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VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Cam $126.65 Delivered @ VIOFO AU via Amazon AU


just paid $144 not even 2 weeks ago , awesome cam I guess now its just 126.65 delivered

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  • How do you power these things? Am I supposed to have a cable always dangling down the windscreen, or do I need to take it in to a mechanic so they can run a hidden cable? Or can I maybe do the latter myself? Maybe I'm dumb.

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      Just push the cable in the gap between the windshield and roof liner, and down the pillar :)

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        Just be sure the cable won't interfere with the operation of airbags if they are installed.

        • how do you work that out?

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            @ankor: Try a strong bump after installation?

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        I have installed two of these. One was easy as, the other was a killer as the USB receptacle was in a compartment with a door that was almost impenetrable. I had to use a curtain wire similar to an electricians fishing tape to find a gap and it took me an hour just for that bit.

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      Paid a guy on tasker to hard wire it in, and also do front + back camera install. Couldn't be happier actually. Everything is as tidy and neat as can be and very aesthetic, hard wiring works a charm and gives parking surveillance mode and saves the light port. Cost me about $130 all up

      • Damn what a bargain! How long ago was that? Few years ago I made the mistake of asking my mechanic to install my head unit, camera, etc, ended spending more than I care to admit

      • What is hard wiring? Is that taking out and adding into the fuse box. Compartment?

        Does this out you at risk of a flat battery with the camera parking surveillance mode on?

        • Yes, but some of these have an auto-sleep setting. Where if the camera doesn't see movement, or accelerator feels motion, or GPS doesn't pin new coordinates.

          The more high-end setups have multiple cameras, which run 24/7 whilst parked. They have super-capacitors and battery banks and also hard-drives. And if they detect an intruder or collision they'll start High-Quality recording and they'll pin a message to your phone. You can even view the car's cameras on your phone if it's connected to a SIM/Wifi. The system slowly deletes old footage if they're unmarked, and the battery bank slowly recharges itself up whilst you're driving.

          Tesla wants to do a similar thing, but they're trying to integrate it into the functionality of the car. I think most Brand New cars will have integrated dashcams soon… unless the insurance companies do something about it.

        • Yeah it's wiring it via the fuse box compartment. There shouldn't be a risk of that, because you can set it so that once the battery dips below a certain voltage, the cam will turn off. It'll usually last 2 to 3 days before turning off if you're not driving for a while

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        Yeah $150-ish seems a fair price to install.

        I tried to DIY a head unit installation once. Got cold feet and had a mechanic install it for $ 150. Really happy as he also did a good job on the wiring of the USB and microphone.

        Speaking of USB, it's about time car manufacturers add a USB port to the rear-view mirror!

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    I am lazy and just have the cable hanging. But my mate has put his cable along under the roof liner and down the pillar on the door. Looks very simple, he even offered to do mine but I can't even be bothered thinking about it, now that it's such there and working, I couldn't care less

    • Yeah it's not hard, maybe an hour tops. Just remove the plastic trim on the A-pillar and wire it down, have some plastic adhesive clips to secure the cable in the footwell and around to either fuse-box hardwire or cigarette lighter.

  • Is A120 really worth the extra money?

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    Thanks for deal although with lockdown not gonna make much use out of it so I will pass

  • Great deal by the way op. Just got another one for the missus! This camera is very good!

  • Brilliant cam, itโ€™s not compatible with WiFi but other than that absolutely fault.

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    Amongst the best value for money cams out there. We have two and they've been very reliable.

  • Is there a good dash cam which can video of the front and the inside of the car as well?

    I dont want to buy two dashcams for this.

    • There is, but keep in mind that means both cameras fail when the dashcam/microsd fails.

    • If you mount your phone to the side to use as a gps it can double as a backward facing camera.

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      Viofo A129 Duo is what I've gone with. It's literally the upgraded version of the camera in this deal, but the 'package' with a second camera (for either rear facing, or interior car facing). They have an IR version too, which works better in dark situations.

      I've installed 3 in total, in my last and my wife and I's current cars. Cheap compared to other options and I've had no issues. If you register it, the warranty increases from 12 to 18 months.

      I paid between $210 and $240 for the 3 A129 duos I've bought.

      FYI packs don't come with a hardwire kit unless specified. You'll have to buy as an extra. I've only ever seen it included in eBay listings.

      Takes up to 256gb SSD I believe. I've got a 256gb Samsung Evo select in each which is probably way overkill… Which I got on Amazon for around $50 each.

  • Stupid q but is it better to put these at the front or back assuming I'm only buying one?

    • I haven't used a dash camera before but the vast majority of individual cameras I have seen are placed in the front.

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      Considering you are generally driving forward and liable for things in front of you, the front.

    • If you are installing just one camera, obviously put it on the front!

    • Look at a129 models, have front and rear cam.

  • how do you check the footage if not compatible with WiFi

    • I suppose there's a way to navigate the recordings by operating the dash camera's menu, but I find it too tedious. Easiest is to just unplug the memory card and slot it into a laptop.

    • Just normally plug the sd card into a computer

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    100% claimed

  • 100% claimed…

  • Overall I'm very happy with video quality from this camera. But you need to make sure the power supply from your car is providing enough power when the car first turns on to make sure the dashcam starts automatically. e.g. https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/solved-a119-sometimes-...

  • Thanks - grabbed one. Any recommendations for SD cards?

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      Any endurance cards like Samsung Pro Endurance/SanDisk High Endurance

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    become available again hurry up

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      Just grabbed one after originally seeing they were all claimed. Cheers OP!

  • is anyone here want to donate any $ for me cause I paid $144 for mine just 2 weeks ago , it's for my effort to look for bargain for you guys :)?

    • Why don't you just return it and buy it again?

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        just a joke , I don't care really I am happy with the cam

        • Op is very nice, op bought a quality product and when op found a better price, op shared it with others.

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    is it foolish to buy a dash cam if you dont even have a car yet? planning on getting one though

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      No, its like buying condoms and leaving them in your wallet.

      However it stayed in my wallet for 12 years before I got to use it…

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        You must be using back door most of the time ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Thanks for the deal! was interested in a dashcam and jumped on it. Should have probably done research on it beforehand(but i saw the deal with 10min remaining and most of the comments recommend it).. does this dashcam work while the car engine is off/parked? specs mentioned that its a 'capacitor camera' and doesnt have an internal battery

    • You need to purchase the optional hardwire kit.

      The HK3 Hardwire Kit provide constant power to the camera when the engine is off, also provide low voltage protection for the vehicle battery, ACC function can automatically switch the parking motion and normal recording without waiting.

      • Thanks, will check it out

  • Thanks OP, just purchased one. Was waiting for the price to come down.

  • Purchases this one awhile ago and love it. I've unfortunately destroyed the cable for the rear camera and was wondering if anyone knows where I can pick one up?

  • 128 or 256gb microSD cards? Some okay SanDisk high endurance prices on Amazon but have been cheaper in the past

  • Great camera, I find the video quality is even better when you add the optional Infra Red filter.

    as for those asking about ease of install, hide excess wire into the gap between windscreen glass and roof liner, run it down the A-Pillar then use a fuse tap:

    • Can you please post your videos with and without the filter.