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$25 off First Order with Signup to Newsletter + Free Shipping @ TimelyCoffees


offer triggers when you scroll down on the page.

you'll get a popup to join mailing list which will send you an email with a coupon for $25 off next order (and free shipping). no minimum purchase

update: offer changed to $25 off now

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      Don’t abuse it, dude. It’s someone’s livelihood.

      • -11

        With a business model like this what can go wrong dude?

        • +1

          Not sure how this business model works. Free product + free “express” shipping - getting hundreds and thousands of orders? My the force be with them…. Or maybe this is the way.

          • @Baby Grogu: Because of lock downs off and on every where, cafes aren’t open to serve coffee. Excess coffee beans needs to go somewhere, otherwise freshness goes away when storing for too long.

            • +2

              @ilovefullprice: So instead of selling them at a discounted rate, let's just give them all away to greedy consumers who have no intention of supporting the business or realisation it's going to tremendously hurt their bottom line? Okay.

              • @pennypincher98: What if selling at a discount wouldn’t even sell is the question…

                • @ilovefullprice: Or it could be possible that some people in the human race are actually just nice? Sure it's a loss leader and they're hoping it will translate to new customers (btw research suggests exactly this) but I'd very highly doubt a new company wants to tarnish its reputation by shipping out stale coffee.

                  • @pennypincher98: Not stale now, but say if it doesn’t sell in the next month or so, freshness would start to go away

              • @pennypincher98: Agree, I personally think if they are really trying to get rid of their coffees, they are better off donating to people in need during these challenging times (eg shelters, to the “critical essential workers” etc). But assuming they are just a small company they won’t have tonnes and tonnes of stock in a large warehouse. Don’t get me wrong and I’m not complaining, as I did put an order through as we do like to try new coffees and will support them if they are good. The free express shipping makes so much difference as that’s what always kills a lot of good deals.

  • +3

    Signed up got the email straight away but it doesn’t work or give me the code. Give me a 404 error when I click on the message “ click this button to go straight to the store with your discount already applied”

  • @Baby Grogu. I can't speak top whether the link works but when i did it i just went through the checkout flow up until it asks for payment.
    at that point it let me enter the discount code without supplying any payment method. hopefully this offer hasn;t already been rescinded since it is still showing up when visiting the site.

    • +1

      Let me try it again. I load the picture on the email and didn’t give me any code at all - strange. Will report back to see if it works or not after a few more goes. Ty!

      • It didn't work for me, so I pressed open in browser

      • It must be me. Doesn’t work and didn’t get the code when it says use the code…
        Try to sub with another email - didn’t get the email lol it’s a sign

        Edited: it works now. Must be the dud email I had.

  • +2

    I'll take one warehouse please…

  • +1

    It works for me. Wow
    Didn't expect it to work, let's see what would be delivered

    thanks op

  • "Subscribe for a repeating delivery and get your first instalment 100% free!"

    • +2

      i only put a single order (not subscription), and it came as $0, no credit card info required

  • +2

    Thanks OP!
    We'll find out tomorrow if this was a website mistake or not.
    I daresay this is was supposed to be only for subscriptions but the code worked on a single order (without providing any credit cards etc)

  • +5

    This looks like two guys joint business, not a massive roasting corporate so if people keep orders to 1 there's a chance they might honour it but don't be that guy that orders 20 bags and expects them all delivered for free.

    I must say though if this has been cleverly orchestrated to get free publicity they're going to get it alright.

  • Amazing if it’s true. If the coffee is good, will return the favour through repeat purchase.

  • Wait for the spam in your email peoples.

  • +1

    100% off Next Order with Signup to Newsletter

    What could go wrong?

  • Worked for me. Only ordered a 1kg bag to try.

  • Worked for me, had trouble at first but selected "view in browser" (even though i was already in browser). And code showed up. Only ordered 1 bag in hopes that it actually comes. Suggest others do as well.

  • +3

    Ordered 1 250g bag. If it’s good I’ll come back.

  • I can't see the code wtf is going on

    • Check your email

      • it says use this code at checkout to get $25 off and there's no code?

        • Might have changed due to abuse.

        • +2

          go to the checkout and the code gets applied automatically if you open the link from the email

  • I think max discount is $25

    • -1

      it's not, my order def is more than $25 and i paid $0

      • I think they changed it now to $25

  • -2

    Do I need to be vaccinated for this deal?

    • no vaccination against stupidity unfortunately

      • 😂

  • +3

    Popup has been updated to reflect $25 off your next order now. Ordered a Chocolate bag of 750g for $24.

    If this is any good, a good price to come back and purchase some coffee.

  • how did you get the code

  • Now it has been changed to $25 off. The original deal should be wrong.

  • strange page 404 not found

  • +61

    Hi everyone - Seb here, co-founder of Timely Coffees. Thanks for all the attention we've had on the website so far. Unfortunately, some people have been using this offer to get enough free coffee to caffeinate a small village. So we've updated this offer to be valid for $25 off your first order. We'll continue to monitor the orders we're receiving, and we'll adjust the offer again if we think it's necessary. Thanks again, and welcome to Timely.

    • -6

      Link didn't work what is the code

    • Thanks for the special ! Just a feedback . If you could include which ones are better for a flat white compared to the others ? I tried the tool but it didn’t work. All the best .

    • -11

      SEBPROSSER can you fix I really wanted to try just 250g

    • Finally worked

    • +2

      Seb this is a really nice gesture of goodwill even after people have been taking advantage of you guys. Will definitely use the offer to try you guys out- thanks a lot.

    • hey thank you for the deal, I hope you guys weren't swamped with too many crazy orders. good luck with it all!

    • +3

      Sorry to hear there are people taking advantage - if/when my single bag arrives I’m more than happy to be a return (paying) customer as a thank you for the goodwill.

  • -2


    • Sign up to email listings to receive your unique link.

  • Worked for me !

  • Got coffee 250g thanks OP

  • +1

    For the people struggling…

    1. Scroll halfway down page
    2. Pop up prompts you to enter email
    3. Go to email account and find email from Seb (could be in spam)
    4. Click let's go
    5. Select product
    6. Checkout (discount applies automatically)
    • +1

      It goes to error 404

    • Nup.. at step 6 it shows the price, no discount for me (linked off email)

      • May have been OzBargained.

        • Maybe Seb has pulled it..
          I'm genuinely wanting to grab a 250gm bag as I'm shopping around for a better blend.. meh - a sample would have been great!

          Probs getting hammered as its literally free coffee!

  • -3

    $54 a kg of coffee. No thanks. I've never heard of this brand.

  • thanks Seb and OP, I've order 2 x 250g to give it a try.

  • +1

    Free publicity and free cancellations on the way 😂

  • Just when I was about to run out of coffee beans! Perfect timing :) Always keen to try new types of coffee!

  • +1

    Op had me convinced this was Vodafone with the red and logo.

  • +5

    Thanks OP and store owner.

    If coffees good, will come back!

  • +1

    Thanks, trying the Luis Anibal beans

  • -1

    CODE IS NOT valid

  • +2

    I got the code if I select view in browser for some reason gmail didn't show it

    • Did the same in Outlook and got the code.

    • Same deal for me, thanks.

  • +1

    I placed a small order and my brother placed a freebie order to try the chocolate powder. Looking forward to trying out the Luis Anibal.

    I'm sure even if there is a large amount of small or free orders, this is a huge bump in publicity. Hopefully you don't get slammed beyond recognition and have to cancel orders!

    Thanks Seb & Timely Coffees!

  • +1

    Just ordered a couple of packs of Timely1 and Timely2 which seems best for milk based coffee. Let's see how good it is. Thanks OzB

  • Finally got a 250g sample of #1 to try for free.

  • The subscription looks amazing. I need more than a nespresso machine.

  • +1

    Ordered 2 X 250g varieties + a free bag clip.
    If they are good, I might return for more.

    • +1

      free bag clip is what they mean by "free surprises"?
      Anyway I ordered 2x 250g bags to give these a try

      • Yeah, you'll either get a bag clip or a pin badge.
        But if you manually go to Free Loot or whatever it is and select the item you want for $0.00, that's supposed to give you that item instead of a random selected item.

  • See this site in 2 months if it still works. Still going two kilos of coffee and would try 2x250g if I get the chance. Ty Seb and OP

  • +2

    What’s to stop you ordering 1kg on a subscription, using code “SUBSCRIBER” to make it $0, then just cancelling the subscription as there is no lock in contract?

    I don’t understand how they can offer such a deal?

    Seems to let you add multiple subscriptions and it still comes to $0.

    • Half the people will forget to cancel, 1kg probably only costs them $10 and this is much cheaper to get customers than spending $30 to get a new customer through Advertising Spend

  • +1

    Are the capsules able to be used in Nespresso pod machines?

    • I was wondering that as well, doesn't say on the website (that I could see).

      • +1

        I have ordered nonetheless, assuming capsules with no further description means nespresso pod lol

        • I salute your bravery!
          Keep us in the loop as to what they are.

  • +1

    Was really impressed with my last order from these guys as well as their ethos - https://timelycoffees.com.au/pages/about-us

    There's obviously been a lot of thought invested into their brand, e.g. https://timelycoffees.com.au/blogs/journal/coffee-by-colour

    Would love to see future deals for return customers.

  • +1

    You say the Luis Anibal coffee is best to drink without milk. Why is that? Wouldn’t it taste good if I do a cappuccino with it?

  • -2

    Really hope this stuff is worth the hassle hahahah so how do I make it? Mokapot? Coffee plunger?

    Is it possible to use like normal ground coffee with a kettle of boiling water in a cup?

    • +2

      If you want to properly extract the flavour from beans for espresso-style coffee you need to exert a certain amount of pressure through the grinds. You can't do this with kettle/boiling water, but if you're looking for a lower hassle option that still delivers good taste, try aeropress- just make sure you buy beans that are meant for filtered coffee, NOT espresso beans. The flavour is totally different and if you aeropress espresso beans it tastes like a cup of dirt water.

      • Got a nice coffee plunger thingo

        • Oh I've got the perfect thing for that. Go outside and grab two handfuls of dirt- dry soil is best. Add 250ml water and press slowly through the plunger, you'll never pay for coffee again!

  • Is there something wrong with the website?

    Mostly it's just blank screens, a few pictures, no words, links do not work, signing up for the newsletter does nothing.

  • Thanks OP and SebProsser, have ordered two bags to try out.
    I have let all my work colleagues know as well, so hopefully more orders on the way.

  • +3

    I've been ordering from these guys for a while now and only have good things to say about them. The coffees are fantastic - I use a filter machine and their single origins always go down well. Regular discounts and promotions, and always free fast shipping.

  • That is a generous offer. I still wonder why some of the coffee sorts say best with or without milk. Are some of the flavours just too good to use on making cappuccino?

  • +2

    If anyone is having an error not getting the code:

    Open the email in your browser. Then in the top right hand corner, it'll say to view in your browser again. Press it, and your code should be there. Hope this helps.
    Don't press the Let's Go, press the View in Browser.

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