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Corsair SF450 450W 80+ Platinum SFX Modular Power Supply (CP-9020181-AU) $129 + Shipping @ Umart


Amazon also price matched but only had one in stock at the time posting (out of stock now)

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    450W is a bit low isn't it?
    I'd spend an extra $50 to get the 600W which is good enough for the 3080

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      Depends what you're going to put into the system :)

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      depends, I'm going to run a mini itx NAS with this so don't need a graphic card but def prefer a quality power supply


        Then this is your boi


        Is love to hear the party's for your build. I've been trying to put a list of parts together for a mini itx NAS for the last few weeks but just can't decide. I'm replacing an old HP N40L so it needs to hold 4x 3.5 HDD's and a M2 boot drive.

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          For motherboard I posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/640385
          Mainly because it has a 2.5 Gig lan which I really wanted

          For cpu I’ll grab an i3 but haven’t found any good deals on it

          For powersuply I’ll use this

          For the case I picked up SilverStone CS01S for 30 bucks on sale (this case won’t hold 4 3.5s, holds 2 3.5+2 2.5)

          I haven’t bought other parts yet

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      Its usually more than enough -> i'm running it on a 3900X and 3070. Combined max power draw is slightly over 450W, but thats under artificial load / stress testing of both CPU and GPU. In reality, you're not likely to pass that as most real world uses bottle neck at the CPU or GPU.

      In practice, I'd say if you have a something like a 5600x and 3070 or below, this is more than enough.

      I used to have big-ass 850W and 750W units previously but decided to go small and compact to save size, weight and maybe a little bit for the efficiency. Since 90% of the time i'm doing work that uses less than 100W and that means a smaller power unit sits closer to the max efficiency curve (most power supplies are only really at their max efficiency at close to 50% of their rating).

      Corsair SF series manual with efficiency curve: https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productconte...


        Wow, that's impressive. I have the slightly older SF450 80+ Gold unit running a Ryzen 2600 + rx 5700 XT no sweat.

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      plenty for my 2600+1070 system.
      but upgrade to high end parts this year and end up replace it to the 750w model.

      so if i had the choice, i should have bought the 750 from the start. but now, i almost end up with a full spare system too.

      so plan ahead no matter what. great psu regardless. fan is dead silent (had for 3 years)

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    This is better


    Edit - nvm post is plat rated


      nice vocally self critical.


      I don't think I'd say it's better, but also a decent deal.