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Samsung Push + Pull Smart Door Locks: SHP-P50 $621.60; SHP-DP609 $710.40; SHP-DR719 $799.20 @ Aussie Smart Doorlocks


Hello fellow ozbargainers.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

Samsung SHP-P50 $621.60 :

Samsung SHP-DP609 $710.40 :

Samsung SHP-DR719 $799.2 :

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  • Whats the difference between the SHP-DR719 and the SHP-DR708?

    • DR708 is discontinued and replaced by DR719. Ta

      • What material is the touch panel made from?
        Perspex, polycarbonate?

        And any new features with the 719?

        • 719 accept key tags. Ta

  • You got any smart locks that retrofit into a Lockwood 002 lock? "Lockwood 002 Single Cylinder Deadlatch - Lockwood Australia" https://www.lockweb.com.au/en/lockwood-products/door-locks/r...

    • Sorry mate. Currently we only do push and pull type doorlocks. Thx

  • how to install them?

    • You will need a carpenter/locksmith to install them. This involves cutting pocket for mortise lock body.

      • is there an installation service for melbourne area?

        • A locksmith will be able to install it. Thx

        • @khoed792: You can search Jimmy from Smartlockinstallation, he is the #1 recommended installer by Samsung in Melbourne

  • the only reference I can find to these models is on Aliexpress? https://www.aliexpress.com/i/1005002054000754.html

    • Yeah also a bit suspect about it.

      I'm going to make a big hunch and say these are counterfeit goods.

      OP has bought them and has marked them up

      They aren't on the Samsung global website either.

      However, i'd like them to prove me wrong with proof of a manual

      • Hello kickmiass,
        I could email you the manual for them.
        Please pm your email address. Thx

        • Sure send it to my throwaway

          [email protected]

        • Am waiting for proof, also looking for a new handle

          • @kickmiass: Hi Kevin, sent to your email at 9:16 PM.
            Have you received it? Thx

            • @jimgreenb: Received thanks

              They are overseas models minus the 609 which they do sell at Bunnings and other retailers

      • Also the domain and SSL cert are only a week old. Interesting if also no manuals…

      • These seem more like a tribute to Samsung smart locks

      • Just cause a model isn't marketed to western countries mean it's counterfeit. Here's the official site https://m-smarthome.samsungsds.com/?locale=cn

    • They are overseas models minus the 609 which is a western model

      My carpenter and I have installed a few of these Samsung locks ( not the overseas market ones)

      If seller can can offer parts and warranty, it wouldn't be too bad of a deal.

      Just to take note, the manuals are in Chinese so it will require a bit of deducing if you've never installed them before

      • Most locks for Chinese market are for very thick doors. Even screws and kit are in different sizes but a lot of modifications required to fit 38-40mm door.

        • Hi Teresabui,
          The only thing need modifcation is the shaft length. Thx

  • can any of these be fitted to a security screen door? (as opposed to a front door)?

    • Sorry mate, there is not sufficient space in screen door for these types. Ta

  • Just saw a P50 installed in Mt Waverley VIC, looked nice, slim, not too big. But setting up is a challenge when all are in Chinese language

    • Glad you like it mate. Worst case scenario, I can translate the manual.

  • who can install in Sydney - any recommendations ?

  • Hi Do u install coomera area as well?

    • Surely do.