Butter or Margarine - Which Do You Use?

The preferred butter thread got me thinking as I usually have margarine with plant sterols.

(Not for health reasons just happens to be whats in the fridge)

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    What about in-between spreads like Flora Buttery? Neither butter nor margarine, made with buttermilk but less fat with Omega 6 and Vit E so the superior preferred one.

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    Both - we have a variety of pure butters, spreadable butter and margarine in the fridge. Different things for different purposes.

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    Butter is just too good

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    One daughter was vegan. She's long since moved out of home, but strangely enough we still buy Nutlex.

    • Almost all margarine is free of animal products

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        But full of vegetable/seed oils which is basically poison!

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          Lol, ok. Bad news for vegans then huh?

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            @lunchbox99: Bad news for anyone who wants to stay healthy. I guess you're not really health conscious if you're a vegan though

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              @mhz: That's not a right statement . As long as you eat a variety of colorful food and find alternate source of protein it's healthy

              Read about people living in so called blue zones and most are vegetarian's

              Note: I myself am a carnivore so I am trying to enforce something here, but just trying to appreciate what is working for others

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                @treekangagaroo: As someone who works in nutrition I can tell you that a vegan diet is nutrient deficient and not sustainable without consuming supplements. An ideal diet does not require supplement.
                It may work in the short term but vegans will suffer ill health in the long term.
                Read about evolution and how we evolved from apes into homo sapiens. From eating meat!

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                  @mhz: which specific supplement do you think vegans should be taking ?

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                    @treekangagaroo: None! That's the whole idea about a health diet, you should not need supplements.

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                      @mhz: " I can tell you that a vegan diet is nutrient deficient and not sustainable without consuming supplements"

                      I specifically asked about this. Which supplements in your eyes a vegan should be taking a why ?
                      Just trying to understand things more

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                        @treekangagaroo: I don't know what supplements a vegan should be taking, because I am not one and its not a diet I would advocate.
                        In saying that the usual deficiencies a vegan suffers from is vit B12, so there is a supplement for you.

                  • @treekangagaroo: also iodine if you don't eat iodized salt. i'm not vegan but i don't eat a lot of meat and no salt so i take a daily multivitamin to get iron, zinc, iodine and i also take a separate b12 supplement. whenever i've have my iron levels measured it has always been at the lower end of normal.

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                  @mhz: I have been vegan for 3+ years, and get regular bloods done to check up on nutrient intake. I eat a broad vegan diet, and all of my dietary indicators are well within the healthy range, with the added bonus of near 0 bad cholesterol

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                    @sjj89: There is more to cholesterol than just "cholesterol levels" you need to look a lot deeper at HDLs, LDLs, triglycerides etc.

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                  @mhz: "we evolved from apes into homo sapiens. From eating meat"… in very small quantities, at infrequent intervals, raw and with little fat content — many of these evolutionary changes are the side effect of hunting and meat eating, rather than as a result of meat eating, but natural selection and evolutionary change still continues today, whether people consume meat or not.

                  In fact, the African Masai and Samburu tribes still have a similar diet to ancient ancestors and most of their carnivorous eating is from drinking raw blood of cows or goats, and the animal is allowed to live for many, many years before being killed and shared amongst the whole tribe. I'm not advocating following their vastly more sustainable or humane lifestyle, certainly it comes with the risk of botulism and other parasites when consuming raw flesh and blood.

                  As for veganism, there are clear deficiencies, especially B12, but there are millions of vegans who live long lives as vegan from youth. Only babies need (human)milk, only menstruating girls need to supplement the iron in their diet, and there is little justification for eating meat: "B12 derived from factory farmed meat and dairy is arguably no more natural than taking a B12 supplement, except that it is filtered through a third party host – the animal. It is certainly no more natural than eating Nori seaweed, white button mushrooms or duckweed" — https://www.theplantway.com/plant-based-b12/

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                  @mhz: Why don't you enlighten everyone in here what you think a vegan diet is deficient in.

                  Rather than talk out of your own ass

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                    @knk: I have studied nutrition and work in the industry so I'm not "talking out of my own ass"
                    I have also walked the walked as well.
                    I was vegan for two years previously and until I changed my diet and lifestyle to a Primal one I was overweight and pre-diabetic.

                    Vegans tend to be deficient in B12 for one thing. They also need to eat a lot more plant foods to obtain the same level of nutrients that a meat eater gets. Their diet tends to be higher in carbohydrates because of this. I high carb diet is bad for you.

                    Tell me what your credentials and experience are and present a good argument rather than shooting your mouth off!

                    • @mhz: Not sure what you studied but what you are saying is pretty inaccurate.

                      B12 is basically the only thing vegans can't get through regular eating. B12 is not produced by any animal and basically comes from farm animals ingesting dirt or dirty water or for the most part being given vitamin supplements.

                      Large numbers of professional athletes are vegan, there is large amounts of evidence it leads to faster recovery and ultimately better performance.

                      Personally I love meat, so I choose to eat it, but there is absolutely no dietary/vitamin reason to do so.

                      • @dave999: Sorry but you are incorrect. There are many reasons why we should be eating meat and why a vegan diet is not sustainable.

                        You will find that most vegan athletes eventually go back to a meat based diet because of this. The game changers doco is a good example. Most of the athletes featured in it are now meat eaters or follow a paleo diet.

                        Our stomachs evolved to allow us to eat meat and as hunter gatherers we preference meat over plant based foods.
                        Too much plant based foods can cause gut issues and all of the nutrients in plant based foods are not nearly as bioavailable as they are in meat, especially animal organs.

                        • @mhz: That is basically all false.

                          You can easily be healthy and get all your nutrients from a vegan diet. But you do have to make sure you eat the right vegetables or eat fortified food such as almost every breakfast cereal.

                          The idea that are stomachs have preference for meat is not true. The amount of meat your ancestors ate highly depended on where they lived, with most only eating small amounts of meat, rarely.

                          Most stomach issues are caused by eating too much meat not from eating a vegan diet.

                          You can be healthy on a vegan diet, you can be healthy on a meat diet - its mainly the other things you eat that make you unhealthy such as high sugar and highly processed foods.

                          • @dave999: You studied nutrition did you? Got sources to back up your false claims?

                            • @mhz: Passive aggressive much? Where are your sources?

                              About 3% of people worldwide are vegan, about 25% rarely eat meat. There is huge amount of evidence that these people are not unhealthy because they don't eat meat. What is actually important is you get all the nutrients you need, eating some meat makes that easy, for vegans they have to be a little more particular in what they eat but can still easily be healthy and get all the nutrients they need.

                              Here, have a source for free - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26707634/ or another https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34069944/ or hundreds of links from those pages

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                      @mhz: Do vegans tend to be deficient in B12?

                      A lot of food is fortified with B12, been vegan for 5 years' and never had supplements and my blood work is all good.

                      FYI, animals are injected with B12 for the most part unless they are grass fed for their entire lives which is rare, so eating meat is hardly a 'natural' way of getting B12.

                      "Read about evolution and how we evolved from apes into homo sapiens. From eating meat!" … great nutritional argument -_-

                  • @knk: Zinc, iron, protein with a complete amino acid profile, fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K and the aforementioned B12. Though I'm sure if you're really careful you'll be able to avoid most deficiencies. A lot of high carb low fat non vegan diets have the same problems. If you're pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating even with a lot of care you'll likely be iron deficient. The fact that a child will die on a vegan diet from B12 deficiency surely invalidates the whole supposedly ethical concept of a vegan diet.

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                  @mhz: People here are chugging in supplements like crazy. Majority Meat eating population here.
                  I wonder why?

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                    @Shazam1: Because they are eating Sugar along with meat. sugar will strip your body of all the vitamins and minerals. Or you will become fat and they will be stored in fat which makes them unusable because you will never burn that fat. i eat predominantly meat and i don't use supplements and i am lean and muscular and healthy. And i don't eat sugar

  • What about Nuttelex?

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      I'd lump it with margarine.

      I think its within the margarine of error

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    Grass fed butter is the best!

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      Do you just mix it in or puree it before feeding the butter?

      Sorry haven't done this before, I didn't really know I could feed butter anything.

      • LOL I prefer to let the cows do the work! :)

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          What? Then scrape it from between their toes?

          That's gross!

      • LoL made me think of my garlic butter with parsley bits

        Not laughing at you, just what your comments reminded me off. I’m easily amused.

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      Is grass fed butter readily available at supermarkets? I use regular, but have recently heard about grass fed being a better choice.

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        Lewis Road Creamery butter is sold at Woolies

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          Thanks, I'll check it out

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        Most butter imported from NZ is from grass fed cows apparently. Due to their being lots of grass year round and the lack of need to feed them with grain.

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        Woolworths had Westgold that specifically states it is, but as other commenters have pointed out NZ butter is generally all grass fed and Woolworths essentials at least in Vic is from NZ. Better for vitamin D.

  • I grew up margarine. Butter has such a strong hit that I am not used to. Margarine and vegemite.

    • Have a friend like that.
      I grew up on margarine and also used to find smell of butter strange but now i like both

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    There’s a difference?

    • +5

      Yes, one is a smooth creamy healthy spread you can put into dishes and on toast.

      The other is Margarine

      • Butter is healthy?

        • It's not so much that it's healthy or unhealthy. Yes, if you're chomping down on half a pack of butter a day you might have long term adverse effects (as you would with many foods consumed to excess) but in moderation it's fine.

          The claims for it being bad for heart health, that for many people prompted the switch different spreads, were not based on particularly robust long-term studies. There are also some reasonably strong claims of butter being helpful for heart health, diabetes and obesity. In summary, like many dietary claims - it's complicated and the subject of ongoing debate.

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    Spreadable butter for toast. Ghee for all cooking.

    • I need to look into this ghee.

      • share with us too plz

      • It's the indian term for clarified butter. Has a much higher smoke point than butter, so can be used for frying meats. It's very handy. You can find jars of it quite cheap in any super market.

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      Try the GRB brown ghee next time (made from buffalo milk instead of cow milk). You will love it. Can find it most Indian/Asian stores. More expensive than the cow version but awesome taste.

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    My parents used to threaten me when I was naughty with bread and water, if there was butter involved I wouldn't even be upset.

  • Both

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    Butter is way far healthier than margarine, which is more chemically processed.

    The more the food is processed the less the healthy content it will have.
    If you can find white butter somewhere that is probably the healthier than margarine, otherwise if you dont want to use dairy use something like 100% natural peanut butter, or almond butter instead of those spreads that have stuff like PALM oil, vegetable oil in it

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      Agree. Marijuana is the best.

  • I don’t use plant sterol margarine cos its not approved for children without doctor approval (google it).

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    I avoid margarine, that stuff ain't no good for ya.

    Butter is where it's at.

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    Grew up on margarine, but now a butter convert. Good butter is heavenly on toast or a good bread but I only use very little at a time.

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    Marg for toast. Butter for cooking.

  • I'll use margarine if I'm in a hurry, or I'm going to make a toasted sanga, otherwise it's butter all the way

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    I like olive oil spread because it tastes like olive oil. I doubt it's healthier than butter, but imo it's tastier.

  • Butter v Marg… Damn man! 5#17 over on OzB polls is heating up and just got real!!!

    (Unless at someone else's house that uses Marg…)

    • Bloody heathens.

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    Ghee for high temp cooking.

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    Lurpak 1kg tubs from CostCo.
    Buy them in bulk.

    • I also buy the Costco 1kg tubs.
      One interesting thing to note about the Lurpak block vs spreadable (tub) is that the spreadable has a good chunk of canola oil in it.
      Probably how most/all other butters become, "spreadable", but I think it is interesting to know.

      • The spreadable just falls off any knife I try to use with it. Its the Devil's lube, it is.

  • +3

    Mainland 100% Buttersoft (free from Canola oil - which makes some people go blind)

    • Really?

      • If you drink it by the litre

    • I would like to know how they do this, someone please explain.
      I know you could just have blocks of butter and leave them out to come to room temperature to soften.

      • It's churned more. I leave butter in the cupboard (VIC) unless it's too hot out.

  • As someone who works in health an nutrition, I can tell you that margarine is full of vegetable/seed oils and is very bad for you.
    Grass fed butter all the way or ghee

    • Is grass fed butter readily available at supermarkets? I use regular, but have recently heard about grass fed being a better choice.

      • +2

        You should be able to source it from the supermarket. I usually get mine from a wholefoods store.

    • +2

      When you say you "work in health and nutrition", do you mean you have a PHD In Nutrition?

      Or even just a Bachelors in degree in Nutrition and Dietetics?

  • Only use Pepe Saya. It’s the GOAT

  • Just to stir the pot, which I never do,,,, you realise all that butter requires killing day old calves to produce, right? Cows have to have calves every year to produce milk. Cognitive dissonance takes care of that though 😉 (can’t wait for the down votes!)🤣🤣🤣

    • No one wants to think of this. They just choose to believe that cows give milk because they produce milk all the time for no reason at all. They enjoy being milked because it feels good.

      Thinking of cows greeving yet another of their young being taken away doesn't taste good on toast :)

    • Why aren't they put into no-kill shelters and adopted out to vegans?

      • Oh that would work out even better than rehoming race horses and greyhounds that no longer race. Check your neighbour’s houses to see how many are there.

        • They could give them back when they're big enough.

    • +1

      No need to downvote someone who uses so many emojis. It's pretty clear you're trolling and facts on the easily searched internet proves you wrong.

      • Please enlighten us as to what I am wrong about 🙃😎🤣😹🙄😜😇🥰

  • Blocks of butter for cooking/baking, Lurpak for spreading on bread etc.

  • i always use butter.
    As a kid I could tell by the smell and taste if it wasn't butter.
    They tried mixing butter with marg, but i could still tell the diff.
    I still use butter, even when cooking

    • We love butter too. What brand do you use? Or do you think all butter is roughly the same.

  • western star at the moment, for about 4yrs now
    never buy homebrand

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