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Six 28-Day Renewals of amaysim 2GB/28 Days Mobile Plan $8.95 @ Groupon


6 renew Amaysim 2GB/28Days $9.95 Don't pay 72 @Groupon

Enjoy this amaysim mobile experience with unlimited standard calls, texts and 2GB of data every 28 days

About This Deal
The Deal
$9.95 for six 28-day renewals of amaysim 2GB/28 days mobile plan (don’t pay $72)
Get 2GB every 28 days
Unlimited standard calls, texts and voicemails in Australia
No lock-in contracts
Keep your existing mobile number or get a new one
BYO phone
All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network
Price includes standard delivery of SIM card
Fine Print
• Limit of 1 voucher per person
• Purchase up to 1 additional as a gift
• Not to be used with any other offer or in conjunction with an existing amaysim service
• 7-day cooling-off refund period does not apply to this deal
• Excess data charged at $10/1GB
• Note that amaysim mobile plan services auto-renew on a 28-day basis. After the Groupon promo code finishes (6 x 28 days renewals), the normal prices will apply: $12 for Unlimited 2GB per 28 days; if you do not wish to continue your amaysim service it must be cancelled according to the instructions outlined at the website
• Before purchasing, please read the amaysim Terms & Fair Go Policy that apply, refer to Critical Information Summary
• Standard fine print for all deals

How to Redeem
• Redeem before: 22 Aug 2021
• SIM plan must be activated before 31 Aug 2021
• Redeem online
1. You can either get a new number or port your existing mobile number (as long as it is not an existing amaysim mobile number)
2. Enter your Groupon amaysim voucher code in the ''add a promo code'' section before pressing ''checkout'' button
3. When selecting a payment method, you have the option of either Credit/Debit card or PayPal (please note you will have to verify your ID in your ''my amaysim'' account before your service will be activated). PayPal option will redirect you to the PayPal site to complete details
4. Please review Terms, Fair Go Policy and Critical Information Summary before completing your purchase
5. After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to your ‘my amaysim’ account used to make the purchase
6. SIMs will be delivered to you in between 2-10 working days from purchase. For further enquiries please contact
7. Please follow the instructions when you receive your SIM to either put in your mobile device or port your number before putting it in your mobile device
About amaysim
amaysim is an Australian provider of mobile phone services. They used to be a telco, but now they are so much more. Combining a mix of no lock-in contracts, value and online-driven customer service, they aim to make it simple for Aussies to find and manage their household services.

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  • +1

    Plus cashback

  • +4

    Long time no see!!

    • +2

      amaysim must be desperate for customers seeing as they haven't had a decent incentive deal since being bought out.

  • +13

    Promo code STAR to get it for $8.95.

    • +1

      Wait for 15% off + 15% cashback.

    • Thanks. Down to $1.5 per 30 days. Can't complain :)

  • +1

    Oh hoy, here we go again!

  • Possibly dumb questions but..
    1) is there a way to turn off the top up feature? I would be getting it for a tween and really don’t want to get slugged with data charges if things go wrong.
    2) can you turn off auto recharge?
    Please and thank you

    • Yes and yes. IIRC, you can set auto top-up to Bpay after activating the service.

      I used to hop in and out of these renewals all the time, but it has been a while. May have changed during then.

    • Yes, there are toggles for both in the app. The app seems very well designed. Out of all the apps Ive used, Telstra, Vodafone, Kogan, Amaysim, Optus, Belong I think…, this is definitely the best or second best with Optus.

      Felix mobile also have a very good app but I never activated my service and used it with them. Their support was truly amazing tho.

  • Trap is the excess data thing

    • +5

      You can remove saved card easily.

      • The saved card is used to recharge the prepaid plan at the ridiculously expensive $12 a month. You'd want to have churned away by then.

        • +3

          Or just turn off auto recharge and let it expire.

    • Trap is the auto renewal after the 6 (ish) months.

      • If you activate the plan more than 7 days from the redemption day, you may only have 5 renewals.

        • What do you mean? Is it Activate 7days after purchase or Aug31?

      • Trap is the horrible reception. I can't tell you how many times my phone dropped during calls or would have some weird issues.

        • Depends on location. Works fine for me in Sydney.

          • +1

            @WatchNerd: Yep works great in brisbane. Never had a problem.

        • Works fine for me and the OH too.

    • +9

      There's no trap about excess data. You won't be charged unless you manually buy the extra data. Once your included data runs out, it stops. No charges what so ever.

    • You can toggle top up and auto recharge off. Also, Amaysim say:

      Quick answer: If you run out of the included data in your amaysim mobile or data-only plan, we'll pause your data access and wait for your next steps.
      If you want to continue using data, you can choose to add a data top-up ($10/1GB). If you're using an UNLIMITED mobile plan, you can also choose to renew your plan early (this will re-start your data allowance).


  • +1

    Does Optus/Amaysim have LTE? I was with Belong previously and had great 4G service, but when I got a call, the service would drop back to 3G and the 3G reception was really bad where I am (inner Brisbane city suburb). Phone calls would constantly drop, or I couldn’t hear the other person.
    Found out that only Boost have access to Telstra’s LTE service. Haven’t had an issue since, but I want a cheaper plan.

    • Yes, my Pay as you Go gets 4G/LTE signal in my iphone.
      * No VoWiFi & VoLTE showing on my iphone. Could just my iPhone model limiting it. Donno exactly how it works.
      Ymmv with signal strength.
      I get 1 to 2 bars in my 4G only iPhone. Inside house signal fyi.

    • +2

      Amaysim doesn't support VoLTE and VoWiFi.
      Generally only direct plans and prepaid services from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone offer these with the exception of Boost.

      • I was surprised about that too when i tried boost out a couple of months ago. They have VoLTE and when I asked their customer service about it, they seemed clueless. Their support is atrocious. But mobile service was good.

    • No LTE. But for some strange reason, I am getting full bars even tho I was with Optus before on their Postpaid plans. I used to get 3 bars 4g out of 5 with Optus directly. But full 5 bars on their 5G

  • Does this work with/compatible with my $12 Pay as you Go plan?

    Or this only work for non-Pay as you Go?


  • Cool, thanks. Was looking for a cheap long expiry plan as emergency data for my iPad and this will be great.

    Was going to use a Woolworths SIM and make it free with my grocery shopping but this is less effort (already with Woolworths for my main phone SIM so would have to set up a second rewards card and remember to use it etc)

    Decision successfully postponed for 24 weeks ☺️

  • Are these individual coupons?
    Could I buy a $2 SIM card, and use half the vouchers for phone #1 and the other half for phone #2?
    ie, get 3 months access on two phones for $9.95

    Maybe even buy this SIM as the second SIM, and get 2x3 month access and make $5 profit…
    (Does data roll over?)

    • No. It's the whole duration in one voucher.

  • +1

    I paid and the voucher came within 2 mins. Great.

    • So how about the SIM card? Assume it will be sent you by post in the next a couple of days?

      • you need to go to Amaysim to place the order and enter Groupon Voucher code into Promo code.

  • the amaysim rule of only 1 order per month via shopback does it still apply as i am ordering it via groupon?

    • +2

      No, you are purchasing a deal from groupon

  • +1

    Excess data charged at $10/1GB Can one stop this ?

    • Yea that's optional if you wish to buy data after your included is depleted

  • Android users can put a custom cap on data the mobile uses very easily in settings for example, I have mine set to give me a warning when I have used 1.8GB and then I have it cut the mobile internet at 1.98GB to be safe under the 2GB limit. I also have it setup that the mobile internet won't work until next recharge (custom date). Not sure about Apple mobiles.

    • +6

      Completely pointless. Once your data runs out you're not charged! This is a prepaid service that has the option to purchase more (manually) if your data runs out.

    • From their terms.

      Pre-Paid Data Top-Ups
      As a Pre-paid customer, you may manually add Data Top-Ups at $10 per 1GB where required. At the end of your 28 day
      period, you’ll automatically be moved back to your plan’s inclusions and charges. Data Top-Up inclusions will expire at the
      same time as your existing UNLIMITED Mobile Plan (unless the Plan fails to renew). Data Top-Ups are measured in
      kilobytes, and includes uploads and downloads. The cost of 1MB for additional data under the 1GB Data Top-Up feature is

  • +1
    1. You can either get a new number or port your existing mobile number (as long as it is not an existing amaysim mobile number)

    I am confused…So this renewal voucher is for "new" customers only?

  • What's the quickest free/cheap provider to port out of so I can port my main number back in these days? Are there any free SIM $0 deals like there used to be for non-profits providers - Telstra or Vodafone or equivalent?

    Answer: found a free Vodafone SIM at freesimcards wondering if that or any other options are better…

    • Telstra used to mail out SIMs for free. Not sure if they still do. Anyone know?

      You also used to be able to port to/activate Telstra SIMs without charging any value onto them for xx days, after which they expire and you lose the number. I can't remember for how long, but it meant you could 'reserve' your number and receive texts on the SIM for ?? days. So it was good (for example) when you wanted to leave one telco before paying for another month, but new telco plan didn't start for a few more days. e.g. Instead of paying for an entire month you won't get to use because you're porting out a few days into that next month, you could port from telco 1 to the Telstra SIM but don't charge it with any value. Then a few days later, port from the Telstra SIM to the telco 2 plan.

      I haven't been keeping up though. Someone here will know.

    • I just bought a $5 Aldi Mobile starter pack in-store. Not free but cheap enough and quick.

      I would be cautious about whether free SIMs will work.

  • +1

    @OP: you can enter this promo code BRANDNEW at checkout for extra 10% off and don't forget to use cashback website.

  • Did anyone has experience with port in number? Did Sim was activated before delivered? I ordered couple of Sim from Amsysim which were all activated with new number before delivered.

    • +7

      Not with porting option, that's why I always choose porting option when order with Amaysim so I can activate at anytime I want. You can change to choose new number when activate if you want to but you can't change the number you want to port in. You also can't change to port-in option if you choose "new number" when you order the SIM.

      Amaysim only don't pre-activate sim if you are new customer account since they need you to do ID verification. If you order Amaysim with existing account that has been ID verified the sim will comes pre-active unless you chose to port your number.

      So if you just want new number but want delay activation then choose port in with any random number during signup and change it to "new number" during activation.

      • Thx for the info, super helpful!
        I tried it allows to use an existing amaysim number as port-in number, presumably can use the same amaysim number and port out and in when the current plan expires?

        • It will not work if the same number is currently linked in your current Amaysim account since only unique service number can be linked to the same Amaysim account.

          You will have to create different Amaysim account to do that. But this deal expires at the end of this month to take that into account as well.

          • @samehada: As long as purchase by 22nd using a verified account, the port in can be started at anytime right?

            • @Meovel: It should be like that but Groupon T&C said service needs to be activated by 31/8 so if Amaysim decide to enforce it then you can't activate your service after that date.

      • I had a previous amaysim account and want to buy this but activate by 31st Aug. Should I then open a new amaysim account to port in instead of using my old amaysim online account. Currently with boost.

        • +1

          you can use your existing amaysim account, your current number is now no longer active in your Amaysim since you are with Boost.

          • @samehada: I want to activate on 31st aug but can I redeem it now so the sim gets delivered on time? Or is it safer to redeem closer to 22nd Aug?

      • Just to clarify - I'm wanting to port a number for my parents - so if I purchase it under their name/number but then they decide they don't want it - I can choose a new number and use it myself as a spare?

        • +1

          Yes you can select a new number if you don't want to port over. But it will remain in your parents name unless you pay to change ownership.

  • Does the plan start when you activate it (not when you redeem)? Got another sim which expires around the 25th of the month

    • The default promo end setting for this deal is 7 + 28 x 6 = 175 days from the day you redeem Groupon code, regardless of new number or to be ported number. 7 days for delivery. You'll find the promo end date marked in your account after activation The promo end date is marked in your account after redemption. Maybe not viewable till activation. Any renewal happens after that date is payable at standard rate. In other words, if you activate it 10 days after redemption day, you may have to pay the 6th renewal or stop using it after the 5th renewal. All above is Amaysim's default setting, without human intervention. I have bought this deal several times in the past years.

      • Where does it say you have to activate within 7 days?
        in a similar deal back in 2019, I waited 2 weeks after I received my sim card

        • I'm talking about default setting. Later activation may result in fewer free renewals.

          • @Neoika: Yeah, that's my question, where do they say "less renewals"?
            I got the same renewals back in 2019

            • @TanedaR: The promo end date is set firm when you redeem Groupon code. Some may get more free renewals by adding credits from CS. 7 days is estimated, but definitely less than 10 days. I say again "I'm talking about default setting", which is not disclosed by Amaysim.

              • @Neoika:

                if you activate it 10 days after redemption day, you may have to pay the 6th renewal or stop using it after the 5th renewal.

                My understanding is,
                If you redeem it after 22 Aug, code expires, you get 0 days.
                If you redeem it before 22 Aug but activate the sim after 31 Aug, you get nothing, $0 credit, 0 days, not 5x28
                If you redeem it before 22 Aug and activate it before 31 Aug, you get 6x28 days from your activation date, not 6x28+7 days

                • @TanedaR: Everyone's promo end date is different, which is related to redemption date.

                  • @Neoika: That's what my question is. Where do they say this?

                    My understanding is that it's about the activation date, not the redemption date.
                    And it's 6x28 days if you activate before 31 Aug, from the day of activation

                    • @TanedaR: If you redeem Groupon code today and activate it on the 30 AUG, you definitely only get 5 free renewals by Amaysim default setting. Because promo end date will be calculated from 1 AUG.

                      • @Neoika: nope, you get 6x28days from the day you activate, which is 30 Aug in your example.
                        I refer to my past experience

                        • @TanedaR: OK. I think I'll buy it this time and share my exp later. I did share it here two or three years ago. The correct description for this deal should be "Up to 6 renewals".

                          One related comment found

                          • @Neoika: Please accept my apology. You're right.
                            I ordered last Sunday and I haven't received the sim card yet but it has already started counting the first 28 days.
                            I can confirm this from their app.
                            This is different from my previous experience back in 2019.
                            I guess that's because I am getting a new number this time.
                            Last time I was porting my phone number in, so they couldn't start counting before I authorized them.

                            • @TanedaR: I accidentally activated it by porting an existing number today as I bought another Amaysim deal, which makes it complicated. But I can make how it renews clear here now.

                              Redemption date: 4 Aug
                              Activation date: 9 Aug
                              "Promotion - Free Unlimited 2GB. Valid to: 01 Jan 2022" shows in my account.

                              The last 6th renewal will fall on the 27 Dec 2021, which is before 01 Jan 2022, not payable. What I mean above is, "01 Jan 2022" is set firm when I redeemed the code. In my case, if I activate it on the 15 Aug, the last 6th renewal will fall on the 02 Jan 2022, right past the promo end date and becoming payable.

                              As you redeemed the code on Sunday 1 Aug 2021, your promo end date should be 29 Dec 2021. These two dates seem set for 150 days apart.

                              How come 150 days? Five renewals are 140 days in total, adding 1 day for 6th renewal to be included, 9 days for delivery and user action (matching Redeem before: 22 Aug 2021, SIM plan must be activated before 31 Aug 2021).

                              • @Neoika: Just plug in my sim in today and received a SMS says
                                "We noticed you've only just started using your amaysim SIM, so we've restarted your plan date so you get the most out of your plan."

                                So yeah, I was right, they only start counting 6x28 days from the day you plug in your sim, and before 31 Aug.

                                • @TanedaR: This "Promotion - Free Unlimited 2GB. Valid to: 01 Jan 2022" is the key factor. You navigate in your account and find it. I think it is under "manage plan". Reset could be in user's disadvantage in some cases.

                                  • @Neoika: I can't find such wordings in the Amaysim app
                                    and I can also read from the App:
                                    "Groupon $9.95 for 6 renewals of Unlimited 2GB" and "5 renewals remaining"
                                    Not sure what to worry about

                                    • @TanedaR: Maybe it only shows on the website version. I dont use the APP.

                                      If one's sixth renewal passes that end date, it'll be payable. Your case: sixth renewal falls on 28th Dec, promo end date may be 29th Dec from the info you provided.

                                      • @Neoika: I still have not received the sim card. What happens if I activate after 31Aug?

                                        • @emboon: I think you can still activate it, but lose one renewal. Check out promo end date after activation.

                                          • @Neoika: It's BS that the customer is penalised for them (and Australia Post) failing to deliver the SIM within 7 business days.

                                              • +1

                                                @Neoika: Yeah I anticipate I'll have to. I've activated via the account dashboard, but the activation date will be moved forward once I actually receive the SIM and start using it. That will push the sixth renewal past the end of the free period (18 Jan).

                                • @TanedaR: What if you activate after 31Aug due to not receiving the sim in time

                        • @TanedaR: Correct. That was what I also got from my past deal.

      • That makes sense to give time for delivery. I just cant remember how it has worked with past offers. Thanks

  • Very Good value.
    $9.95, Use code -$1, and $0.45 cashback
    brings it down to $8.50, that's $1.42/28 days.
    Good reception, friendly app, no hidden cost, nothing to complain

  • Hi, does anyone know how long the SIM takes to be sent out. My current Belong Mobile service expires 4-Aug so not sure if this will arrive in time?

    • No, you won't make it.
      You should expect Friday the soonest to Melb from my experience
      But porting in only takes 15 minutes

      • OK thanks, what if I buy an Amaysim sim from Coles/Woolies? Can I use that to activate and just use the voucher code they send me?

        • +1

          No, they send you a promo code to your groupon account,
          you then enter that code on Amaysim website to order a sim card
          When you activate that sim card, it comes with 6x28days

          But you may call them tomorrow and see if they can do that for you
          otherwise, Lebara or ALDI sim is always $5 with enough credit to use for a few days

          • @TanedaR: Where is the CIS state that? I just bought a $2 starter sim from Coles and using that to activate the 6x28days pre-paid promo plan.
            Is it possible? Will I be screwed this way?
            I just wanted to quickly use the promo plan ASAP.
            Order again from Amaysim website? Is it Groupon linked system designed?

            “ you then enter that code on Amaysim website to order a sim card
            When you activate that sim card, it comes with 6x28days”

            Can the sim from woolies and coles suffice? I mean what is different from a sim that is mailed from Amaysim warehouse/HQ?

            anyone Enlighten me about this? confused.

            • +1

              @milanoxpress: The "redeem online" url brings you to an sim card order page, not the sim activation page, and it looks like this
              (Don't worry I entered random fake personal info)

              There is no way for you to exclude your sim card from your shopping cart
              You enter the code you received from Groupon into the promo code box and brings the total to $0

              Their system will attached the 6x28 days plan with the sim card they sent you
              There is no way to attached it with a $2 card you get from Coles
              You may try contact their hotline thou

              • @TanedaR: Da$mm just activated my Coles purchased $2 sim starter plan. yep I'm screwed haha. Gotta order the way you described.
                This is so inconvenient. Why can't we just use $2 sim starter and add unique (optional) promo code then away we go.

                Thanks for helping me to explain/guide the Groupon Amaysim $9.95 deal. brilliant vfm deal I reckon for 28 days times 6. For $9.95 a pop, cant complain :-)

                What shall I do with the already activated $2 sim? What a waste of plastic and my effort to go to Coles and buy it ;-)

                2 buckaroos gonna now.

                • +2

                  @milanoxpress: First try to call them tomorrow and see if they can attached the 6x28 plan to your $2 sim from their end
                  if they say no
                  just activate the $2 sim and get a new number
                  use it to register all sort of service, uber, doordash etc and enjoy their "New customer promos"
                  makes you feel better :)

                  • @TanedaR: Going on to "Payment" tab section works now. Donno why but happy to proceed haha. But for the "Promo code (optional)" blank section, is important to type in my Groupon unique code? six alphanumeric code for me.

                    On my Groupon app page there is large QR code in the upper middle page and the bottom left section has Ten alphanumeric "SECURITY CODE"

                    Six 28-day renewals of amaysim 2GB/28 days
                    mobile plan

                    Customer Name Joe Bloggs (not my real name fyi incase)

                    Original Price $72.00

                    Groupon Price $9.95

                    Amount Paid $9.95

  • Does anyone know if redeeming the offer on the redemption website will port over the number right away or I can chose to port over later when the SIM card arrives? The order page ask about porting, phone number and DOB so I’m a bit worried it will initiate porting right after. I want to port over at the end of the month, but I’d like to receive the sim ahead of time. First time using Amaysim.

    • +2

      No, porting starts later. You can still change to ask for a new number.

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