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Paramount+ $8.99 Per Month / $89.99 Per Year (Save 15%) with 7-Day Free Trial


FREE 7-day trial with Paramount+ at https://www.paramountplus.com/au/

After the trial: $8.99pm | $89.99pa (15% saving)

Includes access to catalogues from Channel Ten, Paramount, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, Smithsonian Channel and more!

Sports lovers will enjoy A-League, W-League, Socceroos, Matildas and heaps of other football competitions (thanks chuq).

Kids shows include SpongeBob SquarePants and a new series of iCarly.
Adult animated shows include South Park (including new seasons and new movies).
Adult TV shows include Dexter (including an upcoming revival series)
Sci-Fi lovers will enjoy a new movie starring Mark Wahlberg (available now) and Twilight Zone (new series).
Live American news on CBSN too if that is your thing.

I am not a fan of segmented streaming services but I am willing to give this one a go. If it is good, their pricing seems very fair.

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  • I don’t want to watch everything, just what I like, so glad we have another option available.

    Having said that looks like the stuff I would want is lacking in their catalog, due to rights 🤣 can’t win!

  • +7

    T&C's are a bit of a worry…

    ViacomCBS Streaming Australia may change the maximum number of simultaneous streams of the Service that you may use at any time in its sole discretion.

    and there is no refund if they do…

    • How many does it allow though? 3 like the US?

      Just signed up and you can't make individual users…

      • +2

        Yea missing individual users isn’t great… this service has been out in the U.S. a while how have these things not been flushed out

      • +2

        How many does it allow though?

        Currently two simultaneous streams.

    • I feel that ACL would have a say in that.

  • +1

    Way to many streaming services & most not worth subscribing to, need to start seeing them merge, something like this

    Prime & binge

    Stan & paramount

    Netflix & Disney

    • +4

      Stan won't be around long after Paramount strips them of all their Viacom content I feel and Binge won't be far off either as Disney and Paramount have all theirs too.

      So it'll really just leave Prime for the oddities (which is fine as I pay for Prime anyway because I like Amazon), Paramount and Disney for their branded content and Netflix for their originals, Sony, Warner, and the smaller distributers.

      • Stan and Binge will carry a lot of local content that foreigners will not have license to stream

        • +1

          Stan is connected to Foxtel and ch9. Binge is owned by foxtel basically and has some foxtel content hence HBO.

        • yes but really most people don't give a crap about local content from a streaming service. Personally I use them to avoid the local crap.

      • Prime has MGM now so there’s a bit of a catalogue there. Yeah but it’s stupid. My remote just updated to have Disney physical button in addition to Netflix and prime. Now it sort of obsolete again…

        • +3

          Just curious!
          How does one update a remote?

          • +1

            @Kista: I meant I bought a new remote.

      • +12

        Yeah I have Prime for the free postage. The streaming service is just an awesome bonus.

      • +2

        No one else has HBO content do they? That’s a huge draw card, and only reason I’ve been maintaining Binge

      • The real appeal behind Binge to begin with is their HBO content, can't really find that anywhere in Australia.

  • Doesn't really sound like a deal. More of a PSA. Disney plus is cheaper on an annual basis as well, so is amazon prime.

    • +3

      Disney plus is cheaper on an annual basis

      No it's not.

      • $11.99 per month (or $119.99 per year)

        • +3

          Yep, so this is cheaper than Disney Plus.

          • @jv: Maybe I should've been clearer. My point is that it's cheaper to get an annual subscription than it is to pay monthly for a year. Isn't that the "deal" here? I.e. Save 15%? Comparing the outright cost of both services is pointless seeing as the content is vastly different.

  • +9

    All these steaming services are just going to being back piracy to a new peak 😂 I won't steal a car but..

  • Having tested Pulp Fiction on PC, it looks good so at least HD but I cannot see any option to change the stream's quality.

  • No Beavis & Butthead :(

  • +2

    Damn, talk about being late to the game!

  • +2

    Feel like a scrolled through the whole library in 60 seconds. Doesn't seem like there's much in their library.

    • +1

      Just watch it all twice…

  • +2

    Went to cancel the auto-renewal in iTunes and there's an option for monthly subscription at $6.49.

    • +1

      Interesting. I wonder if it is available on Google Play too. Might be a good way to use survey rewards.

      • Can you use those rewards on any other subscription services like netflix? I've got over $100 worth and never buy apps or games. lol.

        • +2

          Not sure. But those have an expiry date, use your credits before they disappear!

      • Anyone tried this on Google Play and what the monthly subscription is?

    • +1

      What is this deal? Can I access from my iPad?

      • +2

        After subscribing to Paramount+ through the iOS app, go to iOS settings and search for subscriptions. In there you can see all the various subscriptions available.

        It seems it will override the free trail period thought so I'll wait the 7 days before moving to the $6.49 sub. Turn off auto renewal in the mean time though.

        • Any idea if after doing this that you are able to use your paramount login details on the android Tv app to use the subscription? or would it all have to be through the apple ios?
          I was planning on using ipad to setup the subscription through the paramount app, but then using it on the tv through th nvidia shield we have running

    • +1

      Stan has the same bug. You can get Premium for $15.49 rather than $19.49. They say it’s because Apple won’t let them delete their old subscription packages.

      Stan are pricks though and lock you out of the Apple TV app until you update your pricing.

      • That's like a half truth from Stan, I believe you can't delete them. But I believe you decide whether to show it as an option or not.

      • hang on, so are you saying for Stan you can still do this or you cant?

    • Anyone else try this?
      I gave it a go, looks like it gave me a month at $6.49 but now says my subscription expires on 17th September.
      They've also bumped the "Monthly Subscription (1 Month)" to match the other $8.99 "Paramount+ monthly (1 Month)"

  • +7

    7 day free trial? Soon it they'll be giving out 24 hour trials.

  • +1

    Will wait for their launch in India, might be cheaper via vpn. Till then will keep using my RP2

    • What's RP2?

      • +2

        Raspberry pi 2 (using it as torrent server with with plex)
        With few steps you can trigger the download from your phone using the torrent client app on your mobile. By using a wifi plug I turn on the raspberry on demand (so I never touch my rasberry unless to do updates)

        • Are you using Sonaar?

        • terrific!! automation at its best

  • +2

    There hasn't been a new South Park episode since 2019 (not counting the 2 specials), the Wahlberg movie has average reviews (5.4/10), and Twilight Zone was cancelled last year and also very average reviews (5.8/10). You left out Star Trek Discovery/Picard - isn't that a huge drawcard?

    • Star Trek Discovery is on Netflix and Picard is on Amazon Prime. Don't know how long their deals are but if they come to Paramount + along with Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds then I will definitely subscribe.

      • Amazon likely will lose local rights for these, at least for the newer seasons.

      • All the current Star Treks in one place would've been an instant sub from me but it wasn't to be. The only way they'll get me at this point is if SNW is an exclusive, which I hope it isn't.

  • +5

    Shame none of these streaming services provide Turner Classic Movies.

    • Sounds you may like Mubi.

      • +2

        Thanks but it seems to favour foreign movies over Hollywood classics like TCM…I have an aged relative that is keen on TCM but there is no legal or easy way for him to get access in Oz (that I have found…you can break the law and go the Sling\Hulu path but paying for the accounts is problematic and, technically, breaks the rules))

        • Shame when Foxtel remove the TCM channel. They still have a decent amount of classic movies on there .

          • @lonewolf: He has Foxtel now but they are a rip off, full of ads etc…keen to see if any readers know of an easier method of getting TCM other than vpn + Hulu + gift cards???

    • Xumo tv has a lot of older movies
      Have it installed on my NVIDIA shield

  • I wonder if this will have the Good Fight? I'd subscribe just for that.

  • +2

    I'll stick with Syncler + Real-Debrid.

    • +1

      Likewise. CoreELEC + Seren + Real-Debrid. Does the job well.

    • What's Syncler ? I have Real-debrid. Thanks.

    • Yes same. Is a great combo

  • +1

    Nothing on their website about apps. Won't even consider it unless there's PS and Xbox apps

  • +1

    Too many streaming services. Problem is that many shows are exclusive to one service. Meaning you have to subscribe to multiple services just to watch the programs you want.

  • Great…another sporting service.

    Kayo, Optus sport, Stan and now Paramount+

    Guess i'll sub to this as well, any app or ps5 support?

  • Why do people complain about the combined cost of streaming services? It takes a lot to get up to the $130pm that Platinum Foxtel used to cost.

    • +1

      Especially if you sub with a shared family account from the classifieds

    • Agreed. With Kayo, Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Disney and Apple Plus and a cheap internet deal I found here on OzB, I still pay less than I used to for internet and Foxtel (which I needed to follow the sports I like more than anything). And now I can watch just about any movie I want, except for a few.

      • Also Foxtel was specific to your house, and extra boxes = extra $. I have Kayo ($25), Netflix ($15), Disney ($12), UFC ($12), Stan ($12), Optus Sport ($10), NFL League ($20) and now Paramount ($10).

        Still way better content than Foxtel and more control over it. Packages of channels is what killed Foxtels value.

        • Foxtel is definitely pricey but they pay for a lot of sports including NRL wouldnt have happened last year if not for Fox. Also you dont need the internet and you dont use the internet bandwidth for foxtel (good for people on low internet plans). My stan is 19$. I get Netflix through Foxtel (cheaper price and i get the 4K plan). Btw Kayo is foxtel. Foxtel came about at a time before the internet bandwidth was good enough as well as the idea of streaming wasnt around. They are still trying to recoup their costs for the satellites and cable.

          Also foxtel is good for people in regional areas where there is no internet at all or very slow speeds. Some of the places i have stayed at through Airbnb in hunter valley or coffs harbour etc, dont have much in the way of internet.

          I can also watch my foxtel through an app so its not specific to my house.

          • @lonewolf: We know they're still recouping their costs: it's why Murdoch got the Libs to kill the good NBN.

            • @mj7312: Because of Murdoch and because Libs wanted to contradict anything that Labor put forward and sadly a lot of people fell for the Lib lies about NBN and it ended up costing us way more for a sub standard service. Some people dont have a choice of streaming services due to the family members in the household and how much bandwidth they can get.

  • -2

    I wish people would stop supporting these new start ups, 2-3 streaming services fine… but all these new start ups are doing is pulling content from existing companies (EG when disney pulled all there content from netflix) so you have to pay more for more streaming services to get the content you want.

    its crazy.

    unpopular opinion:
    and 1-2 dollars less???? Paramount, your not impressing anyone bar those who need to throw money to the wall and have it for the sake of having it.

    i hope a majority of them fail so we can consolidate into just a few.

  • Adult TV shows include Dexter (including an upcoming revival series)

    Don't neg your own deal like that.

  • +1

    I'm getting it for A-League.

    A-League club members get it for $7/mth and that's less than the price of 1 beer at a match, so it's a no-brainer for me. It's such a low price for all games and this is how the game thrives.

    • Hey I didn't know about that deal. Can you post it on Ozbargin

      • +1

        No. It's not a "deal." If you are an A-League club member (eg Sydney FC silver membership is approx $399 a year) you can get Paramount+ for somewhere between $0-75/year depending on your membership tier

        • Ahh ok that makes sense

  • +1

    Let me know when a 3 or 6 month free trial is offered.

  • +2

    So at signup you can join through a Partner, being Fetch. Whats all that about?

  • -1

    Lol this program is gonna allow people to watch the best movie of the 90's. Escape from L.A.

    • +1

      Escape from New York is on Stan

      • Yeah but its a Paramount movie. They'll probably take it back

  • There is supposed to be an Xbox app for this so ive read, but cannot find it on the store. Anyone see it?


  • +1

    Interesting how people here are listing what they're paying for, yet no one's mentioning Binge with its enitre HBO library.

    • +1

      Binge is basically foxtel just like Kayo and Foxtel Now etc. Stan has some shared content with Foxtel due to i guess being connected with them and Ch 9.

  • +2

    The quicker this fails and flops the better for everyone as they'll push them out to the mainstay streaming sites.. i'm all for choice but there's too many now.

    • Same thing different bucket.

      There'll be just as many streaming providers, and content will be divided into these. So if you have something you want to watch you may end up having multiple subscriptions.

  • This is an easy pass for me. At our place, we have Prime video, Netflix, FTA and a huge collection of DVD's/ Blu Rays and an Atmos home theatre setup. No way am I going to pay for another streaming service.

    The sooner it comes down to 3 or 4 choices the better.

  • +2

    Pressure mounting…..eye twitch increasing….piracy resurgence detecting

  • No idea why anyone would pay for this with such limited content, but straight to Ozbargain classifieds for a family plan or something, for those who are keen :P

  • Netflix, prime, Disney+, Optus sport…

    One of these will need to be given up. It won't be prime, Optus sport, or Disney+… So I guess it's Netflix.

    • +1

      So I guess it's Netflix.

      A lot of people watch Netflix because everything on it already included, not like Disney+ or Apple TV needs to pay extra for some contents.

      • Yes true… But.
        I get Prime with amazon - so I'm keeping that.
        If I get rid of Disney+ then I'll have my kids on me
        Optus Sport - I actually watch this..

        I also forgot to add Youtube Premium …. and I'm not giving that up :D

  • How many people can watch it at once?

  • Can somebody please confirm if it has all of the US Survivor seasons?

    • +2

      It does indeed.

  • +1

    Quiet Place 2 is missing from aus version. Main reason i wanted the free trial. US accounts include it though…. grrrrrrr.

  • After a bit of a review of the content (or more to the point lack thereof), This actually seems overpriced for what you get. Will not even bother with the free trial for now, perhaps if they fix the content and lack of features in the future can try it then.

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