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Cigweld WeldSkill Auto-Darkening Essential Welding Helmet $39 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Sydney Tools & Total Tools


Half-price according to the webpage. The perfect accessory for all those Aldi and Bunnings welders that have been listed here on OzBargain. A reputable brand, versus the cheapies off Ebay and elsewhere.

Shipping starts at about $6 to some suburbs of Sydney, $20.38 to Perth, more to some country locations. Free click-and-collect if you're local, but perhaps a bit risky or not possible in these Covid times.

Edit 2: Same price at Total Tools, thanks Jefflang007 for finding that: https://www.totaltools.com.au/148097-cigweld-weldskill-essen...
Total Tools have even more locations, and also have free C&C. Compare shipping price to your address: https://www.totaltools.com.au/storelocator/

Features (copied from webpage):

  • 2 Sensor Auto-darkening variable shade 9-13 filter lens
  • The 94mm x 36mm ADF viewing area ensures easy vision of your work piece.
  • Medium Impact Rating.
  • This welding helmet complies with the medium impact requirements outlined in AS/ NZS 1337:2010.
  • High Speed Reaction Time.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Delay.
  • This welding helmet shell complies to AS/NZS1337:2010.
  • The auto-darkening filter lens complies to AS/NZS1338.1:2012


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty Covered By Cigweld Australia

Free shipping to metro areas if your purchase exceeds $99 - perhaps a group buy in groups of three? Or add some welding gloves to the order, then only two people are needed per group purchase.

Thanks to Jimojr for recommending the helmet, and letting me post.

Edit: I've just noticed that Sydney Tools have multiple branches in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Woolloongong. With individual branches as far North as Townsville and Darwin! So they're not just a Sydney store, but it looks like their mail order ships from Sydney. Check the map, click and collect may be an option for you: https://sydneytools.com.au/stores

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  • +1

    Good price.

    If you value your eyes, definitely get an auto darkening helmet like this.

    Never try to use the handheld mask that comes in the kits. Terrible idea.

    • +1

      The idea was fine in its day. So some time back in the '70s.

      Anyone starting out welding that doesn't have an autodarkening helmet is making the learning process so much harder for themselves. My welding improved a fair amount when I got one (from "really crap" to "ach, it'll do").

  • I think the autodarkening helmet from repco take way too long to be automatic, I have to close my eyes after I pull the trigger otherwise the first flash will reach my eyes and then open my eyes after half a second to continue welding which defeats the purpose. Does anyone else think that as well.

    • No, no-one does.

      • so you're meant to experience a blinding light momentarily as you wait for the helmet to darken?

        • +1

          There will always be a small delay, but the fastest reponding helmets activate in less than a millisecond. So I expect it would be something like having a flash photo taken, but I have no actual experience in this area.

    • +1

      take way too long to be automatic

      I'm no expert, but the few helmets I've looked at in detail have three setting knobs: shade level (on the outside), and speed/delay and sensitivity (usually accessible from the "inside" of the helmet, maybe behind a cover). Have you tried adjusting the speed/delay knob?

      • +3

        my cheap chinese helmet has this inside. seems to work well, but I normally would close my eyes for a split second until its activated well n proper.

    • Check the settings on your helmet.

      I have a cheap eBay helmet that looks the same as basically any of the cheap helmets sold at Supercheap auto or Repco or even Bunnings.
      It works fine.

    • Some of the cheaper helmets have a slower switching time and do let a bit too much of the flash through.

      • +6

        There's an AvE YouTube video about welding helmets (and eye protection in general) that's well worth a watch https://youtu.be/qMyeVXuElkQ

        Essentially, the delay isn't really a safety concern as the UV and IR is filtered out regardless of whether it's activated. The flash may be annoying, but it's not harmful (except maybe to the start of your weld).

  • +2

    Just grab one from Total Tools for the same price.

    • Thanks, good find, added to the deal.

  • Is that the normal price at Total Tools?

    • Price hipster doesn't track total tools AFAIK, and google cache didn't help.

      Seems unlikely though. If it was, I'd expect to see people flogging it on Ebay for $59, and nobody is.

      Edit: now that I've searched for it a few times, Google is showing me ads, which say "was $72" at Total Tools, and "was $65" at Sydney Tools.

  • +3

    I'm a welder by trade and went from a $400 miller to one of these no problem, nice lightweight helm

  • Just be aware that these are essentially a throw away item after about 2 years. The batteries in these are non replaceable.
    A new module costs as much as the whole helmet.
    I modified mine after it died to put two external coin cell battery clips, but the mod is a little bit of a fiddle.

    • That's disturbing. Do you have this exact model of helmet? I can't find any mention of a battery online, in reference to this helmet.

    • +1

      I'm hoping you either have a different model of helmet, or that the helmet's design has changed since you bought yours.

      CIG's PDF says that this model has replaceable batteries.

      I've uploaded the PDF file, this helmet is on the last page: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/58622/90458/cigweld-he...

      So anyone who finds that the batteries are non-replaceable, can complain to CIG that their documentation is misleading, and should be able to get a refund. If CIG don't offer a refund, go through your state's consumer protection agency: https://www.accc.gov.au/contact-us/other-helpful-agencies/co...

    • How do you know if the batteries are low? Any indication before you accidentally blind yourself?

      • In the AvE YouTube video linked above in banana365's comment, they use an infrared TV remote control. Point it at the helmet, push a button on the remote, and the IR will trigger the helmet to go dark. Then you have to judge if it's as dark as normal - perhaps compare with the non-automatic welding mask that probably came with your welder.

        • Ahh missed that. Thanks.

          This guy is great. I've watched his stuff before

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