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50% off Clear PVC Mats for Hard Floors Priced from $36.50 + Shipping @ Matshop


A great value clear PVC mat perfect for protecting hard floors from chairs and other furniture.
Delivered flat to save the hassle of unrolling.

Popular Uses:

  • Under high chairs to protect floors from rogue food bits.
  • Under office chairs to protect floors from caster damage.
  • Under cabinets and appliances to protect floors.

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        It says 0.2cm not mm. Which is the same as 2mm


          Can (double) confirm.

          Length: 100 cm
          Width: 120 cm

          0.2 cm

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      I bought the Ikea chair mat a couple of years ago, to use on a carpet with very low pile. It cracked and was useless within a year.

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    Hi OP anything you can do for the carpet ones?


      OP I'll buy it for $30 :)


    Why not just get rubber wheels? Then you can go anywhere


      I'm considering to buy rubber caster wheels also. Any recommendation?

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      Soft wheels pick up grit that came into the building stuck to your shoes, and then abrade smooth floors. I've seen this countless times on lino tile floors in businesses.

      The chair mat forms a sacrificial surface to be abraded.

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    120cm * 90cm is for $25.97 at Bunnings. I bought one early this year and no cimplaints.


    **They have one for carpet too.


    Any to put on carpets ?


    Op, do you have a larger size mat?

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    Floor mats suck. You are much better off getting replacement casters.

    If you have hard floors get rubber or rollerblade wheels.

    If you have carpets get giant casters. (e.g. Miracle Caster)


      I thought aside from allowing you to roll around on the carpet these mats also protect the carpet from being indented. Do giant casters do the same thing?


        Your carpet will still get indents but not as bad and not permanent.


      My concern is using office roller chairs directly on home carpet will damage the underlay & carpet.

      The "Miracle Caster" mentions making it easier to roll over carpet, but suggests using a matt for even easier use. Casters costing $10 each is guaranteed for 10 yrs if used on carpet, but how long will the carpet and underlay last?

      The Bunnies carpet matt is not suitable for deep pile carpets, or carpets with underlay (see Bunnies website).

      This has become an interesting issue since the lock downs commenced and many people now working at home. More so if you rent and cause damage to their carpet & underlay due to incorrect use of office furniture.


        Putting a chair on carpet and using it in a normal fashion isn't damage, it's wear and tear.


    I'd like a chair mat (in the shape of the OP's one) that is actually made from carpet…with a proper edged finish, before some plonka suggests just cutting off a section of carpet

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      Just buy ordinary mats then. Did this for my childrens' desks when we moved into a house with polished floors. But make sure the mat has enough stiffness, I tried a cloth mat for my desk, and it bunches up a lot.

      The kids' mats are about 2x3m, appear to be made from carpet, and the entire desk sits on the mat. The size also leaves some extra space to put a filing cabinet on. The filing cabinet would otherwise scratch the floor.

      I don't think you'll be able to get them as cheap as the chair mat in this deal. From memory, our mats were $80-$100 each, about five years ago.


        Thank you for this suggestion. I have since decided to put the desk and drawers on the same carpet so this could def work.

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      Carpet store will hem a remnant of carpet for you pretty cheaply.


        I didn't think of this:( Thank you, I will explore this option.


        We did this with off-cuts from when carpet was laid down in the house as they match nicely.

        Surprised that carpet stores don't advertise it as a service.


    +$15 shipping to melb for those clicking through.