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Nissin Instant Ramen (5pk) Kyushu Black Garlic, Hokkaido Miso $5.95 Each + Shipping ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Nissin Instant Ramen (5pk) Kyushu Black Garlic / Hokkaido Miso $5.95 Ea + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon

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    Must be matching someone else…

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    That RRP doesnt seem to be the usual price. I check noodles occasionally on Amazon and for the life of me they usually sell that particular one for 5.95 or somewhere around $6 mark

    • It's the cheapest it's ever been… but it's been this cheap quite often:

    • The RRP was the one original made in Japan, than moved to Hong Kong, again moved to Singapore and latest is Indonesia. RRP only apply for the one made in Japan.

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    Wonder how fast this deal will go ;)

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      Buy first, think about cancel later! : )

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        And cancer

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    Wonder if Australia consumer law will cover if the actual food is no where close to the illustrated photo on the packaging. Bet it says for illustration purpose only,

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    quick google check, price drop checks out. typically $7.50 at asian shop. the camel also agrees. ordered 4x (of both) = free shipping. thnx!

  • Best instant noodles in my opinion.

    • Better than indomie?

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        I said what I said.

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          This is singaporean made, not Japan.

          • @RtN: What's wrong with Singapore Noodles.

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            @RtN: "Made in Indonesia"

            • @purple1: whats wrong with it? Indomie is made in Indonesia

              • @khey: Nothing is wrong, simply stating the fact.

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        Not even in the same ballpark. Indomie tastes good for the price, but Nissin is the next level. It's the ultimate brand of instant noodle, especially for the round-noodle-cake type.

        You can also make a pretty amazing meal by using this as the base and actually throwing on ingredients as depicted too.

      • worlds

      • One costs like $2.25 normally for a 5pk and the other over $6.

        That being said I largely eat indomie because I can still get a good noodle experience for much less.

  • Hokkaido is the better of the two for me. Very enjoyable!

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    Japanese ramen everyone's favourite

  • I saw, I clicked, I bought. Hopefully tastes ok.

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    Tbh $5.95 isn't cheap….most Asian grocery store sells it cheaper…

    • Ah shite……

    • Eh. Roughly about the same in my opinion, if anything this is a touch cheaper than the asian groceries around me.

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      Ozbargain is the best (free) advertising platform for Amazon AU.

  • "Frequently Bought Together"

    I think they're trying to tell us something.

    • That was me. Damn, I control the mighty Amazon algorithm…wowza.

  • This stuff is good the broth is to die for and noodles are the right consistency, ignore the people saying its too expensive etc.

    • +1

      I find that I need to cook it in a lot of water otherwise it's way too salty

      • Thats good isn't it, you get more broth

      • put less powder lol!

      • Really? I prep these the same as Maggi; drain the water, THEN add the seasonings and mix through.
        More the merrier!

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    Is it me or is it the Kyushu Black Garlic GONE?

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    great way to spend that $5 promotional credit

  • No way near as good as the ramen with black garlic oil on top I had in Japan a grew years ago. I’ll never forget that. And sitting in a super busy little restaurant with Japanese slurping their noodles up all around me…

  • It's $5 at my local Asian grocery store. Check your local Asian market, these often go on sale, might not the garlic pork flavor though.

  • someone posted here on the ozbargain that they got the full 5 pack for just $1.49 from Coles….that's a REAL bargain!!

  • It's back in stock for backorder :)

  • Even for instant noodle, these have an unusually long list of artificial ingredients/additives/flavouring

    I like the noodle in these but the soup is a bit bland.

  • Both back in stock

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