuse to exchange saying was a dead pixel and not a stuck, and it needs to have more than 8 dead pixels to replace. After I showed was a red pixel and in Australia, you can ask for a refund or replacement if you are not happy with it, they were very quick in exchanging it.
        At first, he said was going to be refurbished and I refused, I asked via email if was refurbished again and they say is a new replacement. It got in less than 1 week, they gave the new one when they pick up the old one.

        Go for it!

        • Mine toke half a yr but I guess it's worth a shot

        • that's actual crap service…. they shouldn't make you go through the hoops to get a new unit as replacement if it has bright pixels at arrival, especially not when it costs 1.3k.

  • +1


  • +4


    If I didn’t just get a new TV, I’d be all over this like a homeschooling parent on a bottle of gin

    • +1

      You're telling me. I just bought the Sony X9000H and I'm considering this…

      • Curious where did you buy your 9000x? Looking for a 65 incher

  • Man why can’t it have two display port inputs so I can toggle easily between my pc and laptop 😭

    • Can't you just get a splitter?

  • +1

    Wowsers. I bought at $1400 and it’s the best monitor I’ve ever had. Definitely a steal at this price.

  • Would buy this if I didn't already have a ASUS XG35VQ

  • +1

    oh my dear gosh….there goes all my money

  • This seems too good to be true!

    I have been looking at the top of the line 38" LG: https://www.lg.com/au/it-monitors/lg-38GL950G-B for around $2700 then this comes along. Any reason why the LG would be better?

  • +5

    I'm almost tempted to get the monitor and add the Alienware Aurora Desktop Ryzen™ 7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD + 2TB HHD RTX 3070 for another $2,599 after discount (even though I'll probably have to do something about the cooling) and just upgrade in one hit.

    Missus might get me before covid if I do that though.

    • +1

      You can get one and then get covid, a sympathy tactic might work for you

  • I am so tempted by this.

    I have the Dell S3221 and the 2721DGF at the moment, and the difference between the VA and IPS actually annoys me a little.

    On top of that I have a work laptop and desktop PC so I can have 2 displays at once. I would still need a second monitor with this.

    But it looks soooo good! Not sure I can resist

    • Can you please elaborate on the VA vs IPS? What difference are you finding annoying? Thanks.

      • +1

        Colour difference between the screens. It's a very nitpicky thing to moan about, but its just enough to annoy me lol. I feel like my setup would look cleaner with double IPS.

        • OK. Thanks!

      • I bought a S3221QS through the last deal, black smearing is very obvious on that VA model even to the least sensitive eyes. It is unbearable to work in dark mode.
        I have had VA monitor before, so I thought it would be okay but forgetting my last experience with VA was years ago. Switching from IPS back to VA, made me realised how big a problem black smearing can be.
        The colour difference was on the other hand tolerable for me.

        • Ya black smearing can be annoying. I am on the dgf and was thinking of xiaomi. Thanks, I will pick this up instead once gpu prices are affordable.

    • Have exactly the same setup as yours and the color difference bothers me as well… I am contemplating between this & the 49"

    • For an alternative viewpoint, I have the same pairing and the colour difference does not bother me. I can see the difference, but for some reason it does not worry me… different strokes for different folks.

  • YAY, got one! now that i got a 3080ti, i think i can run this beast! thanks OP

    • +3

      I got a 3080ti recently and have this monitor and trust me, it crushes games even on the highest settings.

      • +1

        sweet, great to know!

        • and i do mean everything cranked in the settings. Got RDR2 recently and with quality DLSS on i get 110 i think it was in the benchmark. i think around 90 native

      • 48inch oled all the way. It was good with my 2080ti, but with the 3080ti I finally get 120hz on older games and can comfortably sit above 60fps on something like RDR2 maxed out. (No DLSS crap, native res)

        • +1

          I need to hook up my pc to my oled now that I got my 3080ti. Oled great for HDR but ultrawide pretty sick with FPS games

          • @JMxoxo: yeh if i didnt have the oled, I would be using an ultrawide for sure. I have triple X34Ps on my racing rig setup, and they are awesome for that. Would have loved to have gotten these Dell monitors at this price (especially considering i didnt pay much lss fo the Acers a couple years ago when i got them)

        • How far is the screen from your eyes?

          • @Xastros: about 70cm. When i first got it I thought it was too big and a little uncomfortable to use for web browsing, but ive gotten used to it and love it. It was always fine for games tho.
            Apparently they have even smaller sizes coming like 43" which would probably be the perfect size for me, but I waited long enough for the 48"

  • I'm using 2 work provided monitors and was looking to upgrade to a wider one. Can this be an alternative to 2 screens ? No gaming requirement…

    • +1

      certainly can, depending on what you are using now of course… you are paying a bit of a premium here (much less at this price then RRP) for the brand, gaming specs and 38" … if you'd be happy with a 34" then you could look at some cheaper more standard desktop use screens.

  • +2

    I have the AW3420DW. Trust me these monitors are amazing. Steal at this price.

  • Too bad PS5 doesn't support this.

  • This or an OLED that’s double the price?

  • I got the AW2521HFL (25 inch 240hz 1080p alienware) with the 20% discount code!! Finally been waiting for 2 months now for a price drop (so glad i held off buying for 450). Thanks OP! 348 delivered for a 240hz IPS monitor is insane!

  • I bought a G1 instead

  • Last time I pulled the trigger and I cancelled the order realising I could get the less real estate for my console gaming. But great deal fir anyone for pc gaming and productivity. I am sticking with S3221QS.

  • Lets gooo! So glad this came back, i've been refreshing OZB all week just for this.
    I now have the AW3821DW & AW2721D

    Anyone with previous experience, is this really going to take a month to arrive?

    • Man, this is my dream setup. What config will you run? Side by side or one on top of the other? Also what monitor stand will you be using?

      • +1

        I've got them on a vertical arm at the moment! Its the "VIVO Dual Computer Monitor Desk Mount" you'll find it on Amazon.

        I'm finding it great for practicality and aesthetics but I am starting to get a sore neck in lengthy gaming sessions, so I may go back to single arm mounts soon.

        • Ok great, thanks for that. Really appreciate the insight, wasn't sure the best way to do it.

  • I have an Acer Predator X34P, which is fine but man I want this. Not sure it's worth the extra 4 inches but still.

    $1,300 to upgrade and sell off the X34P. Unless I can find a way to utilise two ultrawide screens.

    • I wouldn't as someone who used to own one, you're pretty much getting a size bump, better colours and worse contrast

    • I just made the same upgrade. Should recoup a decent amount of the cost from selling the X34P. I WFH so the slight vertical real estate will be appreciated!

      • Worth it in your opinion then?

        I see second hand X34P's going for around $400-$500 on ebay.

        • I'll find out when I receive it! I was too indecisive last time this deal was on but decided to just go for it and see how I like it.

          Honestly, you'll more than that for an X34p (especially if it still has warranty like mine). It's still a damn nice monitor. Maybe the original X34 would go for 400-500.

  • Does this support AMD Free sync (6800XT)?

  • Got one, Thanks OP!

  • Combine with amex offer
    Spend $1000 get $120 back

  • Awesome screen, loving the extra real estate and resolution is perfect for both office and gaming

  • Man I'm struggling to make a decision..
    Is it reasonable for someone to get this for normal use and not much gaming?
    I mean i would be using it to connect my work laptop plus could one claim it for tax?

    Any help?

    • +2

      just buy it