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Hisense 70S5 70" 4K LED Smart TV $779.98 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Saw this at Ipswich Costco.

Been cheaper before but this is not a bad price for a 70 inch TV.


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    Same at auburn nsw

  • How munch cheaper was it before?

    • $716 with code from TGG.

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        munch cheaper

        • monster munch

      • Link please

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        Is the s5 a lot worse than s8?

        • s5 is a model below the s8 so technically it's worse but not sure by how much

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    Considering Costco’s warranty this is well worth it

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      Other than 90 days returns for electronic, what else do they offer? Can't seem to find any info regarding warranty on their website.

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        Warranty last as long as u keep you membership up to date
        The 90days is peace of mind in case u don’t like it

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          When i asked this to adelaide costco, i was told no.such benefit exist. Happy to be corrected.

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            @Diesmile: Website specifically says 90 days for electronics. Don't think this lifetime return policy exists anymore.

        • they got rid of that because people were abusing it :(

          • @bdl: How can you abuse a warranty guarantee?

            • @ruhail: Taking a TV back way after it has died of natural causes and demanding a refund/replacement

            • @ruhail: People were coming from overseas to work in australia for 1 or 2 years, buying a whole house worth of products, lounge, kitchen, tv, cookware, garage stuff..

              Then when returning home they were using the "change of mind" to return everything they have ever purchased!

          • +1

            @bdl: I returned a Vornado Fan a month ago which was 3 years old and stopped working. Costco replaced it no worries.

            • @sixthirty: People were using the system to upgrade TV to newer models :(.

              I'm a Costco member and love their policy of keeping a customer happy while they keep their membership current, I would have preferred that the TV policy was limited in someway rather than removed altogether, but some people spoil it for everyone.

              I even bought windscreen wipers at Costco USA and was able to return them to AU no problem :)

              • @bdl: I honestly think its going to be now handled as common sense because the warranty is a huge sales point

  • Do good guys.. Jb hifi price match these deals?

    • -7

      Yes iv got them all to price match but u miss out on the Costco warranty tho

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        Costco no longer offer lifetime warranties on the TV's

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        no more extreme warranty from Costco my friend.

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        Costco requires a membership so not sure how you managed that.

        • Easy I asked they all just need proof of item in stock and price

    • -1

      It’s a hit or a miss, depends on the rep. JB price match policy excludes “members only or subscription prices” so they can say no and more often than not they do say no.
      But I have got them to price match very few times after showing my Costco membership.

  • how does this compare to OLED 55inch apart from being OLED and smaller.

    • +12

      Mostly just that it's LED and larger.

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      how does this compare to OLED 55inch apart from being OLED and smaller.


    • +1

      Probably as similar as an apple to an orange :)

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    This tv is shit, i had to do a claim after vertical moving lines all over screen.

  • What's the standard warranty on this then, 3 years?

    • yes - 3 years with HiSense

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    just letting people know this tv runs vidaa os which doesn't support many Australian apps (only sbs, abc iview, foxtel). It does have the standard youtube, netflix and amazon but i recommend you pair this with an andriod tv box or an apple tv

    • Energy efficiency would be pretty bad then running the native os, plus an android tv box, plus being 70" anyway. Can see a significant increase in power bills if coming from say a 42" non smart tv. Wish I could get some real world wattage data for these TVs, but no one seems to have it. For reference, a 42" Pana uses 38 watts. 47" uses 90 watts.

      • +2

        The extra power consumption is due to the inefficient Android system. It wakes up every few seconds to check something.

        Unfortunately, most TVs come with it today. It’s unavoidable

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    Another quality "essential" buy?

    • It is if your only TV died and you have nothing to watch in lockdown.

      • Yes, Covid news is essential. I'd hate to think of what might happen to you without it. ☠️

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          You'd be much slimmer and happier? Just a wild guess.

  • +13

    "Limited quality"
    Probably that's not a typo…

    • +2

      Very old poverty spec model. Dubious quality, terrible picture (I tried one for a week, once, as there aren't many 70s to choose from). Not even FALD, so nothing like (even) the higher spec HiSenses

  • We had the Hisense 75R/75 In UHD since last year and honestly it was a good buy!

  • compare to Aldi or Big W 's cheap brand, their 70 inch is about $800, I guess Hisense got better quality?

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    Having owned a Hisense, I personally would stay away from them. Our 2 year old TV started to have black screens/fail to turn on screen but has sound and won't be fixed till you power cycle it. Has happened about once a week for a while. Not happy.

    • +3

      3yr warranty. Why didn't you replace?

      • +1

        I've tried to get them to replace it but the support staff will only troubleshoot/get me to jump through hoops while they consider the issue to be 'good enough' for the time being and the issues have since come back and gotten worse. I'm not insane, who wouldn't love a brand new replacement?

        • +4

          Australian Consumer Law is on your side here—I've found if you can demonstrate you're well versed in ACL companies tend to play ball.

          I recently was having no luck with Nutribullet until I started quoting ACL e.g. I would have reasonably expected this product to be 'durable' and of 'acceptable quality'.

          Try pointing out that the black screens/failure to turn out constitutes a 'major fault'. And that if you knew you had to power cycle it weekly you would not have purchased it.

          Also (and you may know all of the above but in case it helps others) you can choose between seeking remedy from the manufacturer or the retailer. The retailer can't fob you off to the manufacturer (it's illegal).

          Things are more expensive in AU partly because of ACL, so use it to your advantage when it's warranted!

          • @nickeveli: Oh man yeah I wasn't informed enough about this clearly. I've just let it go on for too long and now it's over the warranty period. Oh well, lesson learned for next time.

            • +1

              @Smol Cat: Don't worry about the warranty period, the ACL basically gives you a warranty for as long as a reasonable consumer would expect.

              For TVs this is around 11 years.

              Companies are well aware of ACL and hope consumers just rollover, but you would be within your rights to keep pursuing this.

              Anyway, that's my rant done :-) whichever way you go hope it all works out.

              • @nickeveli:

                warranty for as long as a reasonable consumer would expect

                For TVs this is around 11 years

                Also had no idea about this. I thought it was only the number of years the manufacturer gave you. How would you pursue something like this? I've never heard of anyone arguing after a warranty is expired and getting a replacement? Does this happen?

                • +2

                  @Smol Cat: It happens all the time. I was able to get Sony to replace an Xperia phone a few months after warranty because the 'waterproof' feature didn't work properly and my phone was ruined.

                  Have a read of this:


                  And then draft an email including as many key terms from that page, and even reference ACL.

                  For me I would say something like:

                  • I bought this TV xx
                  • It developed a Fault where xx happened
                  • Support advised me to do xx
                  • The Fault has persisted and since then I've had to power cycle my TV every week
                  • I would not have purchased this product if I had known about this fault and the requirement to power cycle the TV every week.
                  • I think this unit fails the test of being Acceptable Quality under Australian Consumer Law and I would like the unit to be repaired or replaced, or if this fault affects all units, a full refund.

                  I normally try the retailer first, and try the manufacturer second. See how you go, happy to keep helping.

                  • +1

                    @nickeveli: Wow awesome that's a massive help, thanks for all the info. Even if I don't get it to go my way this time around, you've changed how I can approach this for every future incident. Wish more people knew about this, absolute gem thanks mate!

  • +3

    Have tried many brands, Hisense are attractive such as this tv in pricing, but they're rubbish. The android software from my experience has killed the tv, then remote stops working outside warranty and to get a replacement it's a $250. Get stuffed!
    Replaced with a Sony with Android, beautiful and now recently added an official google tv stick and even better, amazing!

    • I've had Sony ARC issues all the time. e.g. when ARC stops working and stops waking up devices.

      Hisense are great TV's for the price and Picture Quality if you wanted a Sony with same PQ then you'd end up paying 2-3 price. Yes their software is crappy, but this can be easily rectified by purchasing android TV devices.
      I have found embedded Android TVs are SLOW to turn on, and laggy interfaces as they usually use the cheapest chips available or not enough RAM.

      As for report stops working outside of warranty, that is easily fixed by purchasing a cheap remote off ebay or buy a cheap Logitech Harmony.

    • Have you looked at non genuine remotes? I have a Sony and one of the buttons stopped working (likey one of the kids dropped it or got it wet tbh). I got quoted around $90-100 to replace 5 years ago but bought a non genuine on ebay for $17. The button feel was not as good and it only lasted 18 months but I got another similar one for a couple of dollars more that's been running well for a few years now.

  • Just bought one last week for $1k from Good Guys :(

  • -1

    It's still a Hisense, and Hisense are garbage. I've got one on my wall and it's ruined the Olympics. If I had the money to replace it I'd throw it off the balcony.

  • Got one in the Afterpay/good guys/ebay sale.
    I like it. Has Kayo once you update, and apart from that the only other apps I’ve used are prime video, YouTube, Netflix and the Foxtel one, as it accepts my Foxtel go credentials and beats paying for another set top box. Had to get a chromecast for my binge trial and Disney.
    I’m happy with it. It did replace a 40 inch dumb af tv though. 😁

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