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$100 Bonus with $2000/Month Deposit for 3 Months (within 6 Months) for New Everyday Global Account @ HSBC


Everyday Extras
$100 Bonus for new HSBC customers

$100 Bonus when you deposit $2,000 or more each month for 3 consecutive months, within 6 months of opening your Everyday Global Account.

Earn 2% cashback on tap and pay under $100

Earn up to $50 cashback each month on eligible purchases when you tap and pay with Visa payWave, Google PayTM or Apple Pay8 under $100.

Fees and charges for the Everyday Global Account

Account Service Fee Fee
Monthly service fee $0

Transaction fees

Transaction fees local - per transaction
Online Banking $0
Deposits $0
ATM Withdrawals $0
Bank@Post™(Post Office) $0
Automated Phone Banking $0
BPAY® $0

International transaction fees

International transaction fees per transaction
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee $0
Overseas Transaction Fee – Payable when you make a transaction on your account in a currency other than Australian dollars, or you make a transaction on your account in any currency (including AUD) that is processed/billed by either the merchant or its financial institution/payment processor outside of Australia. 0% of the total value amount of each such transaction

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  • if you are with BUPA I think you get $150, but I havent been a member for a few months so you will need to check offers

    • Not anymore:

      As a Bupa Health Insurance member, sign up to a HSBC Everyday Global Account and you could receive $100*

      You will receive $100 paid into your HSBC Everyday Global Account when you deposit at least $2,000 into your HSBC Everyday Global Account every month for three consecutive months in the first six months of opening your HSBC Everyday Global Account.

  • +5
    • usually takes 1 business day for transfer to outbound from my experience, or before 10am for transfer to be completed by E.O.B

      • These days, even 1 business day or time of day you make the transfer is a dinosaur.

        • for non payID is pretty quick. I've experienced longer for CDIA which is even worse!

      • Or just use Beem to transfer out

  • +1

    pretty smooth $100 from my experience.

  • am I eligible if I only have a HSBC credit card

      • ^You will only qualify for this Cash Bonus if you are a new customer of HSBC Australia, which means you did not have any accounts with HSBC Australia

        I have a credit card account

        • +2

          keep reading This exclusion does not apply to existing customers with HSBC
          Credit Card only.

          • +1

            @screensaver: thanks, I contacted CS and they told I am not eligible because I have credit card with them. The CS didn't read this line either

            • @RichardF89: well they have to honour the t and cs. I just sent a complaint email to an energy company who didnt send me the loyalty gift card after 12 months and I attached a copy of the t and cs, and they sent it to me plus $20 credit

              • +2

                @screensaver: the energy company always does this. I transferred to Origin and AGL they have never given the bonus flybuy points until I contacted them. I think this is the energy company strategy

        • I only have a credit card with HSBC and I received a targeted email for this promo

          • @even-chips: I also received the email and I tried to confirm with the web chat but the CS said I am not eligible the email is by mistake. Pretty bad experience

            • +1

              @RichardF89: they also told a guy below they wont get the points. Obviously fools working there

              • @screensaver: In my recent complaint email, I looked up the email address to send complaints, attached the t and cs and also said If you are looking for bad reviews, you have come to the right place.

    • +5

      i was with hsbc for over 10 years (transaction account)
      last time i open this to get the bonus they said no you are not new
      i was so angry and closed all my hsbc accounts

  • Does this act similar to ING where ATM fees and overseas payment fees get refunded?

    • +2

      Unsure, but you don't really need to/have to use the account/debit card for any other transaction except 2K in and out.
      You can just do a transfer of 2K once a month [ and back immediately ] and right after the 3rd transfer $100 should appear…

      The UI is pretty bad tbh.

      • Thanks, I'll still be trying to get the $100 because that's too good to pass up!
        The thing which interests me is the 2% cash back on tap and pay (which is probably 95% of my spending other than rent. Just curious it'd be worth using long term to replace the ING card.

        • I've replaced my HSBC2 usage with Crypto Visa card since it arrived.
          So instead of cashback, I get uncapped 2% CROback (both tap n go & online!), which only increases in value imo totally worth the $500 stake required.
          Lemme know if you'd like a referral (we both get $25 of CRO)

          But I haven't needed/used ING.
          Not much harm in keeping these accounts open and ready, esp no monthly fees.

      • +1

        You should have seen the old app, like from last year. It was incredibly bad. Worse than BOQ

  • Pretty good card and works with google pay

  • +2

    This has been a long running promo since before December last year.

    • There is a $60 Cashback from suncorp bank (new accounts) so pretty much searching along the same lines and stumbled upon this

  • because its an old post some people havent seen it

  • +1

    2% cashback is pretty good on tap and pay purchases!

    • On a related note Zip also has 2% cashback on everything except fuel stations & grocery stores with Apple Pay or Google Pay til 31st August

    • @pr0d1gy how do you know that 2% is activated ? There is no in app notification, email etc. Will the cashback comes after a month itself or how does this works ?

      • It works once $2000 is deposited into the account in the calendar month or the month before I think. Can transfer it out once you've deposited it.

        • How do you know that its working ? I have spent few $s and can't see that cashback is coming or not etc.

          • @ChipsChicky: Cashback comes through instantly. Are you using tap and pay for transactions under $100 and have deposited $2000 into the account this or last month?

            • @pr0d1gy: I spent with GPay Online … i think i shall try instore. Is it valid on groceries like coles etc ?

              • +1

                @ChipsChicky: Needs to be a tap and pay transaction including Google pay. Does not work online or transactions using the chip or swipe. Also needs to be under $100.

    • is it for tapNgo $100 and under or exactly $99.99 under?

      • Says under $100 so $99.99 and under..

        • I'd hate for that extra cent to wreck our $2 cashback huehue

          • @capslock janitor: I've never tried $100 but it definitely doesn't work for anything over $100.

  • +1

    Tried last time and they ask so mamy questions during sign up, never heard anything back. Support is absolute dog I gave up not worth the time and effort.

    • +1

      HSBC are really bureaucratic and difficult to deal with.

  • +4

    HSBC has bad Corporate Citizenship and I personally experienced some bad/unhelpful customer service - hence I would encourage fellow ozbargainers to take advantage of this offer and cancel their accounts once we get the $100!

    • +2

      Yeah, I have to agree with you there. HSBC are horrendous to deal with. I'm going to 'tap and go' with this deal. Take the money and run! ;-)

  • +1

    already opened in Nov, claimed and closed in Jan.

    can repeat?

    • think so

    • it defines a new customer in the t&cs

      • cheers

        You will only qualify for this Cash Bonus if you are a new customer of HSBC Australia, which means you did not have any accounts with HSBC Australia at any time in the 6 months prior to the day of opening your HSBC Everyday Global Account. This exclusion does not apply to existing customers with HSBC Credit Card only.


    • +1

      How did you close it?

      • Curious to know too. Doesn't seem there's an option online.

  • from my past experience, this was the easiest $100 I ever made

  • Can I open an account for my 9-month old daughter? Done it for the wife and I already.

    • keen to know as well please. thanks

    • +2

      it states you need to be 18+ to open an account

  • any recommendations about kids bank account?

    • keen to know as well please x2. thanks

  • Big firms poach staff, stupid banks fish for stupid people. Open it, take the money and close it!

  • +3

    This has to be the worst bank ever ! I have never ever experienced a customer service worse than this bank's !

    Upon a recent credit card offer which is still running by the way - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626191 - I applied for this credit card following all the procedures. I even got approved for the card and received it.When I called the customer care to activate it , I asked them "Will I get 120k points if I spend more than 3k in the next 3 months ?
    " - and they said "No, this offer is not active on your credit card !" - I told them that this is the exact link I used for application and the offer still runs.. They said "No sir you are still not getting it" - I immediately cancelled the Credit card. No questions asked - they did not even try to convince me or check the fact that I was eligible for this !

    I have Commbank, ANZ, BOQ Credit cards by the way and their Service is amazing, especially BOQ considering they are small fish.

  • +2

    Most hideous sign-up process I have ever come across. Their online banking app seems so outdated and the Digital Secure Key is not even like a second factor authentication. When initially activating the Digital Secure Key, it wasn't accepting my new password. Didn't even give me the minimum requirements of the new passwords. Had to fiddle around with multiple passwords before it accepted one. It's like using one of those cheap Chinese made product with the user interface translated into English in the worst way possible.

  • +2

    How long from application to approval for this account?

    As above, the sign up procress was terrible and i'm sure the product is just as bad. Good thing the 2k will enter my account, get sent to my wife's account and then straight back out to my normal bank. Free money is free money.

    • +1

      I got a "your account is now open" email exactly 15mins after I applied

      • Interesting, been a few hours and nothing yet.

    • 30 mins

    • Currently in the same boat, been four hours so far since the application was submitted.

      • Follow Up: I've got my account open but only because I checked the application again. They had yet to contact me to tell me it was open!!

    • iirc i pretty much got mine straight away

      • Still waiting, been 24hours. Nothing in spam or junk folders

        • Have you got your application approval yet? I completed my application on 05/08/2021 and still haven't received an approval yet. It's been a few days now.

          • @baituey25: Finally got an email a few hours ago saying my account has been opened

  • Would someone with experience with this account.

    Tell me if there are any charges for a regular deposit in overseas currency, and what rate/process do they use to convert this.


  • I opened one of these last year for the $100 and haven't got around to closing it yet.

    Is there an easy way to close it online?

  • Note: You only get 2% back on paywave transactions that occur after you deposit $2000 in that calendar month. (eg. Paywave on 5 May, deposit $2000 on 7 May = no cashback)

    • thanks for the heads up

      • No problem.

        I'll have to check that it's is actually a calendar month?

        (HSBC don't always use true calendar months.)

        • Any update?

          I know Westpac use some random day during the month for a requisite.

  • I've deposited the 2k and got the email that confirms I've unlocked everyday extras. Can I now take the 2k out till next month to deposit the same 2k again?

    • +1


      • +1

        How to tell if extras are unlocked? No email. 2k transfered in n out same day

        • looking for the same.

        • Are you actually an associate?

    • @Smuggy How one knows that offer is activated in account and i shall proceed for $2000 submission to HSBC ?

  • With local atm withdrawals, can i use any atms and dont get charged??


  • can one take advantage of this offer, as well as the HSBC Platinum Credit Card deal?

  • Worst. Bank. Ever.

    Nearly lost a property we purchased and breached contract due to their failure to organise settlement, and the only fraud ever on a credit card was with these clowns. Worst fraud management I have ever seen (after 15 years in financial services.


  • How one knows that offer is activated in account and i shall proceed for $2000 submission to HSBC ?

  • Holi cow. That was really difficult to set up. Somehow they had my drivers license no. but I had used a passport no to set up. There must be some meta-data source.

  • I was applied 2 days ago and they still not active yet. Can't believe they need manual approval or something that taking so long. Are they still in year 2000?
    This is just a transaction account so practically no risk to them once ID can be verified online.

  • Easiest $100 to make.
    Appeared instantly after transferring the third month of $2000 in today.

    • Yes received the same

      • Did you leave the 2k in for a day each time? I transferred it in and out almost instantly and haven't received anything

        • Yes I did, eventually I transferred it back to my nab account after 2-3 days

          • @oziebee: okay maybe thats where i'm going wrong

            • @houmousy: I think you can still try now, as it is still valid, considering you opened a fresh account within the last 3 months

        • i transferred my $2k on the same day each time

        • It can take up to 30 days before you receive the $100 bonus.

  • +1

    i received my bonus yesterday after making the 3rd transfer. i didn't receive any emails about the bonus payment or activation of the 2% cashback

    the card seems useful for the 2% cashback so i will keep it open

    • email receipt of activation monthly would be noice

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