[Unobtainable Deal] adidas Mens Shoes $0 Delivered @ adidas eBay

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Price dropped heavily so posting separately


Original Coupon Deal

Mod: adidas appear to have cancelled all orders due to stock issues. Moved to forums.

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    I'll check latter if more released .

  • Ordered cancelled

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    Bombarding with negative feedback

    • If you cancelled the transaction because the buyer didn't pay, any feedback left by the buyer will be removed and your seller standards won't be affected.

      ebay will likely remove the feedback or not take it into account for the seller standards anyway.
      I was looking at the cancelled order, but can't seem to leave feedback, not that it really matters.

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      Why? It was a a system error and you should expect cancellations when placing such orders.

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        Not a system error.
        That implies the system went rogue by itself

        • Well my free orders got cancelled and my genuine orders prior to the error are still marked as paid.

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      For what? Not giving you a free pair of shoes?

      • Nothing is free in this world!

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    damn it i missed the fun of getting free item and the cancellation email :(

  • Just received an email saying my order got cancelled due to something went wrong with buyer's addess

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    sure their ebay store will receive lots of negative reviews

    • Doubt if it'll make much difference, not the first time they've pulled this :)

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      They already have 212 neg reviews for 6 months, and 82 neg review just for a months :)

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    I'm just here for the comments!

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      Anyway the main product was $100 to $30 with a $70 voucher involved . Adidas changed price to $40 without changing the voucher value hence 0 total cost :)

      Best summary for the popcorn people hehe .

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    I didn't purchase any shoes from this deal so not going to neg it.

    These orders aren't being cancelled due to the use of a coupon. Adidas actually does receive the amount and eBay absorbs the discount.

    They are being cancelled due to poor stock inventory. This is a very common issue with even Adidas' website orders. They consistently cancel orders due to being unable to locate stock.

    They use "issue with buyers address" as a ploy to not get stung by bad Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) through their eBay store, which is quite dodgy in itself.

    This is just my personal experience, I understand others may have different experiences.

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    Order cancelled. Seems like they are just trying to farm positivr ebay feedback

  • Anyone's skate shoes been cancelled?

    • Yes mine..

      • Size?

        • Irrelevant, all will be cancelled if you paid $0

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    The seller cancelled this order due to the following reason: 'Something was wrong with the buyer's delivery address.'

    They sent a refund to your original payment method.

  • Missed it - off ozbargain for an hour lol

  • so weird I got one cancel email but can't find it on the bay website anywhere

    • Hidden items under purchases.
      Remember to leave feedback

      • not there

        I got the cancel email but can't see it there

        • +1

          It's confusing.

          In desktop you need to:
          Go to purchases
          View hidden items
          Scroll down to cancellations
          View not hidden items (for cancellations)


          • @edrift: ah yes can see it now

            only one pair
            edit: 2

          • @edrift: I have followed all the steps, still unable to see the leave feedback option. I can see Appeal Case, contact seller, see cancel detail. etc

      • Im checking on my mobile. I can see the cancelled item. But cant see a place to leave a negative feedback for a cancelled order

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    Order cancelled

  • now what?

  • Anyone else's order still not cancelled? Only made one so hopefully that works in my favour..

    • My skate shoe not cancelled

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    2/3 got cancelled so far…

  • Tennis I have 1 : Adidas Australia Pty Ltd has just sent you a full refund of $44.00 AUD for your purchase.
    If you have any questions about this refund, please contact Adidas Australia Pty Ltd.
    If you have any questions, please contact Adidas Australia Pty Ltd.

    • could you c the available funds in you paypal account ?

      • Whatever way you paid for example me CC you won't get any funds using eBay Codes .

        • it depends,
          i have used eBay Vouchers to pay for a vacuum (bigw's ebay account), it broken in a week,
          then i talk to bigw's customer service; took it back to a bigw store and received a full amount of refund (inculding the ebay voucher)to my bank card.

  • -1

    I received cancellation saying $40 will be refunded to me - free $40

    • don't think you get it

    • You get a $40 voucher.. which is the voucher from this very deal. Aka you get 1 of your 50 redemptions back.

  • 1 cancellation from Skateboarding $40 .

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    Order cancelled. Is there any chance we can take legal action against ebay or adidas?

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      I'm in I 'm going to sue RRP$2,500 for my cost of 0 for non fulfilment .

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        Don't forget shipping and loss of income due to not being able to go to work (because you didn't have shoes anymore).

        • Tks I didn't think of that . I still have about 60% alive , they seem to be trickling through .

    • need to find the link but all that can be done is it flagged with ebay because cancelled with an incorrect reason by the seller… That would be a black mark against them by Ebay but being that they are a high volume seller it will go nowhere eventually.

      • But maybe it wasn't adidas that made the mistake but ebay …

        • In this case possibly a combination…. I have bought things through sales with vouchers before (alongside payment!) and had them cancelled without notice and a similar 'delivery address incorrect' message - this is used by sellers because as I understand it's the only thing they can choose without getting any penalties from ebay…

          I suspect in this case it was a pricing change just after the sale started which priced some of the listed sale items below the discount price - it may be that their stock levels were marked too high for the amount of orders….regardless it deserves to be flagged through the ebay system because the 'address' as an excuse is not correct and it's way too well used when sellers wish to cancel orders at the buyers expense….e.g. when I bought a $900+ CPU for a system build which got cancelled over a month later with no alternatives available and the 20-30% discount at the time - it can be very annoying!

    • no, but adidas uses "issue with buyers address" to cancel the order while nothing wrong with your address.
      you could try to make a complain about this to ebay and someone successfully get a universal voucher from ebay be4 like this.
      but of coz if u ordered 10 and got canceled, then i don't think u got any chance.

      • +1

        I submitted a request to eBay to look into this. It is contrary conduct

        • how do you do that?

        • if u can't get them to send you one straight the way in live chat then there is not much hope with it.

      • This is the general place to report a seller - Choose the option 'Seller doesn't want to complete the sale' then put the order/item number/cancellation reason in the description, alongside the fact that the address in not incorrect:


  • all canceled

    • Same here. All orders are cancelled.

  • Did they just refund people $40 to account after cancelling orders?

    • +4

      No of course not😂

  • Anyone have their order left standing?

    • My order's still up!

      • Mine is (QLD). Not expecting much tho.

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    had all 5 of mine cancelled.
    Because of my "7 years of loyalty" and threatening to cancel my plus membership, my issues have been "escalated" for a resolution

    I expect nothing to come of it, but hey, may as well make them do some work

    • +1

      let us know if anything comes from this

    • Following

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      Also, this is the general place to report a seller - Choose the option 'Seller doesn't want to complete the sale' then put the order/item number/cancellation reason in the description, alongside the fact that the address in not incorrect:


      • +1

        if we can get everyone to do this for each order.

  • I bought 2 pairs for $30 and $40 this morning with the code, happy with that and probably loss leaders for them. Those orders haven't been cancelled.

    I don't know what happened next and why they would change it. Perhaps they tried to wind it back but screwed up instead making them free…

    • u mean the same code in morning you need to pay and all the sudden it became "free"?
      if this is the case then this error is from ebay not adidas…

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    I bought a pair this morning for $30 and got another pair for $0 with this deal. The $0 free one was cancelled but the $30 is still active.

    Super dodgey as because the reason for cancelling was 'Something was wrong with the buyer's delivery address' but both orders were identical.

    So this isn't an issue with stock but with their screwup.

    Also, it means people who wanted to legitimately get the $30 deal can't. The very least Ebay should be offering a year of free plus membership becuase they keep advertising offers that are impossible to get.

    • why you need to pay $30 this morning ?
      u used the same codes? or just bought it be4 the codes became active ?

      • These shoes were $30 this morning after the code, as per that original deal. They then became free as the price dropped further.

        • i don't get it,
          so this morning was $70 and you enter the codes to take $40 off ?
          then latter on the price drop from $70 to $40 and it became free after the voucher applied?

          when i make the order, it shows me$40 and -$70 from the vouchers.

          • +2

            @samelight: This morning it was $100, the code discounted it by $70 = $30.

            Then adidas/ebay (no idea who it would have came from, most likely adidas?) lowered the price to $40 for who knows what reason then it became $40 - $70 = $0 since eBay isn't going to pay you to take the shoes.

    • +1

      This is the general place to report a seller - Choose the option 'Seller doesn't want to complete the sale' then put the order/item number/cancellation reason in the description, alongside the fact that the address in not incorrect:


    • Correct, I was checking out with $30 while the listing got updated. Then got the message that my ebay giftcard couldn't be applied because the entire amount was covered with a different voucher.

  • +1

    Lol. Thought I missed the deal and was a bit sad. Now having the best laugh in a while. Lol.

    • sorry to disappoint you but not all orders got canceled.
      i got 2/3 canceled and someone from the top got all 5.

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    Opened up eBay chat and got a $40 voucher as compensation

    • how many pairs you ordered ?

    • ebay chat about to get clogged up

    • Is the voucher to use for the same seller….?

      • Another $40 voucher for $40 shoes that can be refunded later …
        ebay support really depends on who you get via the chat …

      • can be used on anything on ebay (except gift cards)

    • ooft hopped onto live chat and got $40 universal voucher as well

      the real deal is: free positive feedback + free $40 ebay voucher via cancelled Adidas orders

      • how many pairs you ordered ?

      • Lucky you, ebay support suggested to me to contact the seller and leave negative feedback …

      • Can I ask what you said to the live chat to get the voucher? My order just got cancelled as well.

      • what did you say?

      • Got one too. Thanks for the heads up

  • +1

    if you want to report the seller to eBay here is the link

    not sure if this has any effect.

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