[Unobtainable Deal] adidas Mens Shoes $0 Delivered @ adidas eBay

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Price dropped heavily so posting separately


Original Coupon Deal

Mod: adidas appear to have cancelled all orders due to stock issues. Moved to forums.

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    Adidas Australia Pty Ltd has just sent you a refund

    • ???

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      of $40…

    • and so it begins

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      They are sneaky af will never shop at adidas direct or ebay again, had to return sometime and it took more than a month to refund (had to dispute through PayPal in the end to get money back), avoid at all costs

      • We're not paying anything for the shoes at all, so in this case, it's not really a refund moreso an order cancellation.

        • I was just saying how quickly they were doing refunds when there were price errors.

          people are desperately waiting on refudns

          • @achoo: Just do a bank or PP chargeback if you don't get a timely reply. I'd do it if I haven't received a refund in over a month.

            It'll actually cost the retailer money since they have to eat the transaction fees while the customer gets a full refund.

    • But will Ebay Plus give you a refund? THat was the ultimate goal here.

  • lmaoooooooooo

  • Thank you much

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    Got a pair. Thanks

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      You got an order notice. You did not actually get any pair at all yet. That doesn't happen until the item is physically in your possession.

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        And you got no order noticeā€¦ snap!

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      hahaha no you didn't

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      popsiee starting a shoe warehouse

      • Gumtree side hustle*

  • Not a bad price. Will keep receipt just in case.

  • Thanks birthday and Christmas presents sorted.

  • Lol now I don't mind missing out on the 20 dollars off booze code last week. Still cancelled my subscription but this was a nice little goodbye present ;)

  • crazy deals n OOS when you close eyes for a moment

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    The seller cancelled this order due to the following reason: 'Something was wrong with the buyer's delivery address.'

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      Damn. Order cancelled under some bogus reason then. Dodgy.

    • come on, atleast they shud have accepted their mistake as a reason to cancel

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    Damn, order got cancelled and "refunded"

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    the refunds have started

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      $0 refund for $0 purchase

  • Dam missed it

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      Nah. You missed getting an order cancellation.

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    Looks like my orders are getting cancelled

  • Broadens everywhere…

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    All orders canceled

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    ADIDAS - all day I dreamt about sell

    • Thank you for the lovely Korn cover.

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    How you gonna cancel orders when you already leave me positive feedback adidas lol

    Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
    Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
    Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!

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    DAMN IT lol

    Wait, are all these being cancelled anyway?

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    Dammit they cancelled my order too

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    back in stock from cancellations LOL

    p.s. my order hasn't been cancelled yet šŸ¤ž

  • The tennis shoe is back in stock lol

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    order cancelled, then ordered again

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    what the heck is happening here

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    Adidas cancel orders even when you pay full price! šŸ¤£. You think these will get through? Not a chance.

    • Yeap still no cancellation :)

  • Order cancelled

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    wow, back in stock, ordered 3, waiting for cancellation now, should be fun

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      another adidas seller account coming up soon as this one's going to get a lot of -ve revs

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    Man, they don't learn. Promo is still active, they start issuing cancellations. Shoes come back in stock, checkout for free.
    It's a vicious circle until the codes run out..
    You would think they disable the promo, and only then start cancellations.

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      You can get keep repeating the orders and farm positive feedback that way. It looks like the system is set up to automatically give you a + Feedback after buying

  • order cancelled and received a refund of $40?

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      Yeap, straight into the ebay's account.

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        Wow, now I wanna get a refund then hahaha

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          Lol dude, you don't get the refund. EBay does. You spent $0, you get back $0, nadda, ziltch

    • Is the $40 refund back to ebay or did you get $40 refunded to your paypal account?

      • so $40 back is not bad for paying nothing

        • I just had a refund. You don't get the $40. It goes back to ebay.

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          nope we wonā€™t get any money. nothing

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          If an ebay coupon used then the money that the coupon paid for goes straight back to ebay itself when a refund is issued. You don't get the money for that.

          So you paid $0, you get nothing back.

  • Missed it.

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      You missed getting a refund.

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        Technically missed wasting time. There's no free money in this.

  • Still waiting for my orders to be cancelled/"refunded"

  • Good way to farm positive feedback on eBay.

  • Haven't gotten my orders cancelled yet mmm..did the ones who got theirs cancelled purchase multiple pairs?

    • Refunds are probably being done in batches. They haven't got to your order yet.

      • An hour later and still no cancellation…

  • I just received this from them:

    Adidas Australia Pty Ltd has just sent you a refundĀ Ā Dear _____,
    Adidas Australia Pty Ltd has just sent you a full refund ofĀ $40.00 AUDĀ for your purchase.
    If you have any questions about this refund, please contact Adidas Australia Pty Ltd.
    The refund will show as completed in your PayPal account.

    • +1

      Except the $40 is going straight back to ebay itself from the discount coupon. You're not getting any money.

  • -1

    Hopefully they keep some cheaper postage orders and just cull the remote ones .

  • Got my order confirmed, but I payed $30

  • Don't bother their eBay page is even more worse than their website, they hand out refunds like it's going out of business

  • damn, few shoes are back in stock, what are they trying to achieve here?

    • Shhhh you will have the whole world looking at the links .

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        I think they are trying to get new accounts registered to show it off to some possible investors/buyers, don't see any of these orders getting fulfilled

  • Can anyone tell me what's going on? Stocks are keep coming back and coupons are still valid.

  • how do i find hte cancelled order in my ebay account? i want to leave them negative feedback or contact them to ask why they cancelled.

    i can't see the order anymore.. it disappeared after they sent the cancellation notice. they said therew as a problem with my shipping address

    • "Show hidden items"

      • thanks. Found it. kinda confusing to find it. left negative feedback

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      Entitlement is very strong…

      • +1

        sure is! when you pay $49/year for ebay plus, you expect some level of benefits!

    • Damit Karen!

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    In the words of Captain America: I can do this all day

    • 50 times, yes

      • LOL me too

        that was fun

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    Maybe the title should be changed to "Free positive feedback on ebay"

  • Much ado about nothing.

  • Any point joining 1000 seagulls waiting for a cull order chip to be thrown ?

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      Well, ebay and adidas don't seem to have the brightest minds … if they don't want to have these orders, better to either remove the discount on the shoes (so they go back to $30) or disable the promo code on these items.
      Who in their right mind starts issuing refunds, but keeps the same faulty promo active?

  • Order got cancelled

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    It's funny they can refund this straight away but can't refund my legitimate return from 4 weeks ago "It's currently with the finance department". [email protected]

    • No money involved vs money involved. But I agree, if they can refund this, they should take a priority on your case too.
      Any chance of escalating to ebay?

      • Yup i'm doing that today

    • Yep same with me still wanting for my return of funds from my return over a month ago.

      • I contacted ebay through live chat and they refunded it on the spot. Fk adidas

        • I will do the same.

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