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Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Control LED Dimmable White Bulb 1S $14 (Was $35) + $8 Delivery ($0 with $100 Spend) @ Yeelight AU

Today at Yeelight Australia we are having 60% Off discount on
60% Yeelight Smart Control LED Wi-Fi Dimmable White Bulb 1S $14 (Was $35)

Discount Code:YHX6DNA4EVBE

30% off Yeelight Crystal Sensory Light Mini $28.27(Was $40.38)

Discount Code: X0DJ3E4SGYQF

One Discount Code only applies to one order with the same product. You may place an order for another product separately to use other Discount Code .

Standard weight base shipping applies for all products, Free shipping rate applies when purchase over $100.

We have these quantity available in Sydney Warehouse and Same working day shipping with online tracking from our Sydney warehouse if ordered before 1pm AEST

Yeelight LED Bulb 1S (Dimmable)

Main Features:
✅Brightness and color temperature adjustable: Adjust color temperature 2700K and brightness to meet your different needs, such as waking up, reading, and sleeping.

✅APP control: One finger to change light brightness and color temperature by connecting with the Yeelight APP in your phone.

✅Intelligent voice device control: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, the Yeelight bulb will obey your voice commands.

✅25,000h long lifespan for over 11-year runtime

✅10W low consumption for saving electricity

✅Overheating protection and overload protection

✅Compatible with Android 4.4 / iOS 7.0 and above systems

Yeelight Crystal Sensory Light Mini

Main Features:
✅Light to Welcome You Home: As an ideal choice to illuminate walkways and patios, the Crystal Mini is perfect to come home to. It is 25cm in diameter and has an exquisite design that is also insect-proof. With built-in dual sensors and high color rendering, it will illuminate your home automatically when people pass by.

✅Dual Sensor Light: No more fumbling for the lights when you come home. The Crystal Mini with a Fresnel Lens and infrared sensors will automatically turn on when it detects people come by. After 60 seconds, the light will automatically turn off if no motion is detected. The Crystal Mini will automatically turn off during the daytime with its light sensor, saving you electricity.60 seconds automatically turns off after 150 cm.

✅Infrared Radius: The detection radius might be affected by temperature, humidity, and other factors.

✅Insect Proof & Easy to Clean: Porches and balconies attract many insects during the summer. With an insect-proof design, the Crystal Mini is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

✅High Color Rendering: With a color rendering index value of Ra90, the Crystal Mini makes your home full of true, natural colors.  *The value of the color rendering index gets more close to 100, the better is the color rendering effect.

✅Versatile Style: The small and sleek design of the Crystal Mini makes it a versatile asset to your home, as it is compatible with various contemporary styles. The light is made from environmentally friendly acrylic glass, providing evenly distributed light.

✅Quality Design: The Crystal Mini is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe. The light is professionally wired with a protective Internal wiring splice casing to ensure maximum safety and durability.

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  • +2

    Do you have any with Bayonette style fitting? My entire house and all my lamps ECT use them unfortunately so the screw ins aren't any good for me :'(

    • ikea have adapters, 2 pk for $2 if i remember correctly.

      • +1

        that was last century, they haven't sold them for ages due to legality issue.

        • Amazon have 5pk for $10.

  • +3

    800LM, are there any smart bulb that are brighter?

    • There is, the W3 bulb is 900lm

      I am also in the market looking for smart bulbs. I want at least 1100lm bulbs though, none for me :/

      • I want at least 1100lm bulbs though

        Same at least over 1000lm

      • Same. I have a bunch of RGB lights but they are all so dim.

    • LIFX are the only company that make a smart bulb with B22 fitting above 1000 Lumens that don't require a hub as well.

      If you buy a hub, Hue also have bright smart bulbs, and Ikea has some too, but those are only E27.

  • Can anyone recommend a bulb that can do warm white to cool white spectrum? No colour needed.

    This seems to be onl yet able to do 2700k

    • These have tunable white colour

      • "Adjust color temperature 2700K and brightness to meet your different needs"

        Sounds like its set at 2700k and you can just change the brightness.
        I have a brilliantsmart bulb that does the same and its pretty silly for a smart light

        • I have 4 of these bulbs installed already.
          They are tunable in white colour, the ad decsription is incorrect. You can even see the colour range on the box image in the ad.
          Feel free to look up the item description anywhere else.

          They are controllable by Bluetooth Remote or by WiFi (but not both. If you connect them to WiFi, they will lose connection to the Bluetooth Remote)
          Mine are run off 2 Bluetooth Remotes (across 3 light circuits) as Welcome lights from my Garage to Door.

    • LIFX day/dusk bulbs do color temp tuning well, but their setup can be really painful, and they seem to have some QC issues lately. Mine mostly work reliably but I don't like the app.

  • I never received my full order. Last time I bought two lamps. Only one was delivered. Other one was supposed to be sent soon.
    No communication, no reply to emails. PayPal case also not responded.

    Not trustworthy. OP can you let me know why should we trust?

  • do you have discount for color bulb.

  • Beware, I bought some older version of the yeelight light bulbs in 2019 that was on ozbargain here before and needed to reconnect it them because of new router and found out that the product is no longer available on the Xiaomi app to pair with so can't use any of the smart or colour feature of the light bulb anymore. I have tried emailing them so will see what happens…

    • +2

      You will need to reset the bulbs before you can add them again in the app.
      To reset you need to use the Physical switch to Turn on and off 6 times waiting 2 secs in between. You will know when you have succeeded when the lights start flashing.

      • Yep I did reset but the issue is when I go to add the device in the app I can't find the corresponding light bulb product in the app anymore. I've tried all the lights bulbs in there and when you select add manually you can see that none of them corresponds to your light bulb anymore.

        So I'm not sure if it's been removed now? I wouldn't want to buy a product that they could in a few years choose to remove from their app and just end up being a normal light bulb.

        This was the one I purchased back in the days which was previously on ozbargain multiple times: Yeelight Smart LED WiFi Tune-able Colour Bulb YLDP06YL

        Anyway I've reached out to support see what they say

        • +2

          I can still see in the list my 4years old ones with the grey body. The model you listed is newer and you should still be able to add it.
          Are you using the Yeelight app?
          I can see the different versions of the newer bulbs like yours.

        • +1

          Could be a Server issue?
          If they're Chinese Market Only, they may not appear on the Australian Server.

          I have some Chinese Market Only White Only LED Strip Lighting
          I use the Yeelight App Singapore Server (I think) to connect them.

          • @ESEMCE: Ahh I think you are right, my bad I was using the Xiaomi app which also have yeelight products on it. Thanks everyone for your input! I'll try out the yeelight app.

            • @Danzer: Did you manage go add the bulbs in the Yeelight app as I suggested?

          • @ESEMCE: Yes this could be the issue, or try the yeelight app.

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