YESDEX (Heymix) 20W PD Charger 2-Pack USB-C Power Adapter QC3.0 Charger $14.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ YESDEX via Amazon AU


Should work for fast charging iPhone 12. Key ingredient for success is PD3.0 with 9V / 2.25A profile. Pics have Heymix brand, dunno.

Charging port: Type-C + USB-A

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ, 0.5A

Output: 1. Type-C: DC5V = 3A, DC9V 2.25A, DC12V 1.5A 2. USB-A: 2A, 3. C A: 3.6A ( Maximum)

Smart IC Technology: Built-in intelligent Protocol IC Chip can auto-detect devices connected PD3.0 port determines their optimal charging input, Design with over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, short-circuit protection, Ensuring faster charging while also protecting battery life.

UL/ETL/CE/FCC/SAA(Australia Safety Standard) Certified Charger ensures safety and stability.

What You Get: 2 x 20W PD 3.0 1A1C Wall Charger. We Provide 1-Year Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just in case anyone is looking for 4 pack, it is available for $25.49

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    Pretty poor reviews on quality. Can anyone suggest one with better reviews?

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      don't say that, people will neg you.


      thats why I posted it here :) thanks, I canceled my order, but whats the right ones?


        and re-ordered lol, we'll see


    Can I use it for a Raspberry Pi? In getting the dreaded low voltage warning.

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    I have bought those before as they claim it have the same specifications as the Apple's one.
    However, it cannot boot up my Apple mini pod saying that insufficient power supplied. (it is a pack comes with 2 and I tried on both)
    Buy it with your own risk.

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    The reviews and the quality of this product concerns me.

    Reviews from the 4 pack.

    "It just started smoking up in my bedroom and the smell of electricity had taken over the house.

    The actual product had burnt out within a few weeks of using it in the usb-c port."

    There is another review which say "Very bad quality. It pulled in parts quickly". You can see an image of the charger pulled apart with all the electronics and wires showing.

    These appear to be generic chargers with a brand added on and there are many on Amazon like this. I also experienced a big popping noise, a spark and smell coming from a failed charger which was a different one to this, also a cheap rebranded from a previous deal on Ozbargain.

    I can understand sometimes a charger may fail to work out of the box. That happens, but smoking and falling apart should be a rare or non-existent occurance. They could be signs of more serious issue such as quality components and quality controls and presents a serious safety risk in my opinion.

    These are pretty cheap chargers and I can see their popularity because of this. I do hope safety is not compromised for price.

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      I've been warning people about these chargers since reps started spamming them. I don't believe these are SAA approved chargers, and I really don't like OzBargain being turned into OzAdvertising for Alibaba importers.
      Just search AliExpress where they can be bought for about $6 a pop, or Alibaba where they are about $3 with a large quantity order. Search "20W USB charger au".
      If anyone's house burns down due to these chargers good luck trying to claim insurance.


        Cheers, was going to buy the heymix 4 pack.
        Are blitzwolf chargers any good?
        Which chargera do you recommend?


          I'd avoid the Blitzwolf 6 port charger, check this comment out and this comment. However other Blitzwolf chargers may be good.

          If I was charging a $50-100 phone from ColesWorth then I'd probably just buy a cheapy from AliExpress too charge it, I however wouldn't trust it to charge my Poco F2 Pro and with all the precious data on it, nor world i trust it to be left charging my $50-100 phone when there's nobody at home.

          I haven't put any research into a suitable multi port charger because I have no need for one, so I can't really help you. Well I can suggest researching the Anker chargers - Anker seems to be very popular here. Alternatively just take the easy route and buy from a retail store where all the chargers are SAA approved Officeworks and JB Hi-fi

          Maybe try asking @Clear he's in IT, and he's extremely knowledgeable on electronics from China - he knows what's good or bad, and the little upcoming niche gadget. Also try asking @Hamza he too is also very knowledgeable on electronics


    I got these from ali for about $3.5 AUD per piece (generic ones without labelling, both look identical)
    used it for a few days, was OK charging my Samsung Note-9

    I think its not the best but OK for the price


    "30-Day Money Back and 60-Day Free Replacement". Does it means only 60 days warranty?


    Have kogan own one, not pad 3 pad for 20 going strong last couple of years. Better than unbranded


    My experience:
    i have one of these dual port charging brick. I use Magsafe for my iPhone which works well enough with USBc connection. However, if i connect my Apple watch to other port (USB A) to charge, magsafe automatically turns off by itself.

    So i only use it for Magsafe. Which kills my idea for using both at the same time.