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Food Warmer Buffet Electric Server Bain Marie Stainless Steel 1.5L x 3 Tray $49.50 Delivered @ Repo Guys



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Keep your food warm at parties or functions with this buffet food warmer! With a heat range of 60-80 degrees Celsius, the three different trays can present different tasty dishes while keeping them at the ideal temperature! So you and your guests can enjoy grazing on your favourite meals throughout the evening!

Brand: UnBranded
Model: Food Warming Buffet Server
Variable Temperature control
Dishwasher safe trays/containers and lids
Cool Touch Handles
3 Trays each 1.5L
Power: 200W
Thermostat control on highest heat setting
60 minute timer
Materials: Stainless steel, polycarbonate
Colour: Stainless steel

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    This seems expensive.
    $31 at target?


      u have a link?


        I think someone searched target US. The website isnt so good here.

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    if only this came with a giant vat of sweet 'n' sour ready to go

  • +6 votes

    I was very confused for a moment. I read that as 'Food Warren Buffet…'

    waiting for jv to say something similar

  • +3 votes

    Warmer Buffet Electric Server

    Much cheaper than the Warren Buffett Electric Server…


    Just incase, Bain Marie means water bath so it’s just for keeping water warm, and hence the food above it warm. At 200W, it isn’t doing any heating.


      Yep! Never heat in a Bain Marie, preheat your food and then keep hot food hot in this.

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    Perfect for the parties not allowed to have….


    I remember buying one of these 10+ years ago… from catch I think @ $79.

    The delivery guy was talking it up as I got handed the box saying how good it'd be and how useful he'd find it for his parties/gatherings.

    I never opened the box.

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    Will keep your salmonella food at the perfect temperature to spread to all your guests


    Just a stainless steel vessel with a stand and scented tea light candle/s under for the odd occasions and you are covered. These things end up being used once in a blue moon unless you do use it in a catering gig.


    looks like a stupid waste of electricity. you should mine bitcoins instead


    empathy to the people whose goods’ve been repo’ed.