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iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB $2088 (C&C) / Delivery @ Bing Lee (or $2089.99 Delivered @ Costco)

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Lowest available price in the market for this top end iPhone. A healthy $281 off the RRP which is fairly good when it comes to iPhones.

Recommendation: Please try and price match this price with the competitors (JB, TGG, Harvey etc.), instead of buying directly with Bing Lee (if possible) to avoid this from getting ozbargained/sold out and thereby causing the larger OzB community to miss out. Bing Lee is an established Australian business so I don't see much difficulty in price matching.

For those with access to Costco, please buy from them as they are selling it for similar price at $2089.99 Delivered. (Update: The price has now increased to $2,299.99 at Costco).

Please be aware the new iPhones 13s are about to launch in a month's time, so feel free to wait for the latest and greatest if you want to. However, they are unlikely to be discounted until iPhone 14s are about to launch in a year's time 😉

(For those freaking out to see a $2k price tag, please ignore this post and move on. Obviously, there are plenty in the world who can afford it and hence they exist and are popular phones. Although, I wouldn't buy such a pricey gift for myself, haha.)

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  • +14

    I'd rather wait for the new model.

    • +17

      13 being an inauspicious number, then 14 also for other cultures, 15 could be the new one to aim for.

      • +2

        Well this will actually the 15th model in the main series of iphones. So this is the ONE to get.

      • Do people really care about 13? Saw a few properties with that number quickly snatched before others got a chance to do a 2nd inspection lol

  • +32

    $2k for a phone thats been out for almost a year

    • -1

      Unfortunately that's how iPhone sales work mate. They don't rely on sales based on major discounts (in fact they specifically bar stores from discounting them). Even a Refurbished 11 Pro Max from previous year can be found selling for ~$1200. But they have got a pricing and marketing model which works for them (hence they sit on the top of the revenues), and I bet you'll again see long queues (if allowed) and big online order backlogs as and when the new iPhones launch in a month's time even if they price it to $3k. Love them or hate them!

      • +2

        Yep …. jv will be there at the head of the queue. (Refer above).

      • +1

        in fact they specifically bar stores from discounting them

        A practice called resale price maintenance which is specifically illegal. Do you have any proof? (Please say yes).

      • I get discounts for Apple phones and iPads @ The Good Guys every single time, not a massive price cut but they take a few bob off for me 👌

        PS Buying for others I HATE the company, but the product, software, and after sales are Top Notch!

  • +6

    Waiting for iPhone 19

    But seriously you’d expect a bigger discount 1.5 months away from the new model.

    Also by % the 12 mini has dropped more

    • Who knows mate. Most retailers are still selling this one at the RRP (JB, TGG, HN etc.). Also, Mini and Max are looking at totally different target audience. Apple hardly does rangewide discounts.

  • +7

    I love how low Iphones are getting, seriously cheaper every year :D

  • +13

    and this is why i choose Android

  • +11

    Damn $2000 for a phone.

    • +15

      Apple are not stupid, the fools buying them are…

      • If everyone is changing the side for 3 month, 3 month only, then iphone's price will be dramatically drop .

        • +1

          Yes I agree, but not a hope in hell would they do it

  • +16

    10% off for a phone that is about to be superseded? Better off waiting a month or two and paying full price for a new version.

    • -8

      You are ignoring the fact that the measly ~10% discount translates to $281 in this case. So yeah if someone wants to shell $300-500 extra for the new series they absolutely can. But then there will be another one a year later and so on. Usually it's a smart call to purchase the 'previous' model at a discount then to get the latest at RRP. But each to their own.

      • +16

        Surely the smart call is to not pay 2k+ for a phone.

        If you're already spending 2k+ outright for a phone because 2k isn't much money, then you'd be crazy not to wait a month for the newer ones.

        But yeah, they will sell, they always do, even if there's a new model out tomorrow.

        • -7

          Why not if someone has enough money to easily afford it and buying it makes them happy? Being happy/cheerful is also a 'smart call'. What if they were waiting for it to be discounted a bit and this is the perfect price point for them? Like I said, each to their own. Their is no one 'right' view for the world. Those who like the price will buy it. Else, there are smartphones starting at $50-ish and in every price bracket.

          • +5

            @singhdeals: $281 off a $2.36k phone which is about to be superseded is laughable at best. If a person can justify buying an overpriced phone like this to make themselves temporarily happy, then good for them. IMO products/pricing like this are the exact opposite of what this site is all about. Sure it's a "discount" but if you look at the overall picture it's a disgrace.

            • +10

              @sildosaggins: Not a reason to neg the deal IMO. I’m sure it was helpful for someone. Not me personally as I’m waiting for 13 to upgrade from my 8. Each to their own. :)

            • +5

              @sildosaggins: If you can’t find a better price for this then it’s a deal. Doesn’t matter how much you personally value the product. Incorrect use of a neg, you should remove it.

              Doesn’t stop you commenting that this is an older phone and soon to be updated.

            • @sildosaggins: Totally agree. I did this and didn’t feel good 2 months later when the new iPhone came out and only a couple of hundred more.

            • +4

              @sildosaggins: What an absolute disgrace and shitshow by iPhone haters here. To be honest, I have never owned an iPhone personally and am a big fan of Android myself. Infact this is my first iPhone deal ever. However, this deal is good example of how biased and hateful Android users can be while accusing the iPhone/Apple fans of the same.

              I had added the second last paragraph in order to inform the OzB community of the imminent launch of next model. Now it's their call whether to buy or not.

              I had also specifically added the last paragraph in the deal not to deal with hateful fanboy morons and keyboard warriors.

              REMEMBER: Guys we are no one to decide for everyone. Stick to the mantra.
              EACH TO THEIR OWN - Learn and understand this. Peace!
              I won't reply to keyboard warriors of this deal. For anyone logical, they will either upvote (if they like) or move on (if they don't).

              • +2

                @singhdeals: I loved apple but when you screw with my ipad as a kid because of software updates i will never forgive you for that plus how is it that they put crap batteries and worse ram on there so called "cheaper devices" when you always get more for cheaper from Android. google has done the right thing making android public because then you truly see how cheap things can be verses apple where everything goes through them making it so manipulative

              • +1

                @singhdeals: I am far from an iPhone hater, I have exclusively used them since the iPhone 3GS. I have an iPhone X at the moment and am waiting for the iPhone 13 to come out to upgrade :) - I'd much rather spend 10% more for a current version of the phone though (better SoC, high refresh screen, an extra year of support/updates).

              • +1

                @singhdeals: Firstly thanks for posting a deal.

                Ozbargain is a democracy and people are allowed to post what they want, which means if people don't see it as a deal then they can give their honest advice. Ozbargain is known for having an honest review system. Yes there are both Apple and Android fanboys, with both parties having their positives and negatives.

                Don't get cut up about it, no one's here to get the most post up votes, it's a community that you contribute to.

          • +4

            @singhdeals: You lost, bro?

            • @[Deactivated]: To whom? The online bullies and keyboard warriors trying to impose their world-view on others. Never mate! Simply ignoring them is the best they deserve. So, doing that now after providing my view. Anyone rationale can get the message. But obviously the goal is not to please everyone on wide internet. Haha.

              • @singhdeals: Sorry but this comes off incredibly childish.
                Part of a discussion is having two sides and not just saying "I've provided my views and I'm not going to listen to anyone else's because they are [insert generic cliche term such as keyboard warriors]"

                You don't have to jump straight onto the defence and protect your deal, on Ozbargain you'll find a lot of savvy people that don't need a $2000 phone.

                • -2

                  @pennypincher98: Blah blah blah blah….!! Do something useful with your day. Ok you win and are the absolute genius. Now would you please stop spamming me.

                  • @singhdeals: I love it how you said I'm going to stop responding and then just couldn't help yourself but respond.

                    My usefulness is staying inside assisting with getting case numbers to zero. Why don't you do something useful?

  • I get people prefer iOS over Android or are already invested into the ecosystem but how is selling a phone almost a year old for $2000+ supposed to increase their market share? Unless their main focus is upgrading Apple users to "the new iPhone"

    If I had this much to spend on a phone I'd be wanting the latest and greatest on release date.

    • +1

      And rest assured many will and the new iPhones will sell like hot cakes (like every year). The choice of iPhone fans is to purchase the latest at the RRP or get the previous at 10-15% off. Unless they want to switch and experience the mighty Samsung/Android!

      • +1

        Honestly the next iPhone could be $3k and it would still sell well. However the only people buying it then would be (presumably) people who have invested a lot more than $3k in their Apple set up thus far. It's a smart but dirty play.

        Personal opinion, just trying Samsung is not truly trying Android

        • +1

          I mean buy 1 iPhone that lasts 5 years, or a Samsung that lasts 3 years with OS updates and 4 with security updates. Also this is a steel phone, with mostly all hardware superior in every way to S21 ultra except for 1 lens.

          • @onlinepred: Will it really last 5 years and will people actually hold on to it for that long? That means everyone is currently upgrading from the iPhone 7.

            Btw Samsung isn't the only Android manufacturer, there's others that aren't such a rip off..

            • @pennypincher98: My mother just replaced the battery of her iPhone 6s for $99, and it's still getting security updates, she loves it!

              Samsung is the best and has the longest support, along with Google itself (but hardware is midrange). I own Samsung, Pixel and iPhone.

              • +1

                @onlinepred: OnePlus and Nokia also have 4 years security updates and 3 years software updates.

                Samsung is not my cup of tea, Pixel 2XL was great but got a bit long in the tooth and didn't like it's Applesque rules like needing to use only their 3.5mm adaptor.

            • +2

              @pennypincher98: Anecdotal, but I'm still using my iPhone X (2017), my mum uses my old iPhone 6 (2014), and my mates are still using iPhone 7s (2016) and another, XS (2018).

              None of us have any plans to upgrade soon.

            • +1

              @pennypincher98: I have an iPhone X that is 4 years old in November, it cost me $1649. I'll be buying the iPhone 13 when it comes out as long as it's now $3k+.

            • @pennypincher98:

              Will it really last 5 years

              Hello, typing from my iPhone 7.

              Bought secondhand off my sister when my iPhone 6 broke, coz my wife let it fall on concrete.

              She was gonna eBay this phone for $350 but just took 300 from me.

    • You say it like it's their only model.

      You can get into the ecosystem with a $599 XR.

      There's no need to drop the price because of you want an iPhone, you're going to get an Apple iPhone.
      They're pushing tens of millions of these things.

      I don't have any data but I think most people get their phones on plans.

      • 64GB XR for $599 - a 3 year old phone that was debatably mid range when it was released. Also the 'cheap' iPhone is marketed to parents/kids, a winner for all in that regard (except if the kid is that entitled they don't want the cheap iPhone)

        The likes of this hasn't really been seen since the iPhone 5C. Not an amazing phone, but an accessible one.

        I'll admit it caught my attention for a second but one look at the spec sheet was enough to quickly quash that.

        As for the plans, they're mainly bought that way so they're a more manageable expense

  • -5

    given the current situation in the world right now, I can't see why ppl can afford to spend 2k for a mobile phone whilst a $500 phone could do the same thing. You can't go overseas/outside to show off the phone either so waste this kind of money, rather save all that to travel one day the world resumes to normal…oh well…once upon a time

    • +2

      It’s almost as if some people haven’t been affected by Covid / and or can successfully budget for the things they want. Also comparing an XR to a Pro Max is apples to oranges.
      Different people want different things.

      • +6

        Nope, both apples.

    • +1

      Who are you and what's your rank that you give people directions as for what constitutes "a good time" ?

    • +2


      Many people haven't been negatively effected by Covid - some have been able to save more money than usual because they can't travel as much.

      It's the second part if your the comment that makes no sense - "you can't go overseas/outside to show off the phone". I don't think many people by a new phone to show off overseas… or outside… seems pretty shallow and a weird way to seek validation if that's why someone is buying a new phone.

  • -1

    Fun hack:
    Instead of this, buy a car
    Use the car to go to an interview
    Get a Job
    Use the paycheck from the job to buy an iphone.

    Now you have an iphone and a TERRIBLE JOB ANNNNND A BEAT CAR.

    • +3

      This hack was patched in 2019

      • by the car price yes

      • Dang , I need to update my Australia Version.

  • +6

    Anyone who buys this needs professional help. No one needs to spend that much on superseded phone, or even a current one.

    • I totally agree. Only the 1%ers should be buying something this overpriced. It's sad to see young people with these and knowing they are swimming in credit card debt for the privilege.
      (Also expecting the OP to get upset by this comment)

  • +7

    I used to think $1k phone prices were nuts. Little did I know :-) Well played…

    • +1

      Couldn't agree more, everything going over the roof, look at the house price, there are no 500k median prices in metropolitan areas, plus I love Marie biscuits and always buy them from ALDI, recently I noticed it has been quietly increased the price from 89c to $1.09.

      There are several other products price increased or the amount of the item reduced. I understand it is not relevant to the phone, but my point is we are paying more for the needs

    • It burst $1k well before 2007

  • -2

    Will Apple have a folding phone this year, and all the worshippers go gaagaa?

    • -2

      Nah only Samsung will produce the YUCKIEST phone ever. Yeah I am talking about the folding phone.

      • +3

        Funny how the Flip and Fold won't become yucky as soon as Apple releases one lol
        They are way behind though, they still need to get rid of their notch 😂

        • -2

          at least it will work properly

        • -2

          Whether they are behind or what, we are talking about here using "Samsung". They can claim they have 10g and 10000gb internal memories with 5000 megapixel, by the end of the day still "Samsung" LOL

          • @Fredfloresjr: Personally I don't buy Samsung but they're not the only manufacturer offering a foldable smartphone.

            5000 megapixel

            This was where the smartphone industry was going until someone with a brain finally realised there's a lot more to a camera than the amount of megapixels.

  • +2

    Got my 12 pro max 256gb new for $1500 6 months ago, great phone, run my business with it.

    • +1

      How did you achieve that

      • GT

        • Grand Theft?

  • All the holiday money will be spent here in Australia….before Covid, Australia spent about $60,000,000,000 for holiday during Covid only $4,000,000,000 was spent. So everyone will be buying iPhone 10, 11, 12 & 13 and Samsung S9, S10, S20, S21 and S22.

  • 2k+ for a mobile phone ? what a joke….

    • +1

      Should see the Samsung Fold 3, so many phones aver $2k these days. At least this one will last and hold it's value

    • Not if it earns you the big bucks

  • +4

    Imagine using this phone while lining up at Centrelink.

  • I always wait for the next model/launch….. been waiting for years now…..

  • +5

    What an absolute disgrace and shitshow by some of the iPhone haters in the comments here. To be honest, I have never owned an iPhone personally and am a big fan of Android myself. Infact, this is my first iPhone deal ever. However, this deal is good example of how biased and hateful Android users can be while almost always taking a moral high ground and accusing the iPhone/Apple fans of the same.

    I had added the second last paragraph in order to inform the OzB community of the imminent launch of next model. Now, it's their call whether to buy or not.

    I had also specifically added the last paragraph in the deal not to deal with hateful fanboy morons and keyboard warriors.

    REMEMBER: Guys, we are no one to decide for everyone. Stick to the mantra.
    EACH TO THEIR OWN - Learn and understand this. Peace!
    I won't reply to keyboard warriors hogging this deal. For anyone logical, they will either upvote the deal or simply ignore the deal and move on.

    • +1

      Lockdown is really bringing them out of the woods lol.

    • -1

      It's a public forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion. The +/- vote on comments and deals reflect community opinion.
      Moderators will remove comments that breach guidelines, so you don't have to worry about doing their job for them.

  • Am I missing something? Costco price showing as $2299.99 for me..

    • Looks like they have increased the price mate. You can still use the Bing Lee price to price match/beat with competitors though.

  • People complaining about 2k phones are probably also spending 15k on a Rolex. Jog on peeps as OP has mentioned it. If you don't like it, that's fine. Move on if your not going to tribute something useful or relevant.

    • your not going to tribute something useful

      I'd argue that it was more useful and relevant because I could actually read it.

    • +2

      Move on if your not going to tribute something useful or relevant

      Let me tribute:


      • You're a tribute to good grammar.

  • +1

    I used to hate Apple and be on the Android band wagon. Saying this I also am not a fan of Android. I am a disgruntled Windows 10 phone fan.
    Now to my point, 2k on a phone, well if the phone is your primary device for everything and the camera is as good as they say then I would call this an acceptable cost if it meets the requirements of the user.

    Regarding Apple devices still being expensive after a year, that is not a bad strategy and has worked well for Apple. The feeling of buying a device then seeing it reduced by 50% 2 weeks later is a very bitter pill to swallow.

    Finally, iPhone 13.. Is that bad luck?
    I know the number 7 is suppose to be lucky. Samsung Note 7 though. Not so much.

  • +3

    $2k is too cheap for the quality of the phone and the capabilities it possesses.

    Suit yourselves people, but I've had a 12 pro max since launch and wouldn't change it for anything else. Been there, done that with all the android phones, no thank you.

  • The Apple fanboy craziness amazes me. When you look at the obscene profits that they make on iStuff, it's obvious that the customers are being price gouged. It's like a cult where people give all their money to the cult leader, and refuse to accept that it's a con. Its just phones and tablets people! Sheesh!

    • ok Samdung boy

      • Very clever play on words there. 🤣

    • I can see your point. But saying that..

      You could also say a Tesla Model 3 and a G-Wiz are both electric cars.. But there is a difference.

    • I actually am not concerned by it, they make a great product and they have a 5-6 year lifespan. I find they hold their resale value too, so once you're past the initial investment you have a device you can resell. I remember buying an S10 a few years ago, after 4 months I'd had enough of it being an Exynos piece of garbage unable to game, and sold it for around $650, at the time a flagship device nearing $1000 off the shelf.

      On the contrary, I bought an iPhone 11 for $1079 and after nearly 12 months of use I was able to wholesale it for $700 to a company that sent me a return envelope.

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