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Euromaid 269L Top Mount Fridge $206 after Instant in-Cart Rebate @ Appliances Online


Fridge is advertised @ $506 with $300 instant cash off / discount once put in the basket to purchase! Cheapest 269lt fridge ever! $206

Mod Note: Additional $20 off when your sign up for newsletter - Credits to Uncle Roger & King Tightarse

Mod Note 2: Targeted - Westpac Mastercard $20 Cashback with $100 Spend at Appliances Online.

Update by rep:

  • The end date of the offer has been updated to today, Friday 30th July, 6PM AEST
  • Strict limit of 1 purchase per customer

While the offer ends at 6pm, Appliances Online reserves the right to withdraw or extend the offer as per our terms and conditions.
Please read the full terms and conditions for this offer here: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/euromaid-fridge-300-inst...

Please read the representative statement here

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  • +1

    Mine is for delivery tomorrow morning

  • +1

    ordered at 4:02pm yesterday and just got delivered :)

  • +1

    Just got text message from the driver saying it will be delivered today :)

  • +1


  • +1

    Just got delivered

  • +1

    Delivered today for a friend, excellent!

  • +2

    delivered. Even took away the box/foam as well!
    Delivery bloke couldn't believe how many of the same fridges he saw out for delivery this morning.

    • +1

      Got mine too. I was told out of 20 deliveries today, 15 are the fridges. Awesome.

    • +2

      Tell him he has been OzBargained :D

    • I see two different models on the Internet with the same model number. The difference is the divider in the door (fridge door not freezer door) top shelf. Is the top shelf a single shelf or two small ones. I get mine tomorrow.

      • +1

        Please, let us know…

        • +1

          It's the single top door shelf version.

  • +1

    Delivered. excellent service

  • +1

    Delivered this morning, and took away my old fridge. I'm impressed!

  • +1

    Also got mine delivered this morning. For those who missed out, looks like it's available again?

  • +6

    Hi all, we're back for a strictly limited time, 6PM AEST

    • +1

      Thanks, a lot of people who missed out will be really happy about this

    • -2

      Any chance of a stainless deal popping up?

  • +1

    Holy (profanity) am I about to buy a fridge that I don't need…

    • +5

      Spoiler alert I did XD

      • +1

        Delivered this arvy. Communication was fantastic - got a text in the morning with my 2 hour delivery window, and another text alerting me they'd arrive within 30 minutes.

        Timed my lunch break so that I could go home, met the couriers. They man-handled the thing up the stairs and it was ready to go.
        All done within 3 minutes.

  • -3

    So it should never have been this cheap?
    $599 fridge should never have been sold at $200?

    • +2

      Stop the nonsense and just buy already lol

      • +1

        bought yday. got mine today

  • +11

    Wow, great work AO. Not only you guys honoured the price error but you also extend the sale as well.
    I know some members here are real tight arses (or is it pain-in-the-arse XD), but I am sure others will more likely to purchase goods from you guys in the future.

    • -3

      Knowing this lot, I'd say unlikely. The crowd here just follows the $$. They'll even try to pricematch with some other company if it's 12seconds closer to their house.

      • +1

        Those are what I called pain-in-the-arse.

  • +2

    Thanks OP and Store Rep :)

  • was looking for a second fridge…..not the most energy efficient, but damn cheap. got the new account coupon and had the westpac mastercard reward too!

  • +1

    Adelaide stock??? 😔

    • I wanted to grab one too. Unavailable in Adelaide by the looks of things. Needed a new fridge too

  • +2

    Husbands 'beer fridge'. Thank you OP and AO!!

  • +2

    Just picked one up for $186 in VIC to replace little bar fridge in garage. Christmas overflow sorted! Thanks to all who made another ridiculous deal possible.

  • +1

    If only this was for a chest freezer :) well done Appliances Online solid way to build on the already positive reputation.

  • +3

    Bloody Legends! Was bummed that I missed out on this last time and didn't know it was a pricing error. Just bought one and greatly appreciate the honouring and extension of the offer for those who missed out. This will be great for my new place as I gradually move in!

    Have never used AO personally but have heard great things from friends and family (one noted that AO delivery people took down and reinstalled the front door to make the fridge go inside). Will be leaving a positive review and will happily buy my appliances here from now on!

  • +4

    Wtf AO, doing God's work. Good Karama back to your company. Saved your website so when I buy in the future, I'll go to you. Thanks!

  • Bought from AO for the first time in this deal and I have to say that the communication and service was excellent, these guys don't muck around. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again and know the next time I'm after white goods I'll certainly ensure I check out their website and pricing. Oh, and the fridge is a great second fridge.
    Thanx OP and AO.

  • +2

    Thanks OP and AO. This will make a great bar fridge or fridge for the kids' rumpus room.

    • +8

      Are your kids heavy drinkers?

  • Damn was in checkout and the discount disappeared before I could finish. Thanks anyway.

  • +1

    Dam bought this exact fridge for $345 last month as our second fridge decided to play up!. Good fridge and good build quality considering it a budget brand. The tempered glass is real glass for the shelving

  • +1

    Well done OP and AO.

    Nominated for deal and rep of the month!

    • How do we do this nomination too?

      • It's just like winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

        The secret is to visualise your desired outcome. And with two votes already in the bag, victory is assured…

  • Missed it agian!!

  • Good call deleting that glass half-empty post from the record-books. This was a great deal and the commentary wasn't a fair reflection…

  • Damn was hoping this would come back in stock!!

  • +1

    Delivered, but the delivery person didn’t swap the doors as part of the installation. The instructions say it just needs a screwdriver and a wrench, but it’s 3 days (and a lot of WD40) later and the top and middle screws are still stuck in. It’s like they were machined in too tight at the factory.

    It’s going to stop being such a great bargain if I need to buy a powered drill just so I can fix the doors and get it out of the middle of my kitchen 🙃

    • +1

      Probably need an impact driver like this https://adelaidetools.com.au/force-6pc-impact-driver-set-506...
      Take care striking - not too hard, make sure the fridge body can handle it

    • +3

      Use a rachet type on (10mm) hex socket. Don't use screw driver. Mine was tight too.

    • To finish the story: tradie mate with decent tools swung by and sorted it out. Thanks tradie mate!

      Oh, and thanks Appliances Online. Third thing I’ve ordered from them (first a TV, second a washing machine and dryer combo) and their service is always great: all arrived the next day, always with quick and friendly delivery people, only place I’m ordering stuff like this from in the future.

  • +2

    Very impressed with the build quality for such a cheap fridge. I was expecting average. Definitely the quietest fridge I've owned.

    • Agreed. For $180 and change, it's very decent drinks fridge. And the service was great to boot.

      Thanks again OP and Rep. Will make it a point to buy whatever either of you is selling next…

  • damn missed it

  • If anyone ordered one on impulse and would like to now offload theirs, PM me. Sydney only (but not the 8 LGAs).

  • +1

    Jumped on this for my mother. They delivered at no cost to Regional NSW with great service, boxes were removed and features walked through by the installation team. Very impressed with AO and their response to this error, and will definitely both recommend and look to them for future purchases.

  • I hesitated at first but then managed to buy one just before the deal ended and am really glad I did, they delivered it and took the old one away yesterday morning. My 18 year old 420 litre Whirlpool was leaking water and freezing stuff in the fridge so it was time to get replaced. I didn't think the Euromaid 269 litre fridge would be big enough initially but it turned out that most of the stuff in the old fridge didn't need to be in there anyway, 10 big cans of tuna now live in the cupboard. My only criticism of the new fridge is that the door is exactly the right height from the floor to take toe nails clean off and I found this out the hard way, ouch!…Many thanks and a big thumbs up to the OP and Appliances Online.

    • He who hesitates is lost. Glad you let your instincts take over in the end!

      Out of interest, how high were all of your former fridge doors?

  • My fridge was delivered today. Huge upgrade from my ancient little bar fridge. Will be careful of the plastic components as they look easily shatterable (like all modern fridges). Very appreciative of OP and Appliances Online.

  • Sorry guys, dumb question: could someone tell me where the power cable is? Just received my fridge but just couldn't locate the power cord……

    • Back bottom left tucked in near compressor.

      • Legend! Thanks very much!

  • +2

    Got mine delivered today. Right in the advised delivery window, with a text 30 mins before. Very impressed with the unit, doesn't look cheap at all. Very quiet too. Overall, this deal was a Winner!

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