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Big Jack + Cheeseburger $6 (Normally ~$11) @ Hungry Jack's via App


Available as a one time use voucher on the Hungry Jacks app. The Big Jack normally sells for around $7.50 and cheeseburgers around $3.50 each.

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  • +28

    Big Jack is fairly good imo. Much better than Macca's version.

    • +2

      I find it to be incredibly bland compared to the Big Mac.

      I have also tried the chicken big jack which was absolutely nasty.

      But for $6, it's worth a shot again.

        • worth the kilojoules
      • +2

        Same, I like their whoppers but the Big Jack seemed quite flavourless and bland.

      • +5

        Try the new Outlaw Big Jack. Much better than both regular Big Jack and Chicken Big Jack.

        • I tried Outlaw Big Jack. It wasn't bad at all. You're right. It's much better.

      • +1

        You could be right, I added sauce (ketchup) at home

      • Big Mac is stuffed with sauce to mask the flavour of how bad everything else is.

        Big jack dosent do that and the way its made and the ingredients are better quality.

        I think everyone who likes big mac have just lost their tastebuds.

    • +1

      i had it when it first came out, the special sauce was a bit more sour and the meat was nicer (has that flamed grilled taste that the whopper does)

    • I've only had 1 or 2, but it's like if the big mac and the bacon deluxe had a delicious baby.

  • +1

    no chips, no drink …… preffer a small big jack meal and they keep the cheese burger, guess for HJ regulars, they keep receipts for the drink and chips but unlik KFC, they don't have a box of unwanted receipts on the counter at HJ.

    will need to try one of these big jacks though ..,..

    • +3

      Bacon deluxe deal is $6 including small chips and drink. Phenomenal deal imo.

      • +1

        Yes, that reminds me.

        It's time to have one of these.

    • +1

      I personally like this kind of deal! I'm not a fan of soft drink (I usually just have my own water), and a cheeseburger to me is worth much more than the dirt cheap potatoes used to make fries

    • small chips $1 btw

    • hjs chips suck tho

      • +1

        What? I like it better than KFC's

  • +4

    You know what's better? The Outlaw Big Jack.

    • +1

      Agreed. Outlaw Jack is great. A bit small though.

      • +1

        They need to do a Mega. I think it's the peppercorn sauce that does it.

        • Definitely. They had a burger like that a while back. I think it was called the Outback Whopper (or maybe something else)

          I had it once and loved it. Went back a week later and it was replaced with the Farmhouse whopper which wasn't as good.

  • +1

    Is the pulled beef & Angus good? I have an offer 10 dollars for 2

    • You will probaby love it or hate it?


    • +2

      Personally I thought it was one of the worst things I have eaten. Until I ate the Birthday McFlurry.

    • +2

      I love hungry jacks, but this burger tasted like absolute garbage. Bought when they had the 2 for $10 offer

      • Yup had to remove the "pulled beef" just to finish it.

    • +3

      Yeah I wouldn't risk it. Sounds like slop.

    • +1

      Probably more bbq sauce slop than meat.

  • Where’s the chips + drink?

    • +2

      Free with survey receipt.

      • Nice one!

      • Do you have to do the survey or can you just put down random numbers?

        • +1

          Seems they've been checking the number I've written the last few times, as well as taking the receipt (so I make sure I get a new one each time). I do the survey, takes no more than like 30 seconds each time, just spam click all answers.

  • +16

    Big jack? Sounds like what sellers do when there's an eBay sitewide sale.

  • Maccas usually have app deals like this, Big Mac + Cheeseburger but with fries and drink as well for $6.

    • The last one they had was $5

  • +7

    What's with all these burger meal plus another Burger deals, are people getting fatter or burgers getting smaller?

    • +8


  • Still seems a little pricey compared to other App deals for Maccas/HJs?

    • Yes. It's BJ, it's not among the coupons.

      • They'd do themselves a favour if it was.

  • Are these as tiny as a "Whopper" has become?

  • -3

    Was going to get this deal, but I have 5 free available, it's not really worth $6, maybe 4.95, or $4.50 but not at $6.

    You could get a extra large Domino's pizza for $2 more.

    • +1

      5 free available?

  • +1

    Big Jack has too much bread and not enough sauce IMO

    If/when I order it, I always add extra sauce and then it's just a problem of too much bread, it's huge (prob a lot of calories), and leaves me feeling a bit shit afterwards, like bloated and stuff

    • (…) too much bread (…) prob a lot of calories (…) leaves me feeling a bit shit afterwards, like bloated and stuff

      Spolier alert: That's true for every single junkfood chain.

    • Yep definitely not enough sauce. Might be good with some sriracha added to kick it up a few notches.

      • +2

        It’s luck of the draw then. Most if not all the ones I’ve had have had too much sauce. Others have said the same in previous deals.

        • the local Hungrys here puts that much sauce on the burger, by the time I drive home (3klms) you need a straw to eat it with its that soggy. thus dont go there anymore

  • What's the size of this thing compared to bigmac?

    • Slightly larger I'd say (230 more kJ in comparison according to each app).

  • Had it for dinner :D

  • +5

    Is it just me, or is anything other than the classic Whopper with cheese just not worth it at HJs?

    • +2

      double whopper with cheese is alright too

      • +1

        Double whopper with double cheese is the perfect fast food burger, if only it wasn't so bloody expensive. I don't mind a bacon deluxe every now and then for some cheesy bacony goodness

        • Rebel is alright, bacon deluxe is hit and miss, but when it's a hit, it's a hit

  • What would have more calories:

    Whopper with cheese + regular fries or
    Double whopper with cheese and no fries?

    • They'd be roughly the same but if you mean "medium" chips then the former, just (according to the menu on HJ's site).

  • I got it today .
    If you can go to KFC for $2 large chips .

  • Ordered today. Thanks OP.

    Oddly the cheeseburger seemed better than the Big Jack. Anyone else think so?

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