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GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF White 12GB Graphics Card $2549 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


Cheap price for a sexy 3080 ti and very good pcb design

Also, if you want a card, you should buy now before miners buy them all after the price movement this week

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    Why would miners want a 3080TI which is LHR?

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      What he said…

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      I will tell u why…

      LHR is only effective against ethereum mining.

      After the latest ethereum update, profits for ehtereum mining has dropped but ethereum has surged in price.

      More notably, other coins have surged in price which are not limited by the LHR.

      Ravencoin has surged 40% and is nearly as profitable as ETH.

      What do u think will happen? Miners will like a certain coin and it will boost its popularity. A lot of Eth's success is because it is popular with miners.

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      If you are a billionaire.

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      Stay strong and HODL with the support stick that comes with this GPU 😂

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        LOL that's a Hall of Shame.

  • A bargain is it SLI compatible to buy a couple…

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    Almost $2600 for a card.
    I think you need to check the dictionary, mate.

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      I bought a 3080 suprim x for $2350 in March

      • and…?

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          He question why I think this card is cheap. I bought that suprim because I also think it is cheap but this is even a better deal

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            @ln28909: Mate you were shat on for your 3080, so being slightly less shat on for this 3080ti doesn't make the product cheap. <$1000 is cheap, $1500 is ok, $2000 is hold-off, >$2500 is get-your-head-checked expensive. I'm not short of a dollar, and I really want a 3080ti but you'd need to prize $2500 out of my dead hands for this.

            • @Lps: People were happy to pay $2.7k for them used in May so not sure why I got shat on

              Under $2k for 3080ti HOF lol, I guess you never buy the latest tech

              • @ln28909: I have 5900x so I guess I do buy the latest tech, I just don't sell my arse for it.

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                  @Lps: When did you buy it lol, 5900x is old tech, it's been out for almost a year

                  • @ln28909: Ah, troll. You got me.

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                      @Lps: Once you start buying tech when you want it not when it makes sense to buy, then we can talk again

  • Can't you just pick up some old rx 570 cards for $250 each and do 70Mh each on Ergo mining - 4 x 70 = 280Mhz for $1000, compared to this doing 260Mh…..from a mining point of view

    • more power consumption, more space, harder to scale

    • Assuming you are quoting the 4gb model for $250, these are not suitable for etherium mining.

    • Ignoring I can see on ebay right now people bidding up 4GB 570's to over $300, unless you're on solar it's going to take you almost a year to pay back for those cards even at $250, assuming the price of Ergo holds at its current price of $9.

      Considering at the start of the year Ergo was 80c though, that's a pretty terrible risk to take on.

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    accroding to buildzoid, the HoF has one of the best PCB designs. so there is that.

    ofc not cheap price, but it is ok to buy now at least.

    • HOF have always been great for OC, always damn sexy for the time too, i always wanted a 1080ti, maybe i can try get a 2080ti when people try to move them on lol

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        missed the boat, i got a 2080ti HOF for $850 when the new gpu got announced

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          not sure why someone downvoted you, fixed it up lol, but thats a damn bargain you got there

    • Yeah and they have always been the best for OC performance of all the cards. HOF is number 1 ranked constantly

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    more than a 3090 very "Bargain".

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    Cheap hahahaahahahaa????

  • Holy Dooly

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    Bad price for gamer

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    Australia says no to overpriced GPUs

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    All the people negging about a bad price the reference 3080 ti is around $2000 which is unobtainable and this is the top end of 3080 ti's and might actually be msrp for this card. The MSRP for the 3090 variant is actually $3900 which is insane so this might be the only msrp high end nvidia gpu in the country.

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      Some time MSRP is not a fair price.

    • Not sure about everyone else but I'm down voting because this is $250 + DELIVERY more than the FTW3 from PLE for $2299 + FREE DELIVERY, AND the FTW3 has a higher core boost clock of 1800MHz vs this thing down at 1740 WITH OC:

      ETA's are by the end of this month.

      Literally the only thing going for this card is the looks, and looks are subjective, -perhaps even useless, as sane people tend to look at their monitor more than their computer components after purchase.

      But yeah, I don't have either card so all of this rant is hypothetical and out of my a$$ so don't take it personal.

      • if you're buying 3080/3080ti/3090, i would recommend staying away from ftw3

        • Legit question: Why do you say that?
          Just because I'm interested in upgrading my 1080, but want something that's not going to melt on me. Thanks!

          • @digaumspider: ftw3 has the highest RMA rate as the pcb isn't design to handle the power draw that the card allows it to draw. It also has issue with bad fan sensor that get burned out, the New World beta issue, but it also occurred in other games as well.

            • @ln28909: Thanks heaps!!
              Any recommendation of the best VGAs with the best PCBs and FANs out there (that's not going to have capacitors melting or leaking on me)?

              Thanks again

              • @digaumspider: I just stay away from ftw3, and gigabyte in general, the other brands and models are fine, if you want the best pcb, then this card and strix are the best

                • @ln28909: Thanks!
                  I'll keep those on my list.

                • @ln28909: Is EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 Ultra Gaming affected by this too since ftw3 is also from EVGA? I wanted this as 2.2-Slot GPU.
                  From what I read, XC3 is different pcb

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                    @Roze Rage: xc3 is fine as its pcb is quite different from ftw3

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    Lmao…. just look at the sales history for 3070…

    Its gone even higher now… 3070 being sold for as high as $1600 FHR USED.


    Keep HODLing bois… you don't know what you are talking about

    3080ti sold history

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    How is a 2.5k videocard a bargain? What a joke.

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    Nah, it's too cheap. I'll wait for a 5K one.

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    Same price as a 3090 at launch.

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    Can I mine on this?

    • Well you can but it is just not efficient.