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Ozito 8-14mm Staple Nail Gun for $19.95 + Delivery or ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ Bunnings


Whilst in Bunnings today I saw the Ozito Staple gun discounted to $19.95, (was $39.98)

The SNG-2050 Stapler Nail Gun is the perfect tool for easy upholstering, fixing loose items and tacking fabric to frames.

With 1500 staples and 100 nails included you can start working straight away thanks to easy bottom loading magazine for quick refills.
The safety striker system provides more control as a staple or nail will only fire when the safety striker pin is pushed against the material to be fastened.

Great for use with fabric, softwood and thin plastic. Please note, this product is intended for DIY use only.

  • Safety striker system
  • Easy load design
  • Fasten materials with ease
  • Staples and nails included
  • 3 year replacement warranty

A review in Youtube

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  • This does staples and nails?

    • Yes

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        just brad(l) nails

        • +4

          The best sort 😆

        • just brad(l) nails

          Had to Google that one …:

          *Brad nails are designed specifically for wood working tasks and used with a high-powered nail gun. They are made from thin galvanised steel which *


    • I'm after the nails function. If i put it under the bed to prepare for break -ins at night when my family is asleep is this good for self defence?

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        The safety striker system provides more control as a staple or nail will only fire when the safety striker pin is pushed against the material to be fastened.

        Depends if you think you can get within arm's reach of the intruder

        • +1

          Damn, i thought it'd be like call of duty warzone when they introduced the nail gun and it shoots like a sub machine gun.

          Thx for the info, ill give this a miss.

      • +1

        I imagine you would need to ask the intruder to come within reach of the powercord….

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    Jason has entered the chat … or in his case, the room

  • it's decent for the price, the only thing is once you get to the last 3 or 4 staples it doesn't staple them in, no biggie but noteworthy

    • +1

      is it possible to use something as a small spacer? Put the spacer in after some staples have been used and there is room

      • +1

        I think that could work, in the past I would get near the end of a stack and would preemptively add another stack and sometimes it would work through without issue other times it would jam or bend the clips

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    Nice. My 8 year old staple gun literally died on Thursday, so perfect timing.

  • Is this strong enough to staple skirting boards?

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      Largest Brad nail is 15mm so it's not suitable

      • What is it good for? What do people use it for?

        • Mostly upholstery, but I guess attaching any sort of thin material.
          I've used them to attach sheets over windows temporarily.

        • -1

          I nail all my extension cords/appliance cables to the skirting boards to keep them in place.

        • I used mine to staple the back of an old bookshelf. I also used it to build a little shade over my solar inverter (frame was screwed on but the sunshade fabric was stapled on using the staple gun).

          Its good for jobs involving a thin material. I bought mine a couple of years ago for $40 and i think its paid for itself already.

      • How long of a nail does it need to be usually?

        • I would recommend at least 40mm. I've seen heaps of skirting slowly come loose over time when people have used shorter.

          • @bradl822: I have a feeling it’s 38mm for standard skirtings

    • depends on the thickness of your board… and whether you're also using adhesives

      • Adhesives are not usually used on skirtings

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    Is it just me, or are the grey Ozito tools distinctly inferior to the red cordless PXC Ozito range?

    • +3

      Thank god Einhell took over Ozito and bought over the PXC range, the grey ones were/are utter garbage.

    • i found it to be the opposite but i dont have much of a collection

  • I bought one of these. Pretty good!
    Didn't even know it did nails.

    • Look in the box, it comes with nails.

  • Can this be used to nail birch plywood?

    • Is it less than 14mm thick?

      • no experience with this gun but i would be Very surprised if it could drive nails in 14mm birch ply.
        I mean if it does then it is a very good deal and would also be sufficient for fixing most skirting board.

      • Yes, 12mm

        • +2

          So that’s a no, unless you are ok with only 3mm holding it.

  • Thanks OP

  • hi, can it be used to do bookbinding?

    • I’ve used mine for book binding, stretching canvas on a frame for art and upholstery.

  • Would this be sufficient for plaster cornices?

    • How would something like this help with cornice? (Im far from an expert, only put up a few rooms worth but i cant see how it would be used)

      • Tbh I don't know, I thought people install cornices the same way as they would with skirting boards. I have zero knowledge in this area.

        • -1


        • +1

          Normally cornice is just held on with cornice cement. It's plastering work not woodwork like doing skirting.

    • No, with cornice you want something with a bit of size to it. The nail is only temporary until your glue holds.
      Bigger nail means easier to remove with a hammer, less likely to indent into cornice, less likely to slip in the plaster.

  • Thanks OP, just got one!

  • +1

    Thanks Op got one. I missed out on the Aldi one last week for 20 bucks so this worked out perfectly. Going to reupholster the kitchen/dinning table chairs cushions. Yay

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    Replaced the soft top on a convertible, stapled down carpet for doggy ramps and upholstered a benchpress with one of these.

    Would recommend.

  • How would this go stapling into hardwood?

    Would it have much more power than the cordless version?

    • I haven't personally used either, I have a [PowerShot staple gun](Arrow Fastener 5700 PowerShot Heavy Duty Staple Gun which I highly recommend. It can drive a 6mm staple entirely into hardwood.
      Based on the specs the op's is slightly more powerful so should be able to do the same. But I doubt the one you liked would fully penetrate.

      Basing this off the maximum listed staple size.

      Op's: 15mm
      PowerShot: 14mm
      Yours: 10mm

      So if you're after something without a cord, go for a traditional staple gun like the PowerShot.

    • have personally used the one here and its got a fair bit of power behind it.

      Staples onto pine fine through marine carpet (just bunnings crap). I dont think you'd have an issue with a harder timber.

  • Bought last weekend, expected to pay $40 but was stoked when rang up as $19.95. Used to re staple the dustcover under lounge chair after a structural repair. Awesome job, quick, cheap.

  • The Clinton family will be all over this bargain…

  • Halloween is coming up

  • 3 years warranty. A good deal i guess

  • +1

    I have this unit at work, not bad for the price at all.. The only issue is the size of the nails it takes. It was the primary reason I bought it but since using up all the nails provided I am yet to find nails that fit it locally to me. Understand I can likely get them online easily, but for work purposes it would be nice if the nails were more readily available. Staples are very easy to find but offer less punch, so the nails are better for thicker or harder timber.

  • I just got the call that the item is suspended and not in stock, refund issued. Oh well, hope others have better luck.

    • +1

      It doesn't do nails. Just one size staple. So you aren't comparing apples for apples.

      It depends how many staples you are doing. It's not hard to do a couple dozen manually. But if you are doing a big job, or use it often it will save time.

  • Grabbed one today to redo my couch webbing. #lockdownactivities

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