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Zojirushi Thermal Serve Carafe 1L $23.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheaper than previous deal post, which sold out in <20min.

  • High quality durable vacuum glass liner
  • Easy-to-open twist open stopper
  • Accommodates coffee filter cones for direct brewing
  • Sleek design ideal for home or office use
  • Hand washing recommended; made in Japan
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks! Went via cashback too.

    • Shopback or Cashrewards? Cashrewards seem to have Kitchen as 0%?

    • No caskback under Kitchen & Dining.

      • +1

        Was worth a try anyway. :) No time to look at the categories.

  • Yay, finally got one! Thanks OP

  • Got 2 thanks

  • Thanks OP! Somehow had a $15 welcome voucher as well which applied when buying 2

  • Thanks OP got one.

  • +3

    Bought one. Now I have to research if I actually need/want it or refund it.

    • same here haha

    • happy to purchase it fr u if u don't need, hahahah.

  • +3

    If it's made in Japan means perfect no flaws also it's got 5/5 rating, Japanese products never disappoint anyone.

    Howuch these normally?

    • +5

      Porn movies.

    • +7

      Zojirushi is way better in my opinion

  • What filters are compatible with this one? Thanks

  • is it just for coffee ? how about tea?

    • +2

      No, it's specifically for coffee.

  • I think I buy it as it’s pretty good

    Edit can't add to cart what the?

  • +1

    Thanks, Op. Just got myself one and another item to take advantage of free shipping.

  • How long does it keep hot for? Currently using a flask for baby's formula water but constantly opening it makes it cool fast

  • +1

    Been here all morning, went to the poo for 10mins and came back saw this…………………..would got 2 at least…..:(

    • +18

      Amateur. Who doesn't OzBargain on the shitter?

      • +1

        If I use my phones on the poo I be in there for H.O.U.R.S!!!!! ROFL

        I gave you an up vote!

        • +1

          Well, then you risk missing deals…

          Always OzBargain "on the poo".

      • +1
        • crap out the crap.
        • Take in the bargains…

        "ozbargain" - looking for new specials from my @tightarse


        • Hey don’t take my name in vain…

  • +3

    Coincidentally, I was in the shitter as well when I saw and executed on this deal. Most productive thing I've done all day.

    • +3

      A wise man you are.

      • yeah yeah i got your point………lol

  • +2

    I've had one of these for a while now, really good at keeping heat, the small fill hole and small spluttery spout aren't the best.

    • Small hole helps keeping heat.

  • +1

    1L seems a bit small

  • Standard issue at Pho shops, or the Tiger alternative.

    • +2

      you must go to some upmarket pho

  • +1

    Well that didn't last long, I missed out sigh!, till next time….

  • Ah damn. I've been missing conference vacuum carafes. This would really help me recreate that 4 star hotel foyer atmosphere in my kitchen.

    • +1

      7 star lol

  • I see these in every Viet restaurants in Sydney…with rusty heads :( LOL

  • This is a good deal if someone missed out: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639264

    • Had this before. Not an optimal choice. Can explode sometimes. It has clear warning in user manual.
      I tried my best to prevent, but ended up with a loud explosion.

      • Really? Why does it explode? Too high temperature? Have used for 3-4 months - safe so far.

        • Plastic lid got stuck and seperated from metal part. Had to remove it by my hand and somehow splashed the liquid all of the place. Lucky it wasn't hot.
          I think if I had opened it for at least once, this wouldn't have happened.
          Drink was hot and I forgot to drink, so it stayed closed for 2 days and too much air built up.
          In fact if was hot, the lid would have been so easy to remove due to expansion and no explosion. It's only hard to remove when it's cold.

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