Amazon's Logistic Delivery Speed Declined Recently

I order quite a lot from Amazon. Mostly pantry items while we are in lockdown In Sydney

Before the lockdown, most of my items is delivered by an Amazon Flex driver.

Now it is mixed with Amazon Flex and Australia post, but the speed decline from the next day to a week and some is almost 2 weeks wait.

I don't see many items with next day delivery anymore, the fastest this day is 2 business days and very few Weekend delivery.

Want to see what is others experiencing during June and July.

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    I order quite a lot from Amazon. Mostly pantry items while we are in lockdown In Sydney

    You and everyone else in lockdown are ordering from Amazon…. hence the slow speeds.

    • -2

      Still if there is enough driver or higher incentive, it should be keep up with the demand.

      • +3

        WOW entitled much? Why don't you go do some flex work then and help out?

      • You are correct. If there are enough drivers there is no problem, but how could there be?
        Did you offer to pay extra to fund a faster delivery? Or are you expecting Jeff Bezor to take less profit or the drivers to work free?

        • +5

          I expect Bezos to take less profit and more drivers to be paid more.

        • More likely to magic up drivers out of thin air.
          You have a fleet with certain capacity.
          If demand exceeds capacity you can't just magic up more drivers like that.

        • or get Jeff to use with space cone to deliver you stuff in 9 minutes.

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    I do Amazon Flex deliveries here in Victoria. There's a shitload of work that needs to be done, more than I have seen in the past 6 months. Most likely the same in SYD and the reason why it's taking longer

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        I guess it can’t have anything to do with the lockdown then, since you know all about it?

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    Their Moorebank warehouse was either closed or had reduced workers due to COVID I believe - orders we're being shipped from their Brisbane or Melbourne warehouses …

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    So crazy! With all these places in lockdown times have slowed. What could it be?
    Surely Amazon will just clone some more delivery people to keep delivery times the same?

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    Live at the other end of the country and Amazon orders have always taken a week. Despite the lockdowns around the country this has not changed surprisingly.

  • I have stuff that hasn't shipped yet after 10 days.
    I think as stated above a warehouse was affected by covid infection
    What I ordered is not important , so i can wait no problem

  • A lot of shops offering home delivery are smashed trying to keep up, some have a 10 days lead time as all their delivery slots have been filled.

    Just be grateful you’ll get your delivery, although delayed.

    If you look at Coles or Woolworths home delivery, you’ll see delivery slots have been fully filled for next 3-5 days or more depending where you live. Plan your purchases in advance.

  • Merged from What Happened to Amazon Prime Shipping Times?

    I have been a prime member for a while now, mainly because of the shipping times. Lately, there are no items offered for next-day delivery, if I am lucky it is two or three days from the order.

    Anyone else having the same issues?

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      Lockdowns - more people are shopping online so it's going to take longer to pick, pack and deliver. It's amazing how 2-3 days from placing an order is considered slow these days. Prime has definitely spoiled us with next day delivery!

      • -3

        Doesn't make sense. Just a part of OZ is in lockdown, last year it was nearly the whole country and i received everything the next day. I ordered Schweppes 12 bottle pack, they shipped it from Perth to Melbourne with delivery a day after the order. Now even items located 50KM away take half a week.

        But yes, we definitely are spoiled.

        • +9

          Just the part of OZ that has most of the distro centres.

    • I've contacted them to put through two replacement orders for the same product and the product is still not here…It's been 8 days and counting.

      • +1

        Still quicker than aus post.

    • That and there are a lot less flights so not as much freight able to be processed as there was previously. This is especially the case for items purchased from Amazon UK/USA

      • UK and US are terrible at the moment, takes weeks to deliver but this i am pretty sure is because of auspost.

        Over a week from Sydney to Vic is a joke.

        Wednesday, 11 August 12:20 PM
        Out for delivery
        XXX, VIC AU

        Sunday, 8 August 8:48 PM
        Package arrived at a carrier facility

        Melbourne Airport, VIC AU
        Thursday, 5 August 9:28 AM
        Package arrived at a carrier facility

        Wednesday, 4 August 7:00 PM
        Package transferred to another carrier for delivery
        Mascot, NSW AU

        • US Ebay global program seems to be kicking AMZ a$$ on speed at the moment .

          • @popsiee: Really? I ordered an item from the us on the 4th. Latest update on the 13th is "We've received your item!" by APG global, so it's still in the states. Pretty pathetic so far.

            • @brendanm: Your always the opposite of me so nothing new !

    • They use to deliver on weekends next day but it seems to have stopped. They went back to Australia Post shipping which is taking up to a week now.
      Some items are still cheaper to wait over click and collect but I was tempted not to wait.

      • They deliver here on weekends too, just had two parcels delivered. Both shipped out today but ordered on Wednesday.

      • +2

        I'm still getting Saturday and Sunday deliveries in Sydney from Amazon's own delivery drivers (TBAU* tracking code) but yeah everything in stock on Prime is taking 5-7 days to ship at the moment. Assume they're getting smashed with demand and many of their staff are in locked down LGAs.

    • i still get weekend deliveries, got one today, and last Sunday
      that being said, they have got 10% more tardy

    • Very likely COVID lockdown related delays, that being said would rather slower deliveries than having drivers peeing in bottles and pooping in bags.

    • All domestic shipping channels are experiencing delays. For example, our courier service has extended their delivery times to 3-5 business days for same city deliveries.
      I think the Amazon would not be hit as hard because they generally employ delivery people on a Uber type basis. Albeit I reckon delivery volumes are well up at the moment

    • I'm getting 2-3 business days for most domestic prime stuff. Got a couple of things ex US in 7 days, though paid a little extra for fast post.

    • Just on the AusPost side of things, I think even the Express Post is taking more than 2 days. I had two parcels that arrived within 3~5 days.
      Normally it would take around 2 days max for express… so I think something is going on there.

      From what I have seen with all my parcels that they go through Sydney warehouse, which I believe is where they sort the parcels.
      If things are piled up there (say due to less people being able to work from lockdown restrictions and more parcels needing to be sorted), I could imagine that would cause a delay.

    • +4

      I don’t understand these “it’s a joke” or “doesn’t make sense” type posts.
      As an example, I read 560 NSW City Rail staff are in isolation due to COVID contacts, approx 1/20. Add in usual staff absences like sickness not-covid, holidays etc. and lots of people aren’t there to do their jobs.
      Figure it is similar at Auspost or Amazon distribution and you can easily see how times will blow out.

      Last year, almost nobody had COVID (Melbourne excepted) some even though there were lockdowns, the essential logistics workers still showed up. This time there are how many thousand cases in Sydney, plus lockdowns adding sand to the gears in Vic and elsewhere from time to time.

      Stuff will take longer.

    • Some of their warehouse workers got infected with Cov, it happened 3 weeks ago, I think.

      • Plus new process of having anyone who come to their facility ID checked and 3 day covid test check.

    • in Sydney rules are sl8ghlty stricter than last year, if outside the council area of the warehouse, u need to test every 3 days.

    • Amazon has been awful lately. Or maybe I am just too accustomed to how good they used to be. I got 90% of my orders next day until not that long ago, now it's more like next week if I'm lucky. Seem to get Flex deliveries less often too, more stuff getting sent by slower third parties. Ordered a monitor cable a week ago that didn't get delivered until today - they shipped it by Fastway and it sat in their Sydney depot untouched since Tuesday before finally getting delivered today.

      The problem doesn't seem to be with the delivery services in general though, they are much slower shipping things in many cases. Ordered some network patch cables on Monday, they arrived today as well, but weren't shipped until yesterday. So delivery was quick (via Flex) but actual dispatch took forever.

    • Ordered last night and arrived at lunch time today .

      no probs here in Brisbane

      • Nice statistical significant sample m8 .

        • Yeah BH11. Don't bother posting here unless you've randomly asked 1000 other Brisbanians.

          You would have noticed all the others commenting conducted large scale randomised control trials, enabling the acquisition of high-quality long-term background data to produce valid strategies with the results being assumed to be applicable among middle to large cities in developed countries with similar service structures.

          Sample size of 1! Who do you think you are?

    • Even though the listing says next day delivery, It always takes 1 day to process and then delivered the day after.

    • I have seen the change recently too, its one of the main reasons I used Amazon, but have been going back to using ebay and other sites more because of it.

  • Ordered something from Amazon US week ago and it still hasn't shipped yet. Very surprised, as I thought the US was normally quick.