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Free - Mccain Quick Cook Straight Cut Crunchy Chips 750g @ Woolworths via Mccain (1000/day)


Another promo from McCain. Get in quick if you want one!

10,000 vouchers available - 1000 per day until 13/8. Available to claim from 12am AEST each day.

If you applied in the last promo then you’ll need to use a different email this time.

Fill in your details below and tell us what you'll do now you’ve got some bonus time up your sleeve.
Be quick! Only 1,000 vouchers available per day.

Voucher is valid from opening time on 4th August, 2021 until closing time on 17th August, 2021.

Full T&Cs

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closed Comments

  • +1

    autobots! roll out! arggh….

  • Now stuck at please confirm you are not a robot with no option of being able to confirm human

  • +1

    can't select suburb

    • yeah, the loading of the suburbs takes ages. have to sit there and wait till the list pops up.

      • Roughly how long we asking here lol

  • +2

    Took me 50+ goes but I got through eventually. Not worth spending more than 20 minutes trying to claim a $4.20 bag of chips. Think about the opportunity cost guys

    • +1

      yes can easily 5 cents on shopback competition compared to this crap shtt

    • +1

      I've been trying since midnight but I can't stop now. What if I get it on the next try? 😕

  • so for me the captcha seems to time out, which then gives the error message "Unexpected error, please try again later. If problem persists, please contact support." when trying to claim

    • Yes same for me

  • Lol page is not even loading

  • -1

    "You are allowed to enter only 1 time per campaign, you have entered 1 time" does that mean I need to use a different email address?

    • Ofcourse.

      • Ah just realised I had redeemed last year, okay back to the drawing board

        • +1

          Nah i reckon you got one just now, check your promo emails

          I got that message too, it never confirmed me but it was in my emails

          An old campaign doesn’t stop from this one

  • I give up on this Absolute crap piece of shit NOT EVEN A DEAL far far away from a freebie.

    Just a way to gather IP addresses, and captcha data

  • Got it within 4 mins.

  • I finally got after 30 + attempts. It may take a while, once you see the postcode and eventually it should work but it may take a long time (pending a number of attempts) if you really want to try the chips :).

  • It’s suddenly working

  • +1

    Finally got it. Including yesterday, 65 attempts.

  • I got through and it says “thanks for claiming. Check your email” but still no email with barcode. Been about 5 mins.

    • Keep refreshing it eventually comes thru

    • Did you check your junk mail? It was pretty quick once I got the message on the screen.

      • Yeah checked junk but still nothing

        • No email for me, too.

        • yeah happened with my second order didnt get it even tho website said i will get it

  • It works instantly now on first attempt everyone

  • Got it finally

  • Max orders reached

    • Daily limit reached!
      Sorry 1,000 people got here before you. But there will be more vouchers tomorrow.

      I know fk me lol

    • You still trying after getting frustrated?

      • gave it one chance after seeing oz comments that it somehow started working

    • +2

      You got it, but then knew the max was reached, going for sneaky multiple? ;p

  • +1

    That cooked quick! Ah McCain you've done it again!

  • does it give you receipt at Woolworth when at checkout ?? like $0 spent receipt ?

    • Yes. It should be like last time.

  • +1

    Some people have to buy a big freezer when the McCain voucher days are over!

    • Just not people are aren’t awake at midnight.

    • they only need less than 18 * C

  • +5

    I claimed mine from woolies today. If you get multiple vouchers / barcodes put them through on seperate orders and scan one voucher per order. If you try to put through two in one order with two diff vouchers, it still accepts the vouchers but will charge you for the chips. I had to get the attendant to remove one of the chips and remove one of the vouchers from the self service order. Then put through the second chips and voucher seperate and it worked with no charge for both.

    • Thanks mate for sharing, Also anyone knows what if you scan an already used barcode?

      I am guessing it would just say " Coupon Not accepted " ?

  • edit - already getting smashed

  • +2

    So excited at midnight for a bag of chips…

  • nothing so far
    bloody Bot took over

    • -1

      Make sure you go to main page, if you refresh it just reloads the expired page.

      • Never worked may be they are restricting by IP now?

        • No VPN in 2021? Even with 95-100% cashback?

  • Finally managed to grab one - thanks - off to bed I go.

  • so easy tonight. got right away

    • Same. Got through quickly just then.

    • -1

      yeah but then it was gone after getting 1…

  • Thanks working hard enough today. Will try to make them last till lockdown ends… oh well maybe cant….

  • The gmail trick with dot in between word, working?

  • wow gone already again

    • +1

      Huh impossible 1000 already?

      • It's ridiculous! Are they actually resetting it each day?

        • The form wouldn't load before midnight, saying the limit had been reached. It reopened around midnight (a little after), though of course there is no transparency about how quickly the quota is being smashed. It's possible that people are macro'ing it.

  • 10minutemail does work but opt for 100 mins to extend your email. Have yet to redeem but hope it isn't like last time when there was almost no stock and two different ones chips with the same packaging.

  • So peeps are staying up until midnight for a free bag of chips? Desperate times! DOH!

    • if you are in NSW / VIC you will understand us better….

    • +2

      Is midnight past your bedtime lol.

    • US markers open at 11.30am so an extra 30min is nothing really.

  • I see what u sneaky buggers are doing, I know when 2 score.

  • +1

    Super easy today, won first time round. None of the problems others had faced the past few nights.

    • Ditto for me too! Just lucky I just finished watching Black Widow. 👍

  • Got one on my first attempt!

  • Yikes! Already gone tonight!

  • 12am to 12:10am now and the form has not refreshed. Did the buttons pusher ended up having COVID-19?

    • +2

      you gotta refresh the promo (https://mccainpromo.com.au/) not the redirect that it sends you to before the time. Shame you missed it, website was a lot smoother today than previous days.

      • better luck next time for me then lol

  • Woot got me some chips thanks op …

  • I'm such an idiot. Saw this at 11:26 SA time (11:56) AEST time, and got the 'todays allocation exhausted' message. Think to myself I'll wait 35 minutes and try again.

    5 mins later, accidentally reload the page and the form is visible, but I did nothing since it was only 11:31 SA time (12:01) AEST and thought to myself it was glitched and I should just wait until it's 12:01 SA time (12:31 AEST).

    Nek minit realise the timezone for the promo. Reload page, allocation exhausted message.
    It's been a long week.

    • +1

      Hi, At least we live in SA where 11.30 is a better time than midnight. Tomorrow is another day!

  • +5

    Here's a strat I discovered on how you can pretty much guarantee yourself to get one. Works in chrome and brave from my testing so far, but not firefox. Prior to the website going live go to 'mccainpromo.com.au' and try to ctrl+s the webpage a split second after. You do not need to download the webpage, all it should do is freeze the page mid-loading. If you do this correctly you should now be able to view the webpage WITH the form still there. If you don't see it rinse and repeat until you do. DO NOT refresh the page, replace it with mccainpromo.com.au when trying multiple times as it will redirect you. Now, fill out the form with your details and wait. About a minute before midnight fill in the recaptcha, this will be valid for 2 minutes from completion. Get up a live timer and wait till its a couple seconds past midnight. You can also try going to the promotion itself and see if it loads. If it does then you're good to go. Only tried this last night (when the servers were running smoothly) and it worked. Hope this helps anyone yet to get one!

    • +2

      Worked perfectly, thanks mate

  • +1

    Limit reached already?

  • +1

    Limit reached

  • How can the limit be reached already?

  • +2

    Wow missed out. Stayed up till midnight for nothing :(

  • Bloody bot

  • Gone within a minute today

  • 1 minute today lol

  • wow.

  • That was amazing on the first night. It was open for some hours.

  • Ridiculous

  • I managed to get one or so I thought. Says winner and then no email yet? anyone else?

    • I got mine yesterday after an hour.

  • Someone is driving a truck tomorrow to Woolies to get some 100s…

    • +1

      Yeah, you mate. Get another 10 today did you? Greedy bugger.

      • Nah, mate. There are some nerds with some serious programs around. Maybe it was you!

        • +3

          Says the guy complaining after already boasting he holds 10 coupons…

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