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OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless in-Ear Headphones $57.75 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Pretty sweet deal, RRP $150. Also Includes wireless charging case!

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    Even cheaper directly from mobileciti's own website.

    $49.95 - https://www.mobileciti.com.au/oppo-enco-w11-true-wireless-in...

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      That is not including shipping!

      • True mate.

        Showing $7.80 for standard shipping. Free for over $100 spend.

  • Store in the title please.

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    How’s the mic quality

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      I'd like to know this too. I bot some other cheapies (QCY & Soundpeats), and the mic is garbage. They're fine for listening to music, but not phone calls.

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        Yep soundpeats mic absolute garbage

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        I can't comment on these however, I recently purchased these:-


        The soundpeats mic was shocking… however these are not. Battery life is also better than my Apple ones. I'm very impressed, still a little tinny compared to the apple ones but at the price point I would absolutely recommend them.

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      • Seems such an ask to have a good call quality option. Might have to drop bigger dollars on jabra 75t

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          Jabra 75T aren't that great. Went through two pairs because one of them (left one) stopped recharging when put in the case. Apparently a magnet or something dislodges inside and then it won't take charge.

          After the second pair had the issue Amazon just refunded me.

        • The chances of finding earbuds with a good mic are the same as getting struck by lighting.

          • @Void: I’m thinking about dropping big dollars now for the Sony mark 4 especially because they have a 14 day money back guarantee offer.

    • Yeah would also like a pair that is like Soundpeats but with better mic

    • Got mine today, sound quality is decent, good bass etc. But mic quality is only average, picks up and amplifies background noise like most budget TWS mic!

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    Are these any good?

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    Looks like eBay plus users might get $5 off to bring it to $52.75.

    • affirmative on the $5 off using their own personalised code

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    this vs galaxy buds?

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      Just bought them I'll let you know.
      My 2nd Gen Galaxy buds have been great. Owned for 4 years. Paid 120ish.

    • Probably a bit late on the review but these seem to be a solid buy. Sound quality is great for music. Multiple ear tips. The Mic was a little tinny but absolutely fine for calls etc, the touch button functions all worked well.
      Can't beat them at that price. At full price I'd probably go Samsung for clearer mic, but these are goood.

  • No AnC

    • Do sub $100 earbuds have decent ANC? Just curious.

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        Check Earfun
        Just to name few

  • Do these come with smaller ear tips? I know all ears are different but would they be suitable for a 9 year old?

  • Is it better or worse than Amazon $50 earbuds? (Soundpeats)

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      I think those sound tits are not so good

  • Get Creative Outlier Golds, you won't regret it. Awesome battery life, nice fit, great sound, good enough mic.

    • No including delivery fee.
      Also allphones are owned by Mobileciti.

    • Shipping extra, $7.80 same as on mobileciti's own website.

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    $49.09 now for eBay Plus members. Code TECH10OFF as per this deal.

  • Not tries these, but wife has over ear planar Oppo and they are amazing.