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Raspberry Pi 4 B Model B Starter Kit 8GB RAM and 128GB SD Card US$110.20 (~A$149.02) Delivered @ Labists


Raspberry Pi 4 B Model B Starter Kit 8GB RAM and 128GB SD Card AU$149.02 @labists.com
Code: LABAU42

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    Does it actually have sort of warranty on any of the components within the kit? Purchased 4G starter kit not long ago from Amazon, and the fan itself stopped working after a month or two :(

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      This is why I’d buy quality individual parts instead of “starter kits”.

    • I bought this exact kit last time it was on sale, and the fans are dead. There’s ugly lights in the cooler too. I find the cooler works adequately while unplugged anyway.

      Didnt reach out to them figured would be more pain than its worth

    • You did well to get a month out of it. Mine lasted less than a week.

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      I bought mine from Amazon and had the fan fail on me after not long either.

      I contacted them and got them to send me a replacement fan. But I then went and bought a FLIRC case so it's passively cooled.

      • FLIRC case = Me too… ( $21.80 @ Amazon AU)… my fan hadn't failed but one look at it when assembling the kit and I figured a very short life span… kit perfect otherwise…

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      Thats kinda expected from a cheap fan that stays on 24x7. I modified the fan from their kit to turn on only when the cpu temp is over a set number, similar to this guide and its been working perfectly, another benefit is that it makes no fan noise when theres no need of a fan..

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      For what it's worth, the pi4 launched as an absolute monster at heat, generating problems and a reputation of being crashy. There have since been three major firmware upgrades that lowered power draw of neighbouring components, and then more efficiency tweaks. Its much more friendly and runs fine without a fan now.

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    Fan was dodgy in mine within weeks, too, so took it out and left the case open.

    Ended up getting a flirc case while they were on sale(they're only $21.50 on amazon anyway). Not the best case out there, but it doesn't need a fan, and consistently 15-20c cooler than no case at all, and still cooler than the original HS/F combo by ~5-10c. Just in case :)

  • Can anyone recommend a replacement fan that will be quieter/perform better?

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    It used to be a $35 computer for developing countries. What happened ?

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      Yeah same here. Why the hell are Raspberry Pi's so much now? Is it because they found a great way to make money so they just jacked up the prices?

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        Compare the original technical specs with today's models … single-core 700MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 1 USB port, no networking…

      • it's only ever been $35 in USA, i guess that's all that matters when it comes to marketing/maintaining a narrative.

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      It started life as a cheap computer to educate British school students.
      You may be thinking of India's $35 laptop: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-laptop-idUSTRE66M0R...

    • The base versions are still quite cheap. This is just expensive because it has 8GB of RAM and comes with a massive SD card.

      The only reason I'd buy this (personally) is to run a low cost Minecraft server.

    • Never was, and the price points you are saying are in usd. That $35mark is still achievable by getting their pi4 2gb.

      It's just now they have a cheaper still pi zero, A models of stuff slightly cheaper, then a 4gb and ign pi4. It's great.

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    You can buy the Raspi 4B with 8GB for A$123 here w/o SD Card: https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-8gb.h...
    (many people have tons of SD cards at home)

  • At this price point you either buy an Arduino for low-level stuff like electronics wiring (relays, sensors etc) or if you need CPU grunt for say Plex then you get a used Optiplex instead.

    These expensive RasPi's are suffering from feature creep which then dictates an inflated price. There are better value options.

    • For machine learning training, processing video feeds, 8gb is great to have as an option

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        But you can get 8Gb Optiplexes with a better CPU anyway?

        Possibly might have a use case for an expensive RasPi if you need the portability and ML stuff, but that's not exactly a common use case

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          for ML & AI, you can get a cheaper nVidia Jetson nano with CUDA.

    • Still good for low power consumption, always on uses like Home Assistant or Pi Hole etc. I do think the price is getting a bit ridiculous and there a lots of other options now like ODROID etc.

  • What happened to RPi ? It was cheap back in the day, Now expensive than a Jetson nano 2GB ($86) lol.


  • I bought one of the Labists starter kits off Amazon last year and the power supply keeps giving me low voltage warnings. I have since bought the RPi official power supply and have not had any low voltage warnings since.

  • I bought the labists kit from amazon last year during Prime Day, fan also stopped working after a few weeks.
    It was a simple fix though, opened it up, cleaned it out with some isopropyl alcohol, then greased it a bit with some WD40 and it's working beautifully again.

  • Bought one of these to use a Microsoft teams platform and turn the TV into a conferencing device which I proved works today using an older unit.

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    Just find that Raspberry Pi 4 Complete Starter Kit with Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM /64GB MicroSD Card only US$79 (~A$111) with Code: Labists28


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