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Intel i5 10400F GTX 1650 Super Gaming System $999 Delivered Only @ MSY


Hi guys, hope you all staying safe.

MSY sincerely thank you for all the kind messages and the support on our previous system deals. The last deal is sold out quickly, for those who missed out, don't worry, please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages, definitely more to come.

Here we have a new GTX 1650 super gaming system offer, please be quick, because quantity is strictly limited, this is FOR DELIVERY ORDERS ONLY.

The shipping fee is $0 if you order before August 1st.

System features

CPU - INTEL i5 10400F Up to 4.3GHz
Motherboard - B460 Chipset Motherboard
Graphic Card - Gigabyte GeForceĀ® GTX 1650 SUPER OC 4GB
Ram - DDR4 16GB 2666
Case - Rotanium (Magic-201) Black, USB 3.0,4x120mm Blue LED Tempered Glass mATX Tower Case
Power Supply - 550 Watt 80% Efficiency Power Supply Unit

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  • +25 votes

    I'd say this is better value for most

    Ryzen 5 3600, GTX1660, A520M, 16GB 3200MHz Ram, WD 250GB SATA SSD $999 + Shipping

    1660 6GB better than 1650 Super 4GB by a fairly significant margin


      Agree, but 250GB SSD is tiny


        can buy a hard drive pretty cheap, total cost would still be less than the current rrp of parts. I reckon that is a better deal.


      +1 - Completely agree. The PSU is notably a safe bet in the configuration also

  • +8 votes

    Not a score this time, MSY

  • +4 votes
  • -2 votes

    Why is it called super gaming system? Dont see it is sooo super

  • +2 votes

    Are you going to have anymore 3080/6800 XT deals around $2500 anytime soon?


    @msy your website is leaking personal information!! See the email I sent to your feedback email address.

    This is a breach of the Privacy Act.