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½ Price Heavenly Banquet Dumplings 700g-1kg $10, Diana Chan’s Dumpling Range $3.75, SunRice Jasmine Rice 5kg $10 @ Woolworths


Heavenly Banquet Dumplings 700g - 1 kg

Heavenly Banquet Pork & Spring Onion Dumplings 1kg
Heavenly Banquet Bbq Pork Buns 720g
Heavenly Banquet Pork Soup Filled Dumplings Xiao Long Bao 700g - Highly Recommend
Heavenly Banquet Chicken & Ginger Dumplings 1kg

Golden Wok Diana Chan’s Dumpling Range 230g

Golden Wok Diana Chan's Bbq Pork Dumplings 230g
Golden Wok Diana Chan's Honey Soy Chicken Dumplings 230g
Golden Wok Diana Chan Korean Beef Dumpling 230g

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Sunrice Jasmine Rice 5kg - $10

Sunrice Jasmine Fragrant Rice

Note: this has increased back to $10 ($20 full price) and now Packed in Vietnam (Previously Cambodia)

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    will this be included into CPI increment rate? (7.5 -> 10?)

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      $7.50 was for 500g. New packaging is now 700g.

      Previously: 500g for $7.50 = $15/kg
      Now: 700g for $10 = $14.29/kg

      Price above calculated during ½ Price sale

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    Ones from Asian shops are better value without the supermarket markup.


      Yeah, normally $4~$5.50/each 600g


        I guess you're saying those selling in take away box with 12 dumplings? They're nice but hardly find anywhere sell for $4 now. In SE suburbs Vic all $5.5+ :(


          check the one in the freezer from Asian grocery shop.


    Do Woolies sell Diana Chan vegetarian dumplings? Or Coles only?


    the heavenly skins are quite thick iirc …
    still down to try the ginger, buns, and xiao long bao