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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Ti EAGLE 8GB RGB Graphics Card $1299 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Just for those who need a card urgently. Looks like a good price for ti.

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    HODL Ape Strong and so forth

    • I have to be one of the few people that has lost money buying and selling crypto. Get in at the worst time and then sell because of paper hands.

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        I feel you should get hugs not downvotes

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    No London Heathrow

    • Is this non LHR?

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        all 3070ti are LHR

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    for a Ti model it's actually decent pricing?

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      Just ok price, unlike 3060ti, there is around 26% performance difference between 3070ti and 3080, so value/performance is not as good as recent 3080 deal and much less than 3060ti.
      This is Reason why its rrp is only $959
      Personally would prefer either 3080 or 3060ti

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    I'm seeing cards turn up in stock for lots of vendors via searches, even the Ventus 3060 Ti from SE is $899. Not long to go now before reasonable prices.

    Link here is someone's interested, I'm personally waiting:


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      I agree… definitely a softening in the market.

      Give it till around Christmas and I reckon prices will be considerably cheaper again.

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        All it'll take is an uptick in crypto to wipe the savings again though

    • This looks like it is in stock? Or are you waiting for the price to go down more?

  • OOS

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    Thankfully there hasn’t been a lot of games being released to make me ‘need’ one.

    Still happy with my 1080 gtx.

    Everyone HODL!

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      What about cyberpunk?

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        The full version coming in 2077

        • Haha!

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      VR has been my main motivation

      • VR has been my main demotivation.

    • Indeed, a saving grace. Less than I can count on one hand I wish I had a better GPU for.

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    Is this one of the Gigabyte models with bad thermal pads that leak?

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    This is literally like a bottom of the barrel 3070 ti watch some videos explaining how bad the thermal is also there's a way better model available for preorder on PLE for only $79 more

  • I dont see 8gb cards lasting at 1440p/4k any more than another 2 years tops.

    Waste of money.

    • So what card to get if on the hunt for a new one for a new build? Want to keep the rig for 3+ years

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        3080 or nothing really til next gen if you've already got something 🤣

      • Wait for refresh or fingers crossed 12gb 3060s will drop to rrp and nab one of those until 70 series nvidia cards have enough vram.

      • At what kind of settings? I have a 1070 from 5 years ago and I still play fairly comfortably at 1440p high 60+ bar the obvious power glutton games.

        It's not always known what will be the next big usage of power games take advantage of in gpu design. 8GB cards have been fairly mainstream for ages now and keeping up well.

        If you don't even want to think about it… straight to 3080/ 3080 ti.

  • RRP or RIP

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    Everyone knows this isn’t much better than the 3070 right? How and why would this sell out at this price I have no idea! Get ready to change those ram thermal pads or ram will hit 115c

    • The vram issue is for mining, lol 115c and your house is on fire

      • Vram can throttle during video editing as well mate not everything is mining

  • 40100 Ti or nothing

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    Game release schedule hardly justifies outlaying premium gpu prices

  • Waiting for prices to revert to rrp across the board, then wait for a discount! Maybe this card for $700??