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4x Kumho Car Tyre 245/45R18 + Fitting and Delivery for $709.13 / $692.45 (with eBay Plus) @ Rolan eBay


Quite surprised at finding a deal as good as this on eBay.

I usually buy through Tyroola as they are cheaper, but this deal works out significantly cheaper.

You can purchase tyres, including delivery to a fitting station, fitting and balancing for 15% off what are already competitive prices.

For example, I was looking at Kumho Ecsta P71 in a 245/45/18. On Tryoola, they are $880 for 4, plus $120 fitting, for a grand total of $1,000.

Tyresales want $930 including shipping and fitting.

Using this deal I paid $692.45, including fitting nearby, which is (I think) a very decent saving.

No cashback when using a promo code on EBay but if you have access to discount gift cards or the Afterpay deal you can potentially save more.

Hope this helps someone.

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        I've claimed them on warranty when sidewalls have failed prematurely.
        One blew out and found a bubble in another. Swapped both and away I went.
        Claim may have been easier as one was still intact?

        • Thanks! How did you define or prove premature sidewall failure??

          I usually get about 70k from my tyres (almost never pay more than $160 per tyre) but drive very conservatively.

          I have seen some people who presumbly have S4 or something driving like maniacs in the rain. :)

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            @Naigrabzo: One blew out, probably wasn't even a year old.
            Went back to the shop, usual questions about what tyre pressure I'd be running, what sort of usage etc. They put it on the hoist to put the new one on and looked over the others and found another one was suspect so swapped that as well.

            The sidewall on the other one had a bulge in it (on the inside of the rim), which is likely what happened to the first one, went unnoticed and eventually popped.

            • @whitelie: Interesting and thanks for the information. I will keep that in mind!

              Do you always conform to manufacturer suggested tyre pressures for your car?

              • @Naigrabzo: Generally. After that particular instance, I ran higher (they were larger, aftermarket wheels). But for standard wheels and tyres I'll run whatever is on the placard.

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    Looks like most tyres other than the Khumo are old production date

  • Op are you sure it’s including balance? I used this deals before, but the fitter shop didn’t do balance. Because I don’t see any balance weight on the wheels.

    • +1

      because your wheels are balanced?

    • States free mounting and balancing in the image w/in the item description, but if you read the very small font, it says only applicable when wheels are shipped to an installer.

      edit Wait, read that wrong. You mean they installed them but didn't balance them?! That would be asinine - there must be weights somewhere.

      And regarding the above post - I've never, ever seen a wheel/tyre combo that didn't need some balancing weights. I suppose it is possible one might not, pretty much impossible none of the four would.

      • I purchased 2 tyres with rolan, and can’t see the weight on the both wheels. Seems the fitter didn’t do the balancing. Maybe depends on the fitter.

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      You can't fit tyres without balance weights, they'll vibrate horribly at certain speeds.

      They're probably stuck to the inside of the rims and covered in brake dust camoflauge…

    • Stuck inside these days. Pretty difficult to see.

  • Can I get super budget recommendations for 215/65R16 98T?

  • Only Kumho available?
    Ah no. But only a few Kumho available in my size.

  • No good brands all Indonesian ones

  • +1

    +1 .. for the tread pattern in the thumbnail.

  • -1

    I've checked multiple tyres (mostly Kumho) between this deal and MyCar from Kmart, and Kmart's offering is still cheaper for the same tyres (albeit a few dollars).

    I'd rather go to a Kmart service centre than depend on a backyard mechanic to install/service? Anything significant I'm missing here?

    MyCar (Kumho 215/45/R17 PA51 91W) $139

    Rolan $168

    • you need to look for the 4 pack of tyres deal from Rolan and not individual tyre prices.
      PS71: makes each tyre $117.63
      PA51: makes each tyre $128.43

      • But I don't need 4 tyres? I need 2. It's still a marginal difference anyway with the 4 tyre package.

    • +2

      If you think Kmart Tyre and Auto (now Mycar) are better than even a backyard mechanic you're going to get a surprise.

      Also quite unfair to call them 'backyard'. The installer near me is a well-respected mechanic and tyre fitter.

      Of course there are always going to be instances where there are cheaper options. In my case, Mycar want $229 per tyre for the same tyre or $916. I paid $692 (a saving of $223).

      • +1

        I don't think you are wrong but it looks like that in trades industries, people are used to flinging their $ht at each other. If you ask anyone it looks like that only their own mechanic/plumber/electrician or tyre fitter is best while all others are just crooks. This leaves me to believe that all of them are crooks.

        I have never heard of the trades person (or mechanic) saying that another one of their colleagues is good. Dare to ask a tyre fitter whether another tyre fitter is good?

        What happened to having some respect to ones colleagues?

        Keen to hear your thoughts.

        • +1

          I would tend to agree. I think most mechanics are capable of doing the job, what separates them is trust - you need to trust that they will look after your car and only repair that which needs to be repaired.

          With that said, Tyre fitting isn't rocket science, i'd be disappointed if a professional got it wrong, which is why form personal experience i would never use my local Mycar.

          • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Yes true. this is rife with brake repairs. Before I knew better I had a big chain in Chatswood replace my rotors and pads when the rotors never needed replacement (Car was 3 years old with 60k on it!).

            Recently I got told my Kmart tyre that my rear brakes and rotors need replacement. I checked it and the pads had 30% left and the rotors were absolutely fine. I replaced the pads just for kicks as I was selling the car. Cost me $54 and no squeaks because I took care when doing the job.

            Then I took it for inspection prior to sale. The mechanics were very happy with the brakes and rotors.

            Who do you believe? the first or second mechanic. It's all trust as you say but we need also get educated on how to check basic things.

            they can get away with this stuff.

            • +1

              @Naigrabzo: At Honda they wrote that my pads were 'dangerously low' during a routine 6 month service. I took a look and realised they weren't so I just monitored the depth over the next few months. The next 6 month service there was no comment made about the depth of the pads. I added this to an already large list of complaints about their services - were you trying to sell me parts I didn't need 6 months ago, or sending me out with dangerously low brakes now? To their credit they actually implemented a change to their service procedure which saw them provide pad depth mm measurements in the service report going forward.

              • @knasty: LOL nice work my man. That will teach em!!!

                I have kept the "dangerously low" pads as a reminder. I reckon they could be reused!!

    • Can I use these for my lancer? I'm supposed to be using 215/45/R18.

      • +1

        I'm not a tyre expert, I think a smaller diameter would be fine. It's the rim size that won't fit perhaps. Look at your car vin plate or tyre pressure plate. Does it mention a different size? Mine does.

        If so, you can go ahead and call them up about it as well.

  • Thanks for the post OP

    Where do you choose the fitting service shop in ebay?

    Can't seem to find it

  • Unless you desperately need tyres, wait for the bridgestone buy 3 get 1 free offer. For example a set of four 245/45/18 Potenza RE003 would cost you $672 fitted at a Bob Jane shop. Also there are usually a few other buy 3 get 1 free offers from other decent brands.

    • This deal is always available at Bridgestone Tyre centres Australia wide and also Bridgstone Select stores, same price as mentioned

      • What so the buy 3 get 1 free is an all year round sale?

        • Bridgestone often have these buy 3 get 1 free, but not for all models of bridgestone

    • Agree. I would go 4 x RE003 installed for $672 if it had been available at that price. Unfortunately i couldn't find any at that price and need them before next Friday.

  • How much extra for allignment?

    • +1

      Look for Groupon for allingnent

      • Great tip. They always want $75 for alignment.

  • What are some good every day tyres for a golf?

    • Year, make, budget for total cost?

      • 2011 VW trendline my12 103tsi wagon. normal budget not going to take it racing on the track.

  • I still find Tyroola cheaper than eBay

  • Tempe Tyres is still cheaper.

  • Got a Toyota Corolla 2014 Hatch and am a newbie to cars. Can any Tyre expert vouch for the Dunlop SP Sport LM705 here:

    • +1

      You'll be happy with them on a Corolla mate.

      • Thanks, appreciate the reply.

  • Can I please have a recommendation for these tyres?
    275 40 R20 - 2 Front tyres.
    315 35 R 20 - 2 rear tyres.

    Currently have Dunlop SP Sport Maxx which have given way just over 40K kms.

    • +1

      Guessing it's a performance or luxury car with wheels that size? What is it mate?

      • BMW X5

        • Currently running runflats?

          • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Yes, runflats.
            I just checked and currently they are Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT.
            Don't know whether I should stick with runflats or go the normal ones as the car does have a spare.

          • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Hey mate
            Just checking in again.
            What would be your recommendation?

  • Thanks, learned a lot reading through the comments. Anyone with a tire recommendation for our family car, Ford Mondeo, 235/50R17 96W?

    • +2

      I think you migbt be able to use 235/45/17 instead of 235/50/17

      Pros :

      235/45/17 is a much more popular size (thus considerably cheaper and many more options)
      Comes with load rating of 97W or higher as most of them are now XL load rated

      Con :

      There is a drop of about 2cm in height of the tyre as compared to using 235/50/17. Could be a pro if you want the car to be "lowered" a little lol.

      If you want to stick with 235/50/17, choices are fairly limited (Putting aside the cheaper chinese brands). You could get the Goodyear excellence for $155 each.
      There is a Rolan ebay plus $750 deal for the Kumho Ecsta PA51 :
      However I personally don't like Kumho tyres as I found them to be lacking in grip. (I once had a set of Kumho Ecsta KU22 235/45/17, there were awful)

      • I have a 2014 Tiguan it's running on 235/50R/18, with the 18" does it make more or less different?

        • +1

          Sorry I don't understand what you mean by different on the 18". Are you talking about getting a slightly lower profile by getting 235/45/18?

          I think 235/50/18 is the standard size that came with your factory 18" wheels. This size is apparently available on the Bridgestone RE003 range so if you want to wait for the Bridgestone Potenza buy 3 get 1 free, you can save quite a bit on these decent tyres.

          • @Ziggy28: Hi ziggy, you're right thats the factory tyres on my Tiguan😀

            I was thinking if lower profile will help on handling but drop from 50 may be too much and its not a common size?

            I heard re003 is great but its too $$, do you know if Kumho Ku33 is good enough?
            Cost close to 1k from tyroola(fit/balalnce/alignment).

            Mostly drive to work when no lock down! Some highway on weekend.

            • +1

              @grygryjack: I think it's better if you stick with the factory size 235/50/18 since it's a SUV

              I wouldn't say RE003 is "great". It's a good tyre (Better than several on the market) and worth buying because of the buy 3 get 1 free offer that comes along every few months. Unless you are desperate for tyres now, why not wait for the offer to come out again? Under this offer at the Bob Jane website, you would pay $861 for a set of 4 RE003. (There is now currently a RE003 offer but it is only $100 cashback for 4 tyres)

              If you cannot wait, you can consider Continental. There is a now a $100 cash back on Continental Tyres (Bob Jane). Continental Ultracontact6 would cost you $804 after cashback. Also if you're in NSW or VIC, you can get a set of Continental ContiMaxcontact6 for $796 at Tempe Tyres.

              $1K is a very high price to pay for Kumho KU series. Not worth it at all in my opinion.

              • @Ziggy28: Cheers Ziggy thanks for your info! I think 1k for KU is a bit too much, hopefully some good promo come up soon!

  • I have made an order. And I chose click and collect option and chose one installer near me. Do I need to contact them for fitting? Or when I go to “pick up” the tyres they will just fit it for me?

  • People buy tyres from ebay now? Wow.

    • yes my man. Wedding rings to brake pads…. Anything is there.

  • Had my tyres fitted today. Very happy with the whole experience.

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