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Sensory Lab Organic Santo Espresso Blend 1kg (2x 500g) $25 Delivered @ Sensory Lab


Purchase a 500g bag of Organic Santo Blend and receive an additional 500g bag for free.

Add 2x 500g bags to your cart, select One-time purchase and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Santo is 100% organic and ethically sourced. It’s bright, smooth, and fruity.
Sweet Peaches + Ripe Cherries
COUNTRY: Honduras | Colombia
PROCESSING: Washed | Washed

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Sensory Lab
Sensory Lab

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  • +3

    I'm guessing this is coffee beans?

  • +1

    lock it in, ground beans n whole beans…

    • lock it in eddy

  • -1

    Not seeing $25 for a KG - I get $45 for a KG
    If I select 500Gm yes its $25, but no indication you get 2 of them.

    But…. is the coffee any good?

    • +1

      Click "One-time purchase" when you order. The subscription option is selected by default.

    • +4

      Follow OPs instructions. Add 2x 500g bags. Discount applied at discount.

      • +1

        Thanks Aureus and Junglegreen :)

  • +1

    Roast date? And when will they ship? Please and thankyou

    • +1

      Same roastery as St. Ali so their roasts are all to-order for wholesale customers, with leftovers sold as retail.

    • -2

      I prefer not to roast and ship my dates

    • +1

      Can confirm ordered 1/8 roast date 2/8 - they roast to order daily.

      • BS, my roast date appeared to be 27th of July, not happy

        • BS indeed! Did you read the batch number instead of the roast date?

  • +3

    Sensory Lab are pricy even in the realm of Melbourne specialty coffee. Don't love their blends but their filter coffee options are nice

    • +2

      Are you sure? They are like $12 for $250gram at Coles, cheaper than any other specialty roaster, axil is $16, duke is $18. Their coffee is not to my personal taste but I thought it was really cheap compared to overs.

      • EDIT: Apologies, should've made it clear that I'm talking about filter roasted single origins in this pricing discussion.

        Yeahh, their espresso blends are cheaper at Coles or in store, but their single origins are $22-27/250g from memory.

        It's right up there in price, I find Axil hovers around ~$19, IB hovers around ~$19-22, Dukes can be had for cheaper, and Seven Seeds (barring their gourmet stuff) is right around $20.

      • You can buy Duke and Axil at Coles now?

        • +1

          Yes but expect old roasted coffee. Most I've seen have had roast dates greater than 1 month.

          Edit: I've only seen sensory lab in Coles not the others..

          • -2

            @lakes_8: A month out from roasting isn't bad depending on the blend. Coffee sometimes needs time to "breathe" after roasting and packaging. so a couple of weeks in a cool dry place is fine. Not sure if sensory lab fit the description.

            Might run down to Coles and pick up this roast to try it our before taking the plunge on a kilo.

            • @serpserpserp: A month? WTF? What's next, Nespresso capsules are good? There's no way that some kind of blending magic can stop the coffee from oxidising. Unfortunately vacuum packing does not help either, as it will degas the coffee too quickly. About the only thing you could do is to package coffee under pressure in a blend of CO2 and Nitrogen gas, but I bet that a roaster that ships coffee at $50/kg and discounts 50% will not be doing that.

              5-10 days max on light roasts that have high CO2 content. Take it past 20 days and you know you need to get fresh beans. At 30 days you need to decide whether the compost heap is a more appropriate destination for your beans than your grinder.

              • +1

                @peteru: It isn't blending magic, the fact is that some coffees are not at their best immediately after roasting and can take up to 10-14 days to hit the right profile. I could make a coffee 1 day after roast and it'll taste worse then 10 days later, then most people couldn't tell from that point to about 6 weeks I reckon. Different if you aren't making milk coffees, but for most purposes and most drinkers up to 2 months from roasting will be fine.

                • @serpserpserp: As a card carrying coffee snob, I am particular about my coffee. I agree with you that a period of time is required to age and degas the beans. After roasting hundreds of batches, I can tell you that I have never found a bean or roast profile where the beans got any better after 10 days. At 14 days you are certainly still within a very drinkable window, but the beans are on the decline.

                  People who can't tell the difference between coffee made from 10 day old beans and 6 week old beans would probably be also happy to drink Nespresso. The difference is most obvious with ristretto and espresso, but you can still tell, even in a flat white.

        • Generally find them inner-city Melbourne (which makes no sense because that's where all the roasteries are and you can get them fresh)

    • Whole beans for espresso…which brand would you recommend? Have tried Coffeesnob and Campos but still new to the game.

      • +2

        Try a bit of everything mate, first suss if you like dark (more nutty/creamy/chocolatey notes) roasts or light (more fruity, tarty, acidic notes) roasts, then go from there mate!

      • We really enjoy Rumble Coffee Roasters. Street Fighter is out favourite and always $45/kg instore.

  • +2

    nice. free shipping no min spend

  • Cheers, I got coffee coming…. end of this week? from three thousand theives, so I only ordered 250gr, $12.60 del to Adelaide.

  • Thanks OP got some; don't think I've tried this blend but I like their coffee so hopefully it will be great

  • +43

    I’m a simple man, I see over 50 updoots, I buy.

    • Lets see if we can get you to 50 updoots

  • +2

    haha they are going to be shocked with amount of orders to fulfil when they go into work on Monday morning.

  • Silly question, but what would I need to make coffee with this?

  • +1

    I'm a newbi to making coffee, just ordered 1

  • would buy but got a kilo left in stock with another kilo coming from a previous deal

  • got one. thanks op

  • Thanks OP. Don’t know if this coffee is any good but worth a try running low on the Inglewood which I enjoyed

  • has anyone checked other blends

  • Great find. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Ordered.

  • Are these off? Why so cheap

    • -1

      look more like programming error..
      1x500gm n 2x500gm is same price.. LOL

  • +4

    I learned this from James Hoffman and I agree with him that all coffees with notes of fruits means that they are going to be acidic. Not a fan of acidic espresso because I cannot figure out if I have dialled in my coffee correctly or it is meant to taste like that. I am a newbie in beans to espresso business and normally drink milk coffee. So I have ordered the bags to test and see how much I have learned or still to learn.

    • -4

      if you don't want acidic then get robusta, arabica is almost guaranteed to be acidic.

      • I remember I made comment last year (!) that I dont like the "fruity" taste and I like a coffee tasted like "coffee". Someone told me I should choose xxxx and avoid yyyy. Unfortunately I forgot which is which.

    • +1

      You're right about the acidity. I'm also not sure it can be bright and fruity at the same time as smooth. I've always had to mellow Columbian beans out with something else. Usually just add it in for some bite.

    • +1

      Ive tried quite a few of St ali. A lot of them are fruity/acidic which am not a really fan of. Even the orthodox which is more choc/caramel profile which I prefer didn't ooh wow me but it was ok (tried it in their cafe onsite). Now I've been uber critical of Danes coffee here due to their upper end cost and I vowed not to buy them unless they gave better offers… I caved in just to try… Surprisingly good Moccagold (milk based).

      Let's see what people think of this deal… Well one thing for sure it would be better than your everyday stale beans at Coles.

  • +1

    Thanks OP grabbed 2 bags. Hopefully SL enjoy the boost in sales from this.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, grabbed two. Never tried their beans before.

  • +1

    Wanted to try these beans. Nice deal. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Good deal, only $5 more than Vittoria half price specials at colesworth, and free shipping. Look forward to try these beans out.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Hopefully they ship freshly roasted and live up to the hype!

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Ordered! I’m pretty happy with their Stellar Espresso Blend so will give this one a try!

  • Can you keep this nicely in the fridge? How long would it last fresh for?

    • Wouldn't recommend storing it in the fridge.
      However, freezing a bag (in an airtight freezer bag) works very well - let thaw to room temperature before using, and don't return to freezer after opening.

  • So if I want to use like normal Nescafe stuff do I just choose ground coffee???

    • +10

      Stick with Nescafe

      • -1

        ordered to try it

        • +3

          Ground beans is not the same as granulated coffee powder (Nescafe). You'll need a coffee maker - see comment above with links to moka pot from Kmart ($10) and plunger for an idea. I'd go moka pot.

  • +2

    First time I've ever bought "real" coffee usually just buy from shops like Nescafe or similar and add to hot water but this price was too good to miss out

    • +2

      Ooo you're in for a treat! They have a shelf life of a month so keep them in the bag and squeeze out as much air as you can!

  • Thanks OP. Giving it a try.

  • +2

    OP do you know when this deal expires?

  • Just got a shipping email

  • outside of shipping they'll still make a decent profit from this

    they should be able to honour it considering they'll probably have 2,000 orders to process …

    • +1

      It's an official promo, got an email about it yesterday

  • Thanks Ops. Ordered!

  • Ordered!

  • Thanks, ordered!

  • +1

    Shipped already this morning, ordered mate last night, wonder when the roast date was….

    • Within the last week I'd think, I've been to their warehouse and it's a pretty big operation

  • Thanks OP. Can never have enough coffee beans. Legit got 4kgs in stock

    • How do you keep the beans? Any useful tips?

      • Typically people would store in airtight container/freezer. Bought 500g whole beans to store in the freezer and another 500g grounded to be used immediately here (the promo still worked!)

      • best is to buy them fresh, whole beans keep up well up to 1 month usually sweet spot is 2 weeks all depends on how they're kept.
        honestly there's so many promotions on beans you'll be fine

  • Thanks, got some. Anyone know when these were roasted? Can't find the info on the site.

  • Thanks OP, always a great day when you get to buy 1kg of beans for $25!

    • try Rubra

  • tried the peaberry from lime blue coffee beans recently wasn't the biggest fan, felt at home again with P&Rs Porter St.
    lets see how this fares, thanks OP.

  • At this price I have just bought some, Thanks OP.

  • Still no updates from auspost really hope these were worth ordering never bought this kind before?

  • Deal is not working. Add two 500g bags of whole beans as a one-time purchase and cart comes to $50.

    • -1

      I think you're a little late mate

      • Deal say expires on 2nd. I tried on 2nd, about half past eleven at night, Sydney time.

        • +1

          Get the Airjo 40% off coffee

          • @albanyson: Ordered and already dispatched - got my tracking number this morning. ;-)

  • received an email saying my order is being processed. hopefully they send it ASAP.

  • +1

    Just received my beans. I ordered 500g whole beans and 500g ground but got 1kg whole beans.

  • What grinder setting for Delonghi expresso machine?

  • -3

    Recieved order yesterday, even though requested to delay for 2 weeks, and got confirmation that it would be a problem from Mikey.
    To my disaapoinent, the order arrived the next day, 3rd of August. Roast date is 27th of July.
    Will not be buying again.

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