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Up to $60 Cashback for New Transaction Account (3x $20/Month, 10 Digital Wallet Purchase Required) @ Suncorp


Open a new Suncorp Bank Personal Transaction Account by 30 September.
Get $20 cashback each month you make 10 digital wallet purchases with your linked Visa Debit card. This includes Google Pay and Apple Pay transactions online or in store.
Get up to $60 back in total (3 x $20).

Update: 05/08/2021 Thanks to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/88049
It appears that you could be an existing user and can open another transaction account to benefit from this offer

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Suncorp
    Visa Debit “$60 Cash Back” offer (“Offer”).
    Information about Gifts and how to claim form part
    of these Terms and Conditions. By participating
    in the Offer, individuals accept these Terms and
  2. The Promoter is Suncorp-Metway Ltd, ABN 66 010
    831 722 AFSL No 229882 Australian Credit Licence
    number 229882 (“Suncorp Bank”) Level 28 Brisbane
    Square, 266 George Street, Brisbane, Queensland
    4000 (“Promoter”).
  3. The Offer commences at 12:01 am (AEDT) on 1
    August 2021 and closes at 11:59 pm (AEDT) on 30
    November 2021 (“Offer Period”).
  4. This Offer is only open to individuals who:
    (a) are permanent residents of Australia who are
    aged 16 years or over at the time of participation;
    (b) open an Eligible Transaction Account between
    12:01 am (AEDT) on 1 August 2021 and 11:59 pm
    (AEDT) on 30 September 2021;
    (c) hold a valid Suncorp Bank Visa Debit card,
    linked to the Eligible Transaction Account at
    account opening (“Eligible Visa Debit Card”); and
    (d) have successfully loaded the Eligible Visa Debit
    Card into their digital wallet on their preferred
    device (together, referred to as an “Eligible
  5. For the purposes of clause 4b:
    (a) an Eligible Transaction Account includes the
    following personal Suncorp Bank accounts:
    Everyday Options Account or Everyday Essentials
    Account (each an “Eligible Transaction Account”).
    (b) Offer is limited to one (1) Eligible Visa Debit
    Card per customer.
    (c) In the case of joint account holders, each
    Eligible Visa Debit Card linked to the Eligible
    Transaction Account at account opening, can
    (d) Replaced Visa Debit cards in the Offer Period
    are not eligible (e.g. due to lost or stolen cards).
  6. To participate in the Offer, Eligible Customers must
    during any one (1) calendar month in the Offer
    Period, make ten (10) separate successful Apple
    Pay or Google Pay purchases using the Eligible
    Visa Debit Card via their digital wallet (“Qualifying Purchases")

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  • -4

    Pretty lame deal.

    • +12

      Pretty lame comment.

    • From the past 35 years Suncorp experience you are correct but silly kids only see for the quick cash but are blind to the long term trap!

  • +7

    So 10 x 1c at self checkout at woolies every month for 3 months = $60 free profit?

    • To easy

    • +1

      What are you getting for one cent?

      • +7

        10 split payments on 1 purchase.
        Then pay remainder with other payment like discounted gift card. Easy money!

        • Ooh! That's smart!!

        • 10 split payments on 1 purchase.

          Eventually they will catch onto this hack if too many people starts abusing it.

        • +2

          Someone mentioned here you can use Revolut’s app to deposit money into Revolut and it was recorded as a Visa purchase at People’s Choice (I did this and it worked for me too).

          I just checked Revolut’s app, and they accept Apple Pay deposits too (I am on iPhone).

          Haven’t tried this with Suncorp yet to see if Suncorp records this on their end as a digital wallet purchase.

          (Note there is a minimum deposit of $25 with Revolut but can easily be transferred back out).

          • @ilovefullprice: Can anyone confirm if putting money into Revolut counts for the 10x digital wallet purchases?

            • +3

              @proudwanderer: I just got some of my pending transactions in Suncorp now confirmed.

              So I can confirm that Revolut deposits appear as Visa purchases in Suncorp.

              I can also confirm if you use Afterpay, where you use Apple Pay (I am on iPhone) in the Afterpay app to pay for the Afterpay instalments, they will also appear as Visa purchases in Suncorp. Splitting your payments in Afterpay is much easier than standing at the Wollies cashier and splitting it there :)

              See screenshot below:

              I also made another genuine online digital wallet purchase the other day and the transactions details looks the same as the Revolut and Afterpay ones, having the words Visa purchase.

              To double confirm this, later on once I have 10 transactions in a week or two, I will call up Suncorp support and confirm with them if these are all valid digital wallet purchases. I will provide an update here.

              Try not to abuse the Revolut method and spoil it for others. Mix it up a bit with other transactions. Remember the best part about the Suncorp app is having access to their gift card rewards :)

              • +1

                @ilovefullprice: Also using Apple Pay to pay into Zip works too :)

                • +1

                  @proudwanderer: Just checked Zip Pay and yeah you are right. Advantage with Zip Pay is it allows you to choose the amount you want to pay off owing in Zip Pay, so you get to split your payments in that sense.

            • +1

              @proudwanderer: I finally had the 10 transactions in my account and so called Suncorp to confirm what is considered as a digital wallet purchase.

              Had to speak to 3 agents before finally speaking to the last one telling me not she or even the system is able to tell her which transactions are considered as a digital wallet purchase, as both digital wallet purchases and online purchases where you enter your bank card details are recorded as “Visa Purchase” in the app. What she did confirm with me is that a purchase is considered to be a digital wallet purchase (to satisfy the deal) when either one of the two below happens:
              - when any online purchase is made using Apple/Google Pay.
              - when in-store, you use your digital wallet to tap and go.

              So I guess the first bullet point above answers our question for Revolut.

              Tbh, all 3 agents I spoke to either didn’t know or wasn’t 100% confident. So at least for me, I have call recording of what was confirmed to me. To doubly make sure, best to have your own call confirmation too if you’re having to do more Revolut transactions.

          • @ilovefullprice:

            (Note there is a minimum deposit of $25 with Revolut but can easily be transferred back out).

            So on Revolut I need to order card and Verify ID to withdraw out back?

            • @capslock janitor: Sorry I am not sure about needing to order the card to allow withdrawals out.

              With Verify ID, don’t you need to do this when signing-up for an account at the start anyway?

              I have actually ordered the card. Best to check with support with ur enquiry.

              • @ilovefullprice: I had a dormant acc since last year, but yes it does ask for passport/DL to send money out.

                Damn it wants a Selfie too…

        • How do you split it to 10 tho do you just keep on entering 1 cent as amount while selecting split payment over and over?

          • @sub102: You can enter whatever amount you want to pay off each time.

            • @ilovefullprice: I know that but can you pay off via google pay?

              • @sub102: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10869557/redir

                I am on iPhone too so can’t confirm. But I think it’s a fair assumption Google Pay is there since Apple Pay is available.

                • @ilovefullprice: Are you sure you are talking about paying off balance with Apple pay? I do not see an option to choose Google pay only lets me enter a card number

                  • +1

                    @sub102: Yes, see screenshot below:


                    Perhaps it’s really not setup for Google Pay yet. Contact support and check.

                    • @ilovefullprice: Wow you're right thanks! But do you see that option if you try to pay via a desktop browser? If not then it is definitely tied with Zip's ios app otherwise I'd get an Apple pay option too even if Google pay isn't set up yet

                      • @sub102: I am not sure about desktop browser. But I just had a look at mobile browser (via Safari) and I could also see Apply Pay there, but strangely no Google Pay.

                        Just contact support rather than spending time guessing and trying.

          • +1

            @sub102: Yes.
            I already do that to get bonus interest rates on other accounts.
            Set a reminder & do it at a quiet time at self service checkouts.

            • @INFIDEL:

              Set a reminder & do it at a quiet time at self service checkouts.

              Even during quiet times it raises the attention of the self-checkout helper.
              Is there a way to completely silence those damn checkout machines at Woolies?

              • @DoctorCalculon: just ignore helpers? or do you mean error comes up?

                • @capslock janitor: They will look at you with funny eyes. Some will repeatedly come over to ask you to see if you need any help.
                  If only there was a way to mute the speaker on the terminals.

                  • @DoctorCalculon: Yes, there is. You press the black push button of the side of the SCO machine and then login. There should be an option that said volume control.
                    This is not the menu that the SCO operator would log into to remove an item, etc. It's the one that you can only access with the physical button.
                    Note: you have to be a Woolworths employee to do this.

    • +1

      Get your own square terminal and do it all in your onw home.

      • Get your own square terminal

        $439.00 for the Square Terminal
        Seriously overkill!

        The reader costs $59.

        Then there is a 1.9% processing fee levied by Square per transaction.

        Therefore, you won't break even after final payout from Suncorp.

        • And then they limit your account after few transactions and you'll have to wait 90 days to get your money.

    • I do the same thing for the 5 transactions for Westpac.
      Such an annoying requirement.

  • Every month 10x, August, September and October? Cant be that easy?

    • That easy

  • +4

    $0 account keeping fees
    0% foreign currency conversion fees
    on purchases online and overseas

    Opened account.

    • Can't find their overseas ATM withdrawal fees, anyone knows?

    • -3

      Fees will return on the day they Banking inquiry stops fining them!

      • -1

        to all ya neggers: Suncorp runs on Amazon servers. "Nearly" leakproof!

        • It does not matter where they run if servers and storage were misconfigured and that's really easy on AWS.

  • +1

    Is Suncorp, and this account in particular, where I can get discounted gift cards? Likes coles, Woolworths, amazon etc?

    • +3

      Suncorp rewards app

    • yes

  • +2

    Great deal, but I opened the account last month, just missed it.

    • +2

      Open 1 more for each family member! Stupidity can only be fought with more stupidity! Take the money and abandon!

  • +2

    Already a Suncorp customer with an everyday options, can just open a new everyday options or need to be completely new customer? (Close membership and start afresh?)

  • +1

    I'm a dinosaur and have never used a digital wallet. How would you do that at Woolies self serve for the 1c transactions? Is it on your phone?

  • +1

    can existing customers open a new account and qualify for this promo?

    • +1

      yes as i read it, you need to open new account with linked visa debit card

  • +1

    In the same boat as txb & htc, also have an account that I just set up about 3 weeks ago, bugger.
    It was the Everyday Essentials Account, also wonder if setting up the normal Everyday account would work for this deal.

    • eligible transaction accounts are defined in the t&cs

      • +1

        I mean a 2nd account with them, like coolsteps asked and still be able to get this deal, or if it's 100% new customer to them (no previous accounts).
        Might go to a branch and find out if this is possible, I only have 1 account with them.

        • +2

          yeah, you just open another transaction account with a linked card

  • +2

    ill give it a go as an existing customer to test it out and report back at the end of the month or when the $20 hits the account. btw no need to open any sub accounts for this promo is there?

    • No sub accounts needed, see my comment below.

    • +1

      existing customer to test it out and report back at the end of the month or when the $20 hits the account.

      any detail report?

  • Got error message:

    Whoops, something's gone wrong
    We have experienced a technical error, and are unable to proceed with your application. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

    • I was getting this error last night. I tried it again today and it worked.

  • Can we buy gift card from credit card ?

  • damn but i already have an account :(

    • +1

      just open another one like it did.

  • +7

    Thanks OP.

    I went to the Doncaster branch yesterday to check if opening opening a new account could be used for this promo, the sales person wasn't 100% sure, so he checked their internal t & c's about this promo, I watched (on their big monitor in a room) as he checked this, basically this is what it said (not word for word to respect Suncorp and this promo):

    • This promo is aimed at new customers.
    • It is not recommended to promote this promo to existing customers.
    • Existing customers/accounts are not eligible to receive cashback on their current/previous accounts.
    • If a existing customer is disappointment for not been included, they could open a new account and be eligible.
      = No closing of accounts needed.

    So I was told YES I can, I did set up another Everyday Essentials account (you can have more than 1).
    The salesperson got me to set up my Suncorp app for the 2nd card/account & how to link it to Google pay while I was there, I've never used Google Pay before.

    All I think I need to do now is transfer money into my Google wallet and start using it, along with the Suncorp app/Google Pay app.
    I had no issues dealing with the salesperson (or with Suncorp so far) & it was easy to set up another account.
    I do intend to stay with them anyway.

    YMMV and I cant guarantee this to work for everyone OR if Suncorp removes this option at any stage, get in fast.
    I'm not sure if wallet transactions are registered and shown in the Suncorp app along the way or if there is anyway to tell, I plan to use it a few times then call them to check.

    I would go to a branch to set up a new account or call them first before doing an online set up, this is not needed but safer I think.
    Get them to slightly change your name on the Visa card, for example Gary A Wallace to Gary Wallace or G A Wallace or just use a pen/sharpie so you don't get your cards mixed up.

    Also, make sure you set up Google Pay or Apple Pay & Suncorp app on the new card/account & remove any/all others Suncorp accounts with them, so to avoid using the wrong Suncorp account/card (current/previous).

    I hope this helps people, it took almost an hour to type/word this post, good luck

    • I did set up another Everyday Essentials account (you can have more than 1).

      Are you a pensioner or concession card holder?
      It looks like they won't anyone else to create such accounts.

      What is special about Everyday Essentials that is missing from Everyday Options?

      • +3


        You can't overdraw on it.
        You can't earn interest on it.
        You can't use it as a home loan offset.
        You can't get a chequebook for it.

      • +1

        Yes I'm a concession card holder and what gamerkonks said below is right on the money :), but a Everyday Options account can also be used for this promo.

        Also no sub accounts.
        But has 0% Foreign currency conversion fees with Essentials account.

        It's a great account/option as it's safer to use, also has a few good security options in the app, like temporary lock on your Visa Debit Card, lock Visa pay Wave transactions, block Internet transactions & block overseas In-store transactions.
        I haven't seen these options all in 1 account/card before, unless I've missed it.

        I wished I signed up sooner, didn't know about discounted gift cards that are ongoing and not just a once off.
        I will use one of these cards purely for internet purchases & the other for instore/everyday purchases.

  • +1

    Hey anyone know if this is still valid?
    I just checked their website and can't find any references to this promotion anymore.
    Edit: It should be, found a link to the terms and conditions: https://www.suncorp.com.au/content/dam/suncorp/bank/document…

  • How long it takes to get the debit card? I am wondering if I will have opportunities to do 10 payWave in this month, as we are in lockdown

    • +2

      I'm sure you have a woolies nearby. Just go around 8/9pm (I work there, that's when it's quietest), and do your 10x 1¢ transaction then.
      You don't need the physical card for it. I signed up and you can add the card to Google Pay / Apple Pay from the Suncorp App.

    • In both my cases within 3 days, so should be ok.
      I'm yet to use Google Pay for this, never used it before.

      It's a green colored card if anyone is wants to know.

  • Are there any places where I can use Google pay online? In-app purchases? What is the cheapest?

    • +1

      I'm still looking into this, but this page could help you for some ideas, https://pay.google.com/intl/en_au/about/where-to-use/
      Just make some small purchases Coles/Ww etc. Just look for the G Pay symbol on the card readers.
      It can be used for Myki too.

      Used Google Pay yesterday 4 times on single items, no issues and fast, never used G Pay or any others before.

  • +4

    Probably the easiest bank account application I’ve completed and the app is pretty good too.

  • After you qualify with 10 different wallet transactions, how long before they credit the $20 into your Everyday Options account?

    • +2

      It says it will be credited in the next month. Will report back when I receive mine.

  • Anyone received their card recently, how long it took? I applied on 4th and still no card :(

    • Mine took a week.

    • Mine arrived within 3 days. I kid you not.
      Since the card is pre-activated, you can add it to your mobile wallet right away via the app so I haven't really needed the physical card at all.

    • Ring them.

      Mine has not arrived, too, so I rang them today and they needed me to do an ID check before they can send it.

  • +2

    you don't need to wait for the card. you can add it to your digital wallet via app and can start using it straight away.

  • How long before the $20 is credited after the 10x transactions?

    • +2

      In the next month

      • LOL. You should setup a FAQ. ;-)

      • So, next month has arrived, albeit the very first day.

        Have you received your $20 bonus?

        I don't see mine.

        I did the $1 x 10 trick at a Woolworths terminal during a less busy time last month.

  • can we do multiple transactions at the same shop? i struggle getting 10 transactions

    • just do 10 x 1 cents splits at coles like i did.

      • no one knows if it works because this deal came out in august

    • +3

      Do this @ home. $5 Wish eGCs can be used for online shopping. Other good options are $5 Amazon, $5 eBay. $5 Coles may be not so good as it can not be used online.

  • Anyone got their $20 yet?

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