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[XB1] Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Forces Digital Download $29.97 Each @ Microsoft Store


Half price Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Forces from the Microsoft AU Xbox store as digital downloads. Team Sonic Racing goes on sale relatively often but Sonic Forces doesn't and I've been waiting to buy it. Ends in a few days.

My son loves Team Sonic Racing which is well reviewed online and in my opinion much better then Crash Team Racing. For Sonic Forces, although the game has mixed reviews my 8 year old son is loving it and I think it's pretty good.

There are no in-app purchases for these titles, another huge plus as a parent. Make sure you get the free Shadow Episode DLC as it's actually quite good.

Please note Sonic Colors is coming out next month so there could be further discounts to Sonic Forces in particular.

Team Sonic Racing: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/team-sonic-racing/c2q9fw49...
Sonic Forces: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/sonic-forces-digital-stand...

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    The PC Steam version of Sonic Team Racing is down to only $5.99 at the moment too (note that it ends at 3am AEST on 5/8/2021, in 11 hours): https://store.steampowered.com/app/785260/Team_Sonic_Racing/


    Why better than Crash Team? 60fps vs 30fps….

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      Gameplay rather than framerate :)

      1. Team racing mode is awesome in TSR - exchangeable items, boost for players behind.
      2. Longer, more complex tracks
      3. More complex characters with different abilities that suit particular maps
      4. Story mode is far better
      5. No in-app purchases

        TSR is 60 and CTR is 30. Sorry confused as to which one is better.

        So realistically you are saying TSR is better in everyway including framerate?


          Tbh I don't pay much attention to the frame rate of either, on my 4k tv I did t notice it.

          But yes, it's much better imho.