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Telstra Day: iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $699 (Save $500) + Plan, iPad Air 4 64GB Cellular $899 (Save $200) + Plan & More @ Telstra


Looks like Telstra are having a one day sale on Thursday the 5th August and for those still looking for an iPhone 12 mini this looks like the cheapest deal so far (even though new iPhones will be announced in a month or so this still seems like a pretty good deal).

It says up to $500 off the iPhone 12 range but not more specific details.

Given that the iPhone 12 mini 64gb has an RRP of $1,199 and the cost of the cheapest plan is $55 it is safe to say that the iPhone mini 64gb will be $500 off based on the total minimum cost of $754.

Other deals include:

  • iPad Air 4 64GB cellular for $899 ($200 off so the same cost as the wifi only version)
  • Apple Watch SE 40mm $404 ($100 off RRP)

Guessing full details will be out tomorrow for all the deals.

It says specials are available both online and in store.

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    • Hi, I’ve an existing Telstra plan, purchased mini outright, arriving sat

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      yes, been shipped and arrives tomorrow, no plan added but existing telstra customer.

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      I got StarTrack tracking, ETA is Monday for me. no plan.

      • just to update that mine arrived. such a nice deal.

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    Mine arrived this morning. Less than 24 hour turn around. Very impressive.

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    Still Waiting for stock :( ordered at 4:00 pm, mini blue 128GB
    Already bought charger, MagSafe and two cases lol

    • same boat as you. only i'm still deciding if it's a gift for my wife or myself hence the two cases options haha

    • Ordered exact same model at 9:30am, also sill waiting for stock.
      Looking for cases and accessories too, Any suggestions?

      • Kmart do screen protectors and cases for a buck each

        Searching MagSafe case will get your ones with their own magnet plate in them which is good considering all the MagSafe stands out there

        MagSafe stands range from 11-150 bucks , I’ll probably pick this cheap one up: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373548658459

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          Great, thanks mate!

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          Kmart cases and screen protectors are the bomb. Can't go wrong!

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        TK Maxx is good for cases and screen protectors as well. Screne protectors are ridiculously expensive from stores like JB, Harvey Norman etc, but TK Maxx has cases for $12 and screen protectors for $7 and under (vs $40 + at other stores).

      • Leather, folio type case $38 https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08FYMY8M1
        And Apple MagSafe, its the only one that does 15W charging.

  • Crickets from Telstra business, won't have case and GSP till later in week. Hopefully by then.

  • Ordered 6am morning of sale, dispatched SMS 11:30am Friday (with ETA of today). Startrack says it hasn't been picked up yet, so hope they have a time machine handy :-P

    At least this is a gift and not required til end of week, will be here by then.

    • Exactly the same situation with you. StarTrack has expected delivery as next Monday. What colour and size did you order?

      • Red 128gb ip12

        Have seen others already have their orders.

        • No. Still waiting

          • @tychiang82: So looks like mine just didn't get scanned for pickup at Tesltra, went out for delivery yesterday. Possibly yours is a bit closer than it appears too.

  • Anyone knows if their credit file was hit?

    • Just checked and nothing for my outright purchase.

      • Thanks mate. Will wait for next deal.

    • something to hide :)

  • Ordered iPhone 12 mini 128g in blue at around 9.30am on the day.
    Just checked my order status, it shows:
    Hardware delivery delayed
    Sorry, your Telstra hardware delivery is delayed due to stock levels. We’ll let you know when it’s on its way.
    Hmmmm, don't know when it will get delivered…

    • same here, previously it has said "backorder" don't know whether this update is a good thing or a bad thing lol

    • Same message for me. I believe other than Black, all colours will be in backorder.

      • I have not even had it changed to delayed… who knows how long it will take ?

  • Good service from Telstra business, ordered over the phone Thursday morning arrived this morning. 12 mini 128gb.

  • Arrived yesterday regional vic. Bought outright without plan.

  • backorder 128gb white mini shipped just now

    • Says it’ll arrive Thursday.

      Getting wife to click and collect the 50cent cases and screen protectors from Kmart tomorrow. Hopefully she doesn’t look in the parcel and it’s still a surprise

  • Finally got the phone. Took bloody forever especially since the ETA when I ordered said Sunday.

  • My order changed from Backorder to Delayed. I ordered iPhone 12 Blue 128GB. Anyone experience a similar situation?

    • +1

      Yes, mine was like that too. But I got an expected delivery: Saturday 14 Aug this morning!

      • Let me check for this. Mine was changed to delayed yesterday. When did you see that change on your order?

        • Mine still shows as delayed. Where do you check for expected delivery?

          • @Nikunj: In your order confirmation email, there is a link to "track my order".

            • @davidavid26: Thanks, tried above, which takes me to my telstra page and it shows 'DELAYED'.

              Was your order Iphone 12 128GB Blue

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    alleged attempted delivery today, only my cameras saw nothing, no missed card… strange startrack. is this a c19 thing ?

    • Damn, that’s some next level laziness if they are marking a delivery attempt and not even turning up!

      • +1

        Turns out thats for a reason, because of the ID check on receipt the drivers don’t want to do that so they make you go to the office .

        I live in Noosa , QLD FWIW

  • Damn the 12 is nice, shoulda gotten 2.

    Going to have to wait for the 13 for the price to drop this low again I guess

    • battery life's good?

      • it's only been a few hours lol

        but honestly i'm not worried about that.
        we have oodles of battery packs stashed in work travel and nappy bags and qi chargers littered on most surfaces through the house and cars.

        I get why its an issue for many but we're unique in that 4 hours without a charger is definitely the exception. more like 1-2 hours since covid started.

  • Can anyone please confirm the iPhone 12 mini you received is not locked to Telstra if you bought it outright?

    • confirmed

      has a vodafone Sim in it working now

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    No progress on my order, iphone mini 256GB BLue - states still on back order. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

    • +1

      Yes, I'm still waiting on a mini 128GB in blue.

    • +3

      Same, with iphone mini 128gb purple.

  • +1

    Any progress for anyone iPhone mini 128 GB blue order? Telstra is not changing the colour.

    • +2

      Still waiting. I sent a message via the app but of course their response was useless.

      • +1

        Still waiting as well, iPhone mini 128 Red.
        Started with "Waiting for stock" went to "Delayed" a week ago, on 17th changed to "Waiting for stock".
        Messaged via app - pointless responses.

    • I just received a notice that mine has shipped.

      • Telstra managed to mess up my consignment by not including my full address, so apparently it's going to be resent. I have no idea if the new consignment is going to be correct or have the same problem.

        • +2

          What! I've heard of this happening multiple times in this thread now. It's a real issue.

          • @em: Yes and it's compounded by being unable to speak to anyone who can fix the problem. You just have to trust it will be fixed next time, or if not then there's a slim chance it will be taken to the post office.

            • @Kid A: Mine hasn't turned up yet. 5:35pm.. Wondering if I have the same issue.

              • @em: Any luck yet?
                Telstra called me to correct the address and resend it. Let's see if they get it right.

                • @Kid A: Luckily I didn't have the same issue in the end.

                  My issue was that instead of bothering to deliver to my house, Startrack delivered straight to the LPO. Then the next morning came past and put a card in my mailbox!! I was so annoyed. I've now picked it up from AusPost luckily.

                  I hope you get your phone soon, what a mess.

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      mine "dispatched", got tracking but not scanned yet

  • Got 50000 Telstra plus points as a new service bonus, what a surprise! I thought they have stopped giving pts for new services.

    • Plan or outright?

      • +1

        Plan of course. I was counting on the cashback offsetting the first-month service charge but this is a nice surprise. I am an existing T customer so no credit check either.

        • Nice!

          • @niniksa: Cashback also got approved. A little too fast to believe!

  • +1

    Just got a notification that my phone is on the way..I posted what it is above

    • +1

      Got confirmation email from Telstra also

      • Which iphone were you waiting for?

        • iPhone mini blue 128 gb

          • +2

            @akd: happy for you guys.Still no news with me… quite frustrating…. the way it is going, may cancel my order with the 13 due to be released

            • @tychiang82: finally got a semi-useful reply from the telstra chat, got advised usual fulfillment for products on back-order could be 3-4 working weeks from order time to delivery. Guess around uh 13th of September delivery at the latest … (iPhone 12 mini 128GB Red).

  • +3

    Well they have called me today to cancel the order because of no stock

    My order has been in backorder since the day
    Iphone mini white 256gb

    • Noooo, now I'm worried about my Mini blue 128gb :( Still waiting for stock

      • +2

        Had a chat with a telstra rep on the phone. He said that there were over 50+ on back order for each color. Even if it shows that the phone is in stock on the website - it is not. He assured that the phone is on order and it's just a matter of waiting … for how long, he didn't say.
        Telstra, an absolute joke, as always.

        • I think I'm the only one left on this thread still waiting, I should call them

          • @Goldorak: No I'm still waiting. It was sent back to Telstra after they got the address wrong, and now it's on back order again.

            • @Kid A: Mine just arrived this morning. Good luck to those of you still waiting.

            • @Kid A: Telstra just did the same to me: 4 weeks on backorder and when they finally ship it they didn't include the unit number. Now it's on its way back, Startrack couldn't tell me if that means back all the way to Telstra in Sydney or back to the nearest StarTrack depot. They say it could be either. Did yours went back to Telstra?

              • @Goldorak: Yes it went back to Telstra. It took them another week to send one out with the correct address as it went on backorder again. It's silly but Startrack aren't allowed to change the consignment (Telstra's rule).

          • @Goldorak: Also waiting (128GB green iPhone 12 mini here).

            • @MELso: So mine just got dispatched this evening, you should check your order it seems they just got some stock.

    • You're only 4 weeks away from iPhone 13. It'll cost a bit more but something to consider.

      • It'll cost a lot more - probably $400-$500 more.

        (Still waiting on a green 12 mini 128GB.)

        • Hooray - my green one's about to ship

    • They offered me to swap to a different colour when I called a week after I have placed the order. I decided to keep the original colour and got the phone after abt 2 weeks. Red 128 mini here.

      • I ordered red 128gb mini and today 31 aug on chat they still say no ETA. And they won't just change colour to black. They want to cancel order, make a new order for black at $100 more, then when that ships they claim they will refund $100

        • Telstra just called to cancel the order and refund because no red and it is EOL. And the current price to reorder is $100 more. He claimed if I reorder there will be a note on my account that I should get the $100 difference refunded, but that seems like a gamble.

          • @mrmachine: Screenshot the chat or save the transcript to your email. Worst case is that you just return the phone (unsealed).

  • +1

    31/08, order cancelled (iPhone 12 mini Red 128GB). Customer service said I can use the original deal if I just call back the sales line. Called the sales line was advised that I cannot use the original deal anymore. Well, learnt my lesson lol.

    • I reordered in black after they cancelled my red (they called and suggested I might like to "change" to black, then said that requires cancellation and reorder).

      The black order cost me $100 more at the current price, but I spent most of the day off and on with chat support (they take up to 30 mins to reply, often) to confirm that they would honour the original price by issuing a $100 refund. They gave me a case number and said come back to request the refund when the device arrives.

      3 days later today and it has arrived. I quoted the case number to chat support and they said case notes only indicate that I had requested a refund, not that one is authorised!

      I directly quoted their previous agents text indicating otherwise and after another 4 hours off and on, they claim to have finally issued a $100 refund to my credit card (after some hiccups with them claiming they could only add credit to my account, which would appear in a month on my next bill, and then a vague promise that I could then refund the account credit to my credit card).

      I still have my doubts!

  • looked at the small print and it says for the s21 save 50% if signed up to an eligible plan, so that is a no from me, unless you can cancel the plan straight after you purchase the phone and they won't then charge the other 50%???

  • Looking on Telstra Plus, it seems they've got stock of the 128GB model in all colours except green and red…

  • Ughh why do Telstra plans have to start at $55

    • You can buy outright without adding a plan through Telstra…

  • Anyone received their 235gb iPhone mini yet?