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Hisense 65Q8 65” Series Q8 ULED 4K Smart TV $1036 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good discount on a great bang for buck TV.
Similar to recent prices through afterpay/good guys.


Free delivery to select areas for a limited time.

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    Bloody hell this is getting ridiculously cheap for such a great tv!

    • Paid more than this for the 55” earlier in the year, hard regrets.

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    • With wireless subwoofer

    • This or Q8?

      • I'm wondering as well but seeing that the SX has a chance of the screen flickering issue occurring, I'm thinking the Q8.

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          Everyone that was having the flickering problems said it was solved (other than one person) from the firmware update. Also improved motion handling too. Probably worth taking a chance on, as it is a better picture than the Q8 because of the black level. If it does have the issue still, then swap it for the Q8 or another TV.

          • @Monstalova: Awesome. That's reassuring.

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            @Monstalova: I bought the 65SX on a Friday and returned it on the Monday.

            Absolutely terrible artifacting in dark scenes. Made watching anything slightly dark unbearable.

            Fully updated it as well.


            • @BargainMelbourne: Did you get a refund? Or could you either way

              • @Monstalova: I didn't push for a refund, instead I got store credit to go to the new TV that I purchased minus delivery cost (The Good Guys), but they also price matched the next TV I wanted so was happy.

                Really happy with their service as they also picked up the old TV (I reboxed it and it's 70kg!!) and delivered the new one at the same time.

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                  @BargainMelbourne: That's good they let you do it without hassle. Sometimes stores are bad and make you jump through hoops to change or refund

                  • @Monstalova: Yea I showed the manager the video and he was in complete agreement with how bad it was haha

      • Q8. Sx have very poor reviews

      • Q8 is double the price? So not sure it's a fair comparison.

        • Where it said double the price.

        • Pretty sure you're thinking of the entry level S series. SX is the Dual Cell that's Hisense's flagship TV.

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    Prices for great tvs are getting so good lately.

    Wonder how long until we get these specs on a sub 800

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    Bought for $1270 at JB on the 6th of this month and I am very happy with it.
    Hoping they will match the difference with store credit as iv heard they have a 14 day price protection policy but cant find anything on the website about it.

    • Yep they do have 2 week price guarantee

      • Will they do even if the whole amount was paid by gc?

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    Thanks OP. Was about to go in store tomorrow and talk them down from $1200. No negotiations needed now.

  • Should have held out fml.

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    Just got JB marketing email, 20% off TV only for 1 day, till 17th.


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    Got this TV at the last sale. Be prepared to get a Shield or Apple TV. VIDAA is turrrrrible. The difference in picture quality between what the shield produces from the same apps that are on VIDAA is massive.

    • I’m running Google TV with the Q8. Which one you running?
      You think the Apple TV or Shield is a huge step up from Google TV?

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      I run google chromecast and use it only for Disney+ as there is no app. I find vidaa very good when watching prime, netflix or youtube. PQ is amazing

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    Coming up as $59 for delivery in metro Brisbane for me?

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    Anyone using this TV as a PC monitor? What are your thoughts?

    • TV always not good as monitor

    • I'm using a TV 65inch 4k tcl 3 years old model as a monitor and its fantastic. This TV has way better specs then mine so you should do it. Windows 10 looks great in 4k 60hz and this TV will do chroma subsampling 4.4.4 which is what you need so the icons/letters/numbers are crisp and not kinda blurred. Games are great if you have a powerful enough GPU to do 4k 60hz in games. Just a warning once you go this big of monitor real estate it's hard to go back to normal monitors. Lol

    • HDR is hit and miss with Win 10. Some games work, but I could not get desktop or movies to playback in HDR 10 or Dolby Vision.

      "Atmos" can be passed though to a compatible sounddbar / receiver. However it seems to use lossy Atmos and remove height channels. I had no luck passing though DTS:X

    • I use it solely as a PC monitor in my living room and with my XSX (but i dont play games all that much) and my Apple TV
      It's a fantastic monitor, minus the HDR (which i guess is Windows issue)

      I mostly youtube and browse though, thats my use about 90% of the time. When i wanna watch a movie/tv series i do through TV itself or Apple TV
      AMA, i'll let you know

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    Was tempted to buy but not sure now with the reviews:

    • +6

      I'd take anything written on productreview with a grain of salt

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          Have a look at any review on there. People only post negative reviews and bad experiences. The highest rated TV on there has 3.3 stars. Aldi TV's are among the highest rated and most reviewed.

    • Ignore the reviews who only have one post, or only post negative reviews.

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    Damn, ordered from TGG eBay deal for $1155 delivered a week ago. Feels bad.

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      You feel bad for paying just over a $100 more? Geez man.
      I paid $1600 a few months back and I still feel it was a great deal. Zero regrets with this tv.

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        OK I feel better now lol.

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        I agree. I felt it was great value at $1700 when I bought it

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        Paid $1350 and have no regrets. I find that with the latest update L0610 the motion handling is pretty good which was the only weak point.

    • I did the same but haven't received it yet (delivery lined up for today around 1 pm). I will call TGG & see if they credit the difference or just cancel & then order from JB.

      • Didn't realise that was an option to cancel if not yet delivered. Could you let me know how you go?

        • TGG happy to cancel order but won't refund delivery cost $55 as it is through third party. So saving came down around $65 if i were to go through JB. Just going to receive it today & avoid the hassle of all the refund process that can take 5-7 working days.

          • @Rsg: Yeah $65… not worth it. Plus get the TV sooner as well. Thanks for the reply.

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    I got the Q8 in the recent Powerland Afterpay sale.. and I have to admit it’s a beauty! Once you tweak the picture settings out of the box it’s magnificent! For this price, you will not regret it!

    • What settings are you using. The picture settings keep changing automatically for me for some reason?

      • Also keen to know picture settings

        • This

      • +1

        After the latest “L0610 update i find Smooth to be able handle well everything other than sport. Custom 2/5 or 5/5 is what i use for sport and it is pretty good

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      I've been using the following settings, mainly watch TV via Foxtel iq3 & using the native Kayo app for watching AFL.

      Cinema Day
      Backlight - High
      Brightness - 50
      Contrast - 46
      Colour Saturation - 55
      Sharpness - 7
      Adaptive Contrast - Off
      Ultra Smooth Motion - Custom (2 Judder / 5 Blue)
      Noise reduction - Off
      MPEG Noise - Off
      Colour Temp - Warm 2

      Expert Settings - leave everything as is apart from;
      Gamma adjustment - 2.4
      Low Blue Light - Low

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    I'm sure Winnie the pooh looks great on this tv.

    • is that the character who sucks too much yoghurts?

  • Picture is great on the Q8 but the sound is pretty dreadful (expected for built in tv sound but a lot of people say it's good for some reason)

    • I have one and it's super flat on free to air. I have a Samsung LED and it's thinner and has better sound. However, some content has excellent sound (surround) main channel speaker is trash.

    • +1

      I've found the sound to be excellent on my one

      • Interesting. I wonder if my NVIDIA shield is doing something weird with the sound then?

        The only thing I have to compare it to is my other setup with a powerful receiver and tower speakers and I find the sound on the q8 to be very tinny, especially voices

    • +1

      I custom tuned theatre mode and watched a movie last night from usb stick and it sounds amazing. I had yamaha $800 soundbar which i have now moved to another room as the builtin soundbar is pretty good. Theatre mode with 100hz and 10khz moved a notch up is much better than any other sound mode.

      • Thanks for the tip, I tried this setting and I think it sounded great!

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    Hisense 65q8 or Samsung Q60A? So hard to choose…anyone can recommend?

    • Asking myself the same question 🙋

    • +2

      Display/picture quality and contrast much better on Q8. It has FALD which the Q60A doesn't. Software and sound better on Samsung but a 80dollar google tv and soundbar helps with that

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    Dammit was trying to get to bed early now I'm TV shopping :(

  • Where is hisense ranked now in the realm of TV world? Same league as Sony, Samsung, LG now?

  • +2

    Bought this a weeks back $1249.
    Best tv I’ve owned.
    At this price it’s outstanding value.

  • Word of warning. Bought this TV a month ago and it was dead on arrival. Needed to chase up four times with Support just to move the repair/exchange process along.

    Still have a dead TV and ETA for a fix/exchange is one more month.

    • in case of DoA you shouldn't have to wait. Should be just swapped the next day if it's in stock.

      • They wanted to attempt a fix first. I agreed, as they made it sound like an easy fix and it's a bit of a hassle to return.

        Did not realize I would need to chase up at every step of the way - constantly saying they or the repairman would contact or make an appointment with me in "1-2 business days" but never doing so.

        After an unsuccessful mobo replacement, they have told me their warehouse is completely OOS of this model now, so I'm waiting again to get a full exchange.

        • +1

          It’s a major fault, you are entitled to new or refund

        • I would be demanding a refund in this case. Which retailer did you buy from?

          • @shockme79: Powerland Ebay.

            They've been fine, its Hisense that's dragging their feet.

            Partially my fault as I chose not to get a refund as I would prefer a replacement/repair. I don't have an easy way to carry the TV back to a store (no car), and it was delivered to me.

            • +1

              @yoogz: I always thought as its a major fault, they'd be responsible for handling shipping back to them/Hisense
              Source: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees...

              "When a product is too large, too heavy or too difficult to remove, the business is responsible for paying the shipping costs or collecting the product within a reasonable time of being notified of the problem. Examples include:

              a wide screen TV"

  • Anyone have an apple tv with this? Does the apple tv remote turn the tv on and off? Heard this feature doesn't work with some TVs.

    Also same case with a samsung soundbar? Had issues with a sony soundbar not being turned on by my samsung tv a while back so hesitant to mix and match tv/soundbars.

    • I have this connected to the 2021 apple tv. It can turn the TV on, along with the soundbar, but it doesn’t turn the TV off - just a no signal screen.

      I’ve tried to fiddle with the CEC settings but it seems like other people are also having the same issue.

      • +1

        Ah that’s a shame! I hate having to use multiple remotes. Guess I’ll have to stick with Samsung…

    • Slightly related, but I have an R7 and it only supports CEC on, not off - confirmed by Hisense, so perhaps the Q8 is the same

  • anyone know if the U8G is the same as the Q8 just with hdmi 2.1?

    • I was looking for answer to this as well, but couldn't find a detailed side by side comparison

    • From what I know, it's a step up from the q8. Game mode has an auto latency mode and variable refresh rate for gamers. Full array local dimming pro. Looks like a few improvements and upgrades are in the U8G model.

      Unfortunately the U8G isn't at this price point. This is an amazing price for the q8. If it ever gets under 1k, I doubt there will be many left.

  • +2

    Just bought one and got free delivery to Metro Melbourne. Have had my eye on the Q8 for a while! I bought a $1000 JB voucher through shopback, which has a 3% cashback. Brought the price down to $1006!

  • none in SA

  • I bought one of these and I'm enjoying it but trying to get up with the new technology with my old TV bring around for years.

    What settings should I tweak? I turned off motion smoothing and have judder around 3. Is there anything else people recommend?

    Also I tried using Google home max as a Bluetooth soundbar but the audio wouldn't sync, even with lip sync correction on the tv…

    • See above for some adjustments!

      • I missed that. Thanks heaps!

        Any ideas on Bluetooth?

  • Currently I have 32'' Hisense TV, thinking to update to bigger one. Has anyone own Hisense series A7G? I watch Netflix and using HDMI to connect Macbook to watch Disney+. The sounds is alright but definitely want to upgrade. The Dolby atmos from A7G is really attract me to purchase it. But it seems the review here are very different. Can anyone give some recommendation, please? Thank you.

  • +1

    Thank you just bought one, first time buying a TV without actually seeing it in person.

    My old TV just died so this came at a good time.

  • These are a terrific TV - perhaps the best value for money on the market IMHO - instore they're one of the only non-OLED models that really 'pop' when you walk past them - they seem to have a real quality to their picture that other non-OLEDs struggle to have (albeit everything in store is at default/shop-mode settings).

  • The blacks are great too with local dimming and bright too so can easily watch in a sunny room.

  • If the 75q8 was priced comparatively would jump on it. But at around $2200 from JB the newer models that have just been released make more sense u7g u8g with full array backlight and HDMI 2.1

    • I was considering the 75Q8 as haven't seen it cheaper than $2156 and have a very large living area.
      What would be better value at that price?

      • The new u7g and u8g 75" versions are very similar in price to 75q8 and on paper look excellent with new features like HDMI 2.1

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