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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF, Intel Core i5 4570 3.20GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD $169.99 + Delivery @ FuseTechAu


Standard procedure , we have more Optiplexs , go buy some they are great office PCs.

The Optiplex 9020 is an affordable desktop, Great for your work and studies

• CPU - Intel Core i5 4570

• Ram - 8gb ddr3 ( Optional upgrades available)

• Hard Drive - 128gb SSD - High quality brand from Samsung, gigabyte, western digital, Kingston (optional upgrades available)

• Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4600

• Connectivity - Headphone Jack + Mic Jack, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0,2 x display port 1x vga

• Optical Drive - Yes

• Network - Ethernet

• Operating System - Windows 10 Pro


-Power cable-Vga Cable

We also have a selection of Cheap peripherals including Keyboards and mice


RGB mouse pad for +10 efficiency


We Also have some ultra budget Gaming PCs!!!!!!!!!!


Something with a tad more oomph


Warranty - 3 months warranty


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  • +1

    Good price.

    Do you have the cute USFF ones?

    • +23

      we don't unfortunately, they do be cute tho

      • Personally wants to downsized my server stack to USFF.

        These are really cute and wife friendly.

  • +2

    Do you guys have anything a bit more recent, looking for something that has a later quick sync video format support.
    Skylake / 6th Gen onwards?

    • +2

      I run Blue Iris with 5 cameras as well as Plex server on my refurb i7-6700. Cost me $299 with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and Windows 10 Pro. (not from this seller)

      • Exactly what I plan to do. Which model are you using?

        • +2

          HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF Desktop PC i7-6700 8GB RAM 256GB SSD WIN10 PRO.

          Perfect for the job, there's space and cabling for two 3.5 inch drives alongside the included SSD. I had to sacrifice the CDROM sata though.

          These things are built for easy maintenance, HDD install was two mins max.

          It handles 24/7 recording, deepstack AI analysis and plex server just fine. Typically 25% CPU usage, trending to 50% with heavy movement on cams.

    • +5

      if you like to bid and pay for postage i can can pick up and post for you …….no strings just helping.

      1hour 40min left to bid.

      EDIT… i forgot to mention i buy these ex government computers all the time, good condition

      sorry i think i replyed to wrong comment, now i cant delete.


    • if you like to bid and pay for postage i can can pick up and post for you …….no strings just helping.

      1hour 40min left to bid.

      EDIT… i forgot to mention i buy these ex government computers all the time, good condition


      • Postage would be pretty costly you think?

  • +2

    Great price

    • This is a 7+yr old PC… with DDR3

      • +11

        And still great desktop machines. Moore's law is dead.
        DDR3 does mean it will cost more to upgrade to 16GB though.

        What has changed a lot since then is GPU power. For games, you'll want to add a graphics card.

        • +1

          Moore's law was about doubling the number of transistors per CPU every couple of years and not directly computational power.
          With CPUs packing up more cores, Moore's law is still well alive.

          • @ThePasserby: Back in the day, I was upgrading my PC every 18 months or so, and expecting at least a doubling of real-world performance.
            Now its not even worth changing phones that often :)

            • @bargaino: Faster clock frequency CPU requires the transistors to be smaller.
              Smaller transistors require smaller voltages making logic voltage levels closer to each other.
              Thus more susceptible to noise/cross-talk.
              With today's cutting edge tech of 7nm process, the transistors are 35 atoms wide, making doping ratio a bit of a challenge.

              So, miniaturisation/ ability to get faster clock speed quickly reaching its limits…
              That's why the chip manufactures came with the idea of cores…

              While it helps with multitasking, apps coding needs to be adapted to benefit from multi-core CPUs.

              • @ThePasserby: Yes, multi-threaded programming is a bitch. I know.
                GPUs have benefited far more than CPUs, no?

                The i5-4570 has 4 cores already, and adding more gives diminishing returns.

      • I got one a year or so ago and has been great for the wife. Upgraded with some spare ram I had laying about and threw in an SSD. Perfect for her work and general computer usage. This would suit almost anyone not doing GPU or CPU intensive work like gaming or video editing.

        The only issue I had was the PSU died on hers after about 10 months (she kept letting it go to sleep rather than power off which seems to reduce the life of PSUs significantly). Cost ~$50 to replace as you need the right one to fit in the case.

  • +7

    Not bad for light office work, but Windows 11 will give this a downvote

    • +37

      I give Windows 11 a downvote

    • +7

      chill guys, I'm NOT Windows 11, I too think the requirement is dumb.

      • +5

        Now you tell us.

  • +7

    These are great to run CCTV systems, file servers/NAS, media players etc.

    • +7

      and monitor stand..

      • Too large a footprint as monitor stand, you want something with less depth. Unless you are still using CRT. :D

        • +2

          These sit nicely under a monitor, SSD makes the unit less noisy.
          They have been a stable machine with bugger all failures.
          These units also have decent air flow so they never really heated up that much.

  • +2

    Potential for 24/7 Plex server/Docker machine?
    As an upgrade from a Nvidia Shield as my Plex Server

    • +1

      Is the Nvidia Shield inadequate? I have an Nvidia Shield and a separate Windows server but still using the Nvidia Shield as the Plex Server.

      • +1

        Yeah same. Ditched my old HTPC for the shield. (Though I do miss MCE -> But then again not really as there is sweetfa to watch on FTA)

    • Yes, as long the encoding is done by Nvidia Shield.

    • +1

      I use a i5-4590 (almost identical CPU) and 8gb of Ram for an UnRaid Plex/Docker Machine. I set it up pretty recently but is more then suitable and couldn't be happier. Only comment would be you would want to add some HDDs to this for storage.

    • Yep perfect, I recently just set one of these up as a Proxmox machine.

    • I ran one of these as a Plex machine for several years, was excellent.

  • Does it come with an antenna if you choose the wifi option?

    Is the displayport and dvi plug included as shown in the pics?

  • I bought one from the last deal and installed a 1050ti. works well, but I get a screen blacking out for 1 second randomly during games.

    Anyone have a fix for it?

    • Have you installed the driver?
      Edit: I mean geforce experience, if you don't it might act up in random ways.

      • +1

        You shouldn't need geforce experience

        • This. The standalone driver is all that's required. Experience is just software.

      • Thanks for trying to help. I have GeForce experience and the lastest driver installed from nvidia

    • Could be the PSU struggling….

      • I figured it could be this too. Usually happens during the loading screen of Genshin Impact (which shows up in task manager as High Power Usage)

    • In nvidia control panel under 3D settings, Try switching power saving mode to Prefer maximum performance.

      • Thanks kevsta! This is the only solution that worked. I have tried every suggestion in the NVidia forums and reddit

    • That's your HDMI cable crapping out on you. I had that before. Symptom will get worse. Switch to another HDMI cable and test it out.
      Def not PSU issue.

    • What did the log file show?

    • I have a 9020 and a LP 1050ti and might have had the same problem, all my screens would lose signal (turn black) then reconnect 1 second later, was annoying as F. I don't game much though and noticed it happening the most on certain websites, oddly enough.

      It hasn't been doing it lately (touch wood), and I won't be much help because I don't know why. I always assumed it was the PSU struggling. If it helps (it probably won't) I'm currently on Nvidia "studio driver" 462.31.

    • Try a different cable

  • Is Windows 10 Pro preinstalled?

    Are you in Sydney or Melbourne.

    • Hi! Pre-installed , and we are Melbourne Based

      • +1

        Is the SSD new or old?

        • +7


        • The Samsung SSD would be what came with the DELL unit at new.
          So not new.
          I think this model comes with the 3.5 inch caddy. Ours did when we configured them.. But who knows with these ones.

          • @Soviet: I am not sure if they are the same company this eBay listing said new SSD but not sure if they are Samsung.

            eBay Dell

        • Hey, the 128gb ssd is refurbished and the upgraded options of 240gb and 512gb are brand new ssds.

  • Does this come with windows or MSoffice?

    • +1

      As per the advert
      "• Operating System - Windows 10 Pro"

  • +1

    Nice price. Very good machine to use as a media center to power a projector to watch movies, stream youtube etc.

  • +3

    What's the idle power consumption like on this thing ?

    • +2

      About 30w

  • +2

    Didnt these deals previously come with free delivery?

  • Fine for web browsing and word processing I assume? (looking to pick up a PC for general duties, but would be nice for it to be able run 7-8 chrome tabs without chugging).

    • Yes this is what it's designed for

    • -3

      no you cannot browse the web on this

    • +1

      It'll be great at that. Overpowered really for just a few Chrome tabs. I'm still gaming (older generation heavy games/newer gen lighter games) on an ancient i5-3570 and that's more than Chrome will throw at it. The only upgrade might be more ram.

  • Good price

  • +2

    haswell is still very competent, even today. not a bad price.

    • +7

      Intel hasn't made a lot of progress the last 8 years

      • not denying that

      • I blame it on the bean counters at the helm. I am hoping with recent reshuffle they can move forward again.

  • Can we run windows 11 in future? Thanks

    • +1

      Officially, no (older than 8th gen Intel)

      There's a good chance that there will be workarounds.

      I use a 9020 micro as my desktop PC in the office - it's great for general computing duties.

      • +1

        thanks ill buy anyway just for those times when you really need to run windows and you own m1 Mac :-D

        • Why not just dual boot Mac with windows

          • @asa79: Doesn’t work with m1.

            • +1

              @Okayy: yes it does but you have to use Parallels and get Windows ARM version image. Im running it and works well.

              • @TommyGun: Great I’ll try this will look up some YouTube tutorials and see how it goes.

    • Probably not if Microsoft stick to their official specs. I've got Windows 11 on a Dell Optiplex 990 at the moment but it will probably become unsupported.

    • +1

      considering I'm able to run windows 10 on a asus eeepc single core atom, anything is possible.

    • Officially no, maybe they change their minds if there is enough complaining. If not Linux awaits.

  • +12

    These and the Optiplex 9010 SFF have a bit of a cult following as a solid second hand rig.

    I have the 9010 which is similar to the 9020 I believe (only(?) exceptions are that the 9020 uses 4th gen intel processors, 9010 uses 3rd gen). If you are looking to install a video card, check the PSU rating and clearance around the PCIe x16 slot. Speaking from my experience from the 9010:


    • Perfect for LIGHT gaming - can easily pair with a half height 1050ti video card. Of course it's not going to play the latest and greatest games in 4k.
    • Good selection of ports / expandability
    • Great to use as a HTPC or Plex server, especially when paired with a video card
    • 3x SATA ports, standard PSU connectors
    • Bulletproof and good build quality - at least in my experience… mine hasn't skipped a beat
    • 4x RAM slots - you could potentially install up to 32gb of ram if you wanted to


    • DDR3 as mentioned above
    • No M.2 slot - cannot install NVME drives if that's a deal breaker for you
    • PC will not be compatible with Windows 11 as mentioned above - CPU is not on the official support list and it doesn't have a TPM. I think Windows 10 reaches end of support in 2025? So you'll still get some life out of it nevertheless
    • +1

      Thanks for your review. How are the fan noise levels?

      • +1

        I am going by our previous units, not that noisy. They are very spacious inside so there is a gradual constant airflow. That said, depends on where they came from, was their dust build up? Always good to give a good clean out when it arrives. If your confident enough, get it a new seal of CPU goo.

      • +1

        They're quiet - I have mine hooked up a to a TV and I can only hear it when the TV is on mute (it's pretty inaudible, certainly not annoying anyway).

        Even when under load it's pretty quiet IMO

    • Got one. Will try out a $8 PCIE SSD Card M.2 adaptor card to see if it boots of an M.2.

      • I don't think you'll be able to boot off it but you could use it for storage

    • Are you sure about the 3 x SATA ports? The manual states you can only fit 1 x 3.5-inch HDD or 2 x 2.5-inch HDD

      ah I'm guessing the optical drive takes one of them

      • There are 3 SATA ports but I think only one of them is SATA III

      • +1

        Correct… I have 2x 2.5 inch HDDs and 1x Optical drive. One of the 2.5s is floating (i.e. not screwed in) - good build I know haha.

        If you wanted to fit in a third drive cleanly, you could always get a optical bay drive converter and replace the DVD drive with another SSD :)

        • +1

          what are you powering the drives with? Looks like the cdrom power cable isn't a standard connector, so cant just plug that into a 2.5" drive.

          • @cimrak: I've got a optical drive caddy - this will allow you to use the optical drive connector on a SATA drive. You can find plenty on ebay as an example.

    • now that's comprehensive

  • $23.22 delivery for me in metro Sydney

    • Same for metro Bris

  • +1

    +1 for the power cable!

    • +2


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