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Ozito PXC 18V Blower and Grass Trimmer Kit Inc 2.5ah Battery $99 @ Bunnings


Looks like a good price. Currently the blower kit itself (without the line trimmer) is the same price. Can't vouch for the line trimmer but I have the blower and it's on par with my Ryobi 18V.

Blower and Hedge Trimmer Kit is also on sale at $129.

  • 18V Split tube blower – Great for blowing leaves, grass clippings and other dirt and debris from courtyards, driveways, decks, footpaths and outdoor furniture
  • 18V Grass trimmer – Provides hassle free operation and fast, efficient grass cutting.
  • 2.5Ah battery and compact fast charger included
  • Ozito tools are intended for DIY use only
  • Charge check – You always know when it’s ready to use with the battery LED state of charge indicator.

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  • +3

    pretty sure i paid about same price for this set few years ago… both tools still going strong

    • Same but hasn't use the trimmer.

      • +4

        trimmer is not good.

        • +1

          The trimmer is the only Ozito tool that I have regretted buying. I ended up donating the console to the recycle centre and bought the Ozito line trimmer instead.

        • +1

          I have small patch of grass that ive been using the trimmer on. Does the job. Plastic blade snaps easily but thats expected

  • +3

    Average price. Blower is only good for the most basic of jobs, i gum treed mine as its weaker than my older model equivalent Ozito. Also got the Jet Blower which is vastly superior and we use 90% of the time.

    • +2

      I have both blowers from previous deals, small one is good for blowing out the garage floor and tools (I don't want to buy the workshop blower, 2 is enough).

      Jet blower is great for outside but chews through the 2 batteries fast.

      • Yeah my main hate on this blower is just its inferior to my older equivalent one for whatever reason, i guess they changed components. Its probably only 15% difference but its enough to matter. The Jet blower can chew through batteries quick though your spot on, i leave 4amps in it for that reason but ill swap to smaller ones if i need the weight down (like using it on the roof to clear gutters :D).

        • +2

          Got my kids to hold the jet blower while standing on a skateboard. While they weigh less than 30kg it got em moving from stand still and some decent speed once going. Won't be doing that with the little blower :D

  • +5

    That grass trimmer isn't as good as proper line trimmer. Basically it's only useful for people who have a very small lawn that wouldn't suit a lawn mower.

    • +2

      Was better than I expected, but yeh not as good as a line trimmer. Some have converted it to a line. I've got a spare head from a broken trimmer so will prob give it a go too.

      (I remember there was a video made by a fellow OzBargainer where they used and abused and it actually handled everything pretty well)

      • +2

        I converted the head to line. Used a Ryobi head, it works well now.

        • +1

          Any instructions on how this can be done?

          Nevermind, saw comments below

        • Which Ryobi line trimmer head did you use?

        • please guide or a pics.

      • @bamzero: Yeah! That dude was a hero. His video cracked me up. Here is his video: https://youtu.be/LK5G7c8vPcQ

        I got one and gave it a go today. Of course it isn't a powerhouse, and if one was expecting it then they are fooling themselves. It trims grass just fine, but it isn't going to dig a line in the soil like a proper edger. The tab flew off a few times, but I just clicked it back on and kept going. It had WAY less down time to respool than line trimmers I've had in the past.

        Is this thing a beast? Obviously not. Will it cut your grass? For sure.

    • +1

      I have one and we have a huge yard. Battery lasts fine and even allows enough run time for the blower afterwards, the plastic key things work alright through the mix of buffalo and whatever else we have.

      For $99 it has well and truly exceeded expectations.

    • Anyone wanting to convert this to a line trimmer, here's a link to a 3D print to do so. Quick print to make, easy adaption.

    • +1

      I hacked it and put a line throught the head without changing anything (there's a hole where the line can feed through) and it works surprisingly well.

    • i actually like the trimmer, light and easy to get out for a quick boundary trim. even the plastic cutter bit exceeded my expectations and ive only replaced one so far, and i hit the fence and concrete all the time. agree with comments on the blower though, near useless outdoors

      • I agree, I have about 40m² of grass in the backyard and this little unit manages the edging and the fenceline beautifully.

    • Have you got any recommendations for a line trimmer? Only have quite a small front yard.

  • i had their battery mower and i think even knockoffs from chinese websites were better built, it was so flimsy, wouldnt cut the grass just fold it :/ so i dont have much faith in these

    • Depends your grass, I'm really happy with the ozito battery mower we picked up but majority of our grass is wide blade so it's easy to cut. Does take 3 batteries to do the lot, but ah well.

      • Does take 3 batteries to do the lot, but ah well.

        Same I have no problem with the battery model, also need 3 batteries to finish the whole lawn.

      • mostly couch grass. it is probably the only item i have returned to bunnings because it was so bad

    • Victa 82V - About 400sqm grass and one battery. Much more expensive though.

    • Not sure about the single 18 v but the dual 18v ozito mower is really good for my medium sized lawn. I do have two sets of 4ah battery so never had to worry about going out of juice.
      After mowing, the dual ozito blower does a really awesome job.

  • Sweet, my computer needs some dusting

    • +2

      you could trim the monitor edges too

      • great idea, i'll do that.

        Edit: my computer is not turning on, any1 know a quick fix?

        • +1

          Try Tsukai Magic

  • If anyone in SA is looking for this kit, Marion store had a stack of these available yesterday.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, I've been waiting for a deal on a the grass trimmer to complete my Ozito tool collection.

    Also, I came across this blog post which describes a simple way to convert it to a traditional line trimmer.

  • Haha both tools. Works well for home diy use, pretty happy with em.

    Price is average though.

  • Unavailable

  • -1

    wireless trimmer? Useless. I tried better brand then return first try. Never look at them again.

  • there are plenty available at Chatswood, it’s at the end of one of the Aisles, there’s a big stack of them, at least 20 probably more

    • Essential items only lol.

  • 50+ @ Nunawading, VIC in the middle section between the two sets of aisles.

  • i bought one of the Grass Trimmers when they where on special last , would not recommend as the build is really cheap and the blades keep flying off . not worth the hassle to replace it out .

  • Waiting for Ozito battery hedge trimmer to go on sale.

    • They are ok, i use it on the smaller knee high hedges, but i use my corded Ryobi for the big 1.9m job, id like the 36v cordless Ryobi, i have the 6ah 36v Ryobi mower which goes quite well.

    • -1

      Did you read the description of the post? It is on sale (together with the blower which you can flog) too.

  • Just FYI, electric trimmers are very nose heavy and tiresome to use. I had this very Ozito for a few months and have a 580sqm house block. Went back to the noisy petrol one. Only suited for tiny back yards.

  • Ive been thinking about getting a brush cutter (petrol/oil). I don't believe a line trimmer will have the oomf to get through some of the long grass I have around the fence. Thing is they are a bit pricey. I rarely see them posted here as well.

  • I remember bought the kit for $50


    • Still working or still sitting in the box?

      • Used blower a few times not the trimmer 😆

        I have a smaller one for cleaning the garage.

  • Personally not a fan of the blades on the trimmer. Was constantly replacing them. Ended up returning the item.

  • -2

    waiting for someone to come here and say bunnings is not essential shouldn't be open

    • +2

      the country doesn't revolve around NSW..

      • -3

        Was waiting to see someone comment like that. Good job mate. Does the country revolve any other state no. Except ACT

  • Leaf blower ok. Whipper snipper a waste of time

    • +1

      No it’s not variable speed.

  • @bio: I just reported the description to ask the mods to add this video: https://youtu.be/LK5G7c8vPcQ, to it. Another member made it when this trimmer was on sale before.

    • Ah, nevermind. They wouldn't do it.

  • bought this and gave it a try on the side nature strip about 1.5mx 4m…grass and weeds was like 30cm height, did half the job…need to charge it again…dunno if i did it correct first time doing the lawn/nature strip, do u go straight to the root or just trim it swirl the whipper from left to right multiple times?

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