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Access to JB Hi-Fi Education Store @ Student Edge


Login link: https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/

JB Hi-Fi Solutions BYOD portal provides access to a range of education suitable devices for use within a School/Campus or Remote Learning, all available with extended warranty and support for your peace of mind

(Code SEBYOD expired)

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    Code is generic: SEBYOD

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    Is the idea of this for people who aren't students to gain access to the jb hifi educational store?

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      One can identify as anything right, so identify as a student :)

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    Thanks OP. I have Student Edge but didn't know I could get access.

    However, seems like the range is pretty limited. Was looking for price of MBP 16, but only has Airs and MBP 13 available on the site.

    • Looks like they are only selling newest model (2021)
      MBP 16 M1 is yet to be released yet (possibility in September)

      • Oh, I meant MBP 16, i9/i7 whatever 16GB haha. I'm just trying to gauge the education discount.

  • Can you pay via GC’s?

  • Thx been waiting this for ages

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    The price is Soso

  • GC cannot be used, but great you can CTO to 16g ram for the M1 MacBook

  • nice, another education store to become a member of :)

  • Is this good for 1 year or is it permanent?

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    I tried entering the code and it says no schools found

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    Seems already been reported to JB, end of deal…

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      damn snitch argh

    • Back with new code

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    The deal is OZBargained….

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    That was the shortest long running deal goat! :)

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      If your goat is running away, I suggest a fence.

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    Doesnt work says No Schools Found

    • There’s a new coupon code.

  • Does JBHIFI actually have an Education Store? I didn't know and that would really help with purchases. Also, is it just for a range of items?

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      Just a different portal for JB Solutions is my guess - possibly student-exclusive offers for Macs

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      It was a very limited range of items. Microsoft Surface book, HP laptops, Macbooks and iPads

  • Is this the shortest long running ever?

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      Probably ruined Student Edge's day

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    At this point, I am sure that all the "big" retail shops in Aus have dedicated employees who just monitor OzBargain for flaws that they can report straight away.

    Why hire a team of testers, when OzBargain does it for free?

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      Not hard for a big retailer to have an account that is "subscribed" to keywords here on OzBargain, they get an email, and read through the thread.

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    Is there a way for Tafe students to get access to this?

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    So basically JB approved access to Student Edge but then as soon as OzB who might have 'students' started accessing it they removed it?

    I mean what, did JB think Australia wouldn't have millions of students or something?

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    Code: BYOD2021

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    JB education can also be accessed with code BYOD2021 .

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    Apple Macbooks seem cheaper through this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641911

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    Why is this listed as a deal? There's no price given, no product provided either.

    As per above comment, cheaper prices are available elsewhere. But I won't specify the products or prices, just to be consistent with this deal.

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    The prices are excl. GST. Keep that in mind.

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    All Macbook pricing

    • How much saving? 10%?

  • Any worthy deal?

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    Purchased the 13" 1TB Microsoft Surface Book 3 on the JB portal. Total is $3475 which is roughly $900 cheaper than the Microsoft store, and comes with 2 years warranty as well. Very happy with the discount.

  • Can someone pls explain how this works?

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    is this expired? I am getting "Sorry there are currently no Student Edge PTY LTD JB HI-FI BYOD programs." when I look for student edge and select student edge PTY LTD on school lookup menu

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