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Coles Mobile $99 | 12 Months Expiry | 60GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Optus Network | @ Coles


This popular deal is back starting Wed 4 Aug. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Unlimited talk/text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge. Critical Information Summary here.

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  • Will this qualify for spending $x get x000points offer?

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      Yes it does, tried few times

    • Yes

  • Yesssssss network in title!!

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      Dude, TA is literally the only pro ozbargainer out here.

  • I wonder when you need to activate it. My current sim expires mid September.

      • Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion, whichever is earlier.

        Damn, kills it for me

        • +3

          You can activate when your ready, l had one for 4 months before activating and still worked as planned.

          • @johfac: 4 months is about what I need, hope you’re right

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              @0jay: I’ve confirmed this too (via call). The 30 days is a guaranteed period where the offer is the defined.

              If you decide to activate after, it’s whatever the live deal is. So you may get more or less inclusions than originally specified. If you purchase now you just have to wait and activate when a promotion is available for the $99 plans.

              In that case though you might as well just buy when you need and given these offers frequency you’ll have no issues

          • -2

            @johfac: Really? Seems risky…

  • Bought this last week in-store. Does anyone know if this can be returned/refunded? Haven't opened anything yet…

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      No you pretty much have no hope getting a refund on prepaid Sims. The only way you'll possibly get it is but calling up head office or main number and getting them to authorize a refund before you go back to the store as they need to reverse the pre-authorisation on the Sim. Basically it's not worth the trouble and you'll need to have a good reason (you could tell them you accidentally bought it thinking it was a recharge voucher I know that's worked for ppl in the past)

      • thanks for that.

  • +1

    Does this support roaming?

  • I am with Coles now , can this use to recharge? Thanks

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    Don't leave it to the last minute if you intend to buy. The previous deal ended earlier in the morning of the last day instead of 11:59pm

  • +1

    Anyone finds this network is bad? I recommended this to a few friends and we all have problems of random dropout although this is a minor issue.

    I will most likely change to Woolworths mobile when my plan expires in Nov.

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      Same question, how is the network in Melbourne's other suburban areas? Currently with Boost and intend to stay on Telstra's network but this seems a better deal $wise.

      • +3

        I'm in Melbourne's inner western suburbs and outside my place Optus is fine but once you go inside it's a huge difference esp for data speeds but is generally fine for calls.

        • Thanks for your feedback.

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            @baj: I am in NSW. I have used Kogan for many years before I ported to Coles and I cannot believe the Coles mobile is the worst network I ever used and I feel sorry to my friends who I recommended to them due to the $99 special.

        • Have you tried Boost? I am in Melbourne western suburbs too and wanting to switch from Optus post paid to either Coles or Boost to save $. Not sure which one to go for.

          • +1

            @Spendwisely: I used boost a lot and am currently using Telstra ($59p/m with $10p/m discount and $500 voucher) and you won't regret the change. I have a reasonably new phone S10+ for the biggest noticing difference was the indoor data speed/quality.
            FYI Boost is owned by Telstra so it uses the full Telstra 3g/4g network I'm not sure if it's added 5g but eventually it will. Also, Lyca & Woolworths also use the Telstra network but they use the 'wholesale network' which tbh is just as good for most ppl but you'll find it slowly slower.
            Maybe to much info but hopefully it's useful for someone.

    • I will most likely change to Woolworths mobile when my plan expires in Nov.

      Might want to check coverage before diving in to a yearly plan or something - I used to be on Optus through Optus and never had dropouts/coverage issues, but now on Woolworths and have quite a few. This is in Canberra FWIW, YMMV.

      • My wife is using the Woolworths mobile and she said it is fine. We just find that it is good value because you get 10% off for one shopping every month at Woolies and it saves us like $10-20 a month.

        • Yeah that is the reason I still have it, because it is basically a free phone plan for me once the 10% off once a month is taken into account.

      • It might be best to check the Telstra/Woolies coverage as we're with Woolies and the 850 3G signal at home (we're 5 kms and in a dip from the shares Telstra/Optus tower) was better then the Optus 900 3G reception until two weeks ago when it mysteriously took a dive.
        On checking the RFNSA site we can see that Telstra have re-farmed some of their 850 bandwidth to 5G. It means the Optus 3G reception has leap-frogged Telstra for non-volte calling here.
        Our neighbour who's with Telstra has found the same thing.

    • Every network drops out. Some telcos perform better in some areas and vice versa.
      Optus for me blows away my uncles Telstra near my house (data/5G), but at relatives house near a water/valley he needs Telstra because Optus won’t reach his place apparently. I’m on the north shore.

      At parramatta where I worked my mates iPhone X was pathetic data speeds on Telstra where on a Samsung Galaxy s9 I would get 200mb/a in same office.

      I think they are all so similar. You’ll get dead spots.

    • Very very bad reception compared with previous BELONG network , no reception at home 7X24 hours ( Carlingford Sydney)Luckily, my main phone is with Telstra , YMMV

    • Depends on area. YMMV. Mine is way better than Telstra ( I tried Boost as well ).

  • +3

    I am very disappointed with the network. Boost is amazing.

    • Agree boost is as good as it gets, and only network (telstra) that works well on Fraser

    • Thanks for letting us know. There's no way I will get this plan over Boost old grandfatheres one not sure if that's available to recharge still

  • +1

    It says activate in 30days or date advertised in promotion.. where can we find the date advertised in promotion? My sim is expiring 2nd week of sept.

    • -2
    • They have included these terms for years now up until late last year I used to Sim swap every month so I always had a bunch of different prepaid Sims from mostly supermarket offers (Coles, Woolies) and never had an issue even though I almost never activated then within 30 days most I used within 6 months though.
      That's just my personal experience mostly with Optus, Boost, Telstra however I believe they are all pre-activated using the same system. If you are planning on using it in under 6 months I wouldn't even worry about it tbh. You might however find they change the plans they offer but the value will remain

      • do you mean even after you activated in 6months, you still got the full 365 days from day of activation (ie. 6months +365days)

        • +1

          Yes the plan only starts after you activate your service not when you pre-activate in store. If you go online 2 months later and submit your ID ect the 6 months will begin once that goes through (usually 30m-2hours later but can take upto a couple of days)

          • @Clarky77: oh thats great news then. I used to be so worried about the activate in 30days since purchase date that I don't want to risk it and activate well in advance before my existing service expired. If this is the case then I can probably wait til the last day of my current plan like a true ozbargainer would. Cheers!

  • I'm currently on this plan. If I port out and churn back, am I still eligible as 'New customer'?

    • Yes! You can probably just port out and back in virtually right away but if it's not a big hassle try to wait until the following day just incase the system gets confused (thinks you are still a customer) I've done it about 10x and only once I had to call their customer service to get it manually fixed. I can't remember but I think it was Optus (they manage Optus Mobile)

      • Can you explain how to port out? Mine expiring soon (same plan). Thinking to renew it using this deal. Thanks

        • +2

          You just get yourself a free/$2 Sim and port your number out to a different provider Vodafone/Telstra. I'm not up with the best options for doing that atm as I haven't done it recently but there are lots of sim swappers here who'll be able to advice you on the better providers to use. You used to be able to get free Sim cards in all the Vodafone stores that was great for port-backs and saves you $2 but I'm not sure if they still do it. Otherwise a $2 Vodafone Sim is a good option, you just go to vodafone.com.au/activate
          enter in your deets then once your service has switched do the same thing back to Coles in this instance (I'm not sure what their activation page is it's usually /activate from the main page)
          Look up $2 Sims here and then read the comments and you'll find a bunch of info if you wanna learn more about it.

  • Terrible network currently, phantom 4g (eg on but not really), come near a wifi hotspot and get a flood of emails and missed notifications

    Good enough to park a number for a year with minimal use

    • Good enough to park a number for a year with minimal use

      That's exactly what I want to do - however does anyone know if you can set call forwarding on this so it links with a different phone on another network?

      I tried to forward a voicemail message on my Amaysim sim (also Optus) to another phone (Boost - Telstra) and it wouldn't allow me to do it.

      • +2

        There’s an Aldi deal $5 for 365 wi no inclusions

  • Does Coles Mobile give you the same network speed, capacity and features as those provided to Optus and Amaysim customers? I know they’re all on the Optus network, but other OZB users have made claims about Coles being inferior, but it’s not clear if that’s because it’s a ‘lesser Optus network’, they don’t get it’s ‘Optus not Telstra or Voda’, or ‘it’s just the vibe’. Anyone know the actual facts here?

    • Personally I've never used Coles Mobile. Interesting that so many people say how bad it is, considering that Amaysim is also on Optus network but doesn't receive so much negativity

      • Yeah lots of comments saying Coles network is not as good as other non-Optus carriers.

        Has anyone tried Coles mobile as well as another Optus-based carrier? Is the coverage any different?

    • +1

      I can't comment on Coles but I currently use Catch Connect which is another Optus reseller. The indoor coverage can be sketchy where I live (western Brisbane suburbs) but it's better than Telstra which has zero coverage in my house. No other problems with Catch at all, so assuming Coles works similarly I'll probably port over to this when my Catch runs out.

      • Coles Mobile = including Long Distance Calls
        Catch = not including Long Distance Calls
        If you need to make any long-distance calls, Coles Wins hands down!

  • +2

    Also 120 GB Coles mobile kit is available for $129 ($150 normally)

    • Oops, don't delay your purchase - lesson learnt. Was $129 yesterday, now has gone up to $150. Not sure if this goes on sale with this deal.

  • -1

    Is there anyway to retain the mobile number from another provider when moving over to this.

    Had a quick glance through the critical info and it's vague
    "You will require a new SIM card to use the service, and you may not be able to continue using your mobile number"

    Is that a yes or no? lol

    • -1

      LOL, that probably to cover their a$$ during porting and things gone wrong.

      I was ported from WW Mobile to Optus. When the WW signal was turned off on my phone, I put in the Coles one but it wasn't work right away. I can call to my number but couldn't call out. Also couldn't connect to 3/4G. Sent them a support ticket and got it resolved in about 2hr later.

      • Hi timhn,
        Did you have issues porting into Coles as well?

        • Sorry, didn't check what i was typed up there. Yes, the issue was ported to Coles.

    • Context is everything. Read the whole paragraph.

      It is clearly not talking about porting in. It is talking about you letting your account expire if / when you run out of credit. As indicated by the bold heading, and the entire paragraph.

  • Im using coles mobile in Sydney metro since Oct.2020; but will not renew the plan; even cheapest price in the market;

    50% can not call out and in. it's a shit network… don't buy it before your ask other coles user first.

    • Might be an idea to ask other Optus users (in your area). Larger sample size but limit to your geographical area.

    • Cannot agree with you more

  • Don't buy this if your phone reception is weak to begin with.

    • Anyone know how to get a list of all your calls with Coles mobile? Can't find any way to do that from the app or desktop web.

  • +2

    Beware Coles sims don't have international roaming

  • -1

    Beware! Stay clear of them if you plan to port in! Port in raised a week back from Telstra network to them and still not processed. Their support is pathetic. I am without service now as old provider has disconnected. Stressing out by the thought of loosing my number.

    • Bad luck.I ported one number from Boost to Coles mobile and it was done in half an hour.

      • -1

        Bad luck if it gets stuck with automatic port process but incompetency if they can't resolve it even after a week. Every time you talk they say another 2-4 working days!

      • Same here boost to coles in 2 minutes, fastest I’ve ever seen

  • can i get cashback through shopback?

  • Don't buy this garbage, internet is unusable.
    See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635109

  • For those in poor reception, try enable WIFI calling in your phone setting.

    • I dont think Coles Mobile has VOWIFI

  • For confirmation i bought the sim $99 today and called the customer service for clarification on activation. The offer is misleading. The $99 offer is valid till 10th Aug. You have 30 days to activate from the purchase date, so you can activate after 10th Aug if purchased now.

  • Do coles express sell coles mobile sim cards?

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