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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $799.99, 128GB $899.99, 256GB $1,099.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Starts Today and ends 22nd August

iPhone 12 mini
64GB $799.99 (down from $1159.99)

128GB $899.99 (Down from $1,239.99) - Only White Available Now

256GB - $1,099.99 (Down from $1,399.99) -Only Green and Product RED Available Now

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  • +8

    Love my mini. Small enough to put a massive protective case on it and still be usable one handed.

    • +24

      I carry mine around in it's original packaging….

      • +9

        Unboxing everytime you need to use it will be hard

        • +2

          I just use AirPods

          • @jv: They are good for browsing I heard…

            • @RSmith:

              They are good for browsing I heard…

              Yes, I browse using Siri…

              • +1

                @jv: Me: Siri, Shoot me in the head

                Siri: Did you mean slice of bread?

                Me: …….

    • How do you find the battery life?

      • +105

        Settings / Battery

        • +3

          You on a roll :-D

        • +9

          angry upvote

      • +5

        There is a battery icon in the top right corner.

      • +3

        Not amazing but perfectly fine. I set an automation for it to go into low power mode when it goes down to 50%. Happens a few times a week. If you use low power mode for most of the time it turns from average to brilliant.

        • Nice, that sounds pretty good. Are you a heavy user or avg

          • +2

            @TwentyTwoCarats: It can depend, most days working from home it sits on a wireless charger. Otherwise i can be real heavy and have videos/podcasts constantly running. If you really try and kill it in a day you definitely can, but all things considered its pretty good, if I am using it heavy like having it screen on playing youtube at the gym just put it into low power and it gets you a lot more life. Overall I love the phone, always wanted something smaller and this fits brilliantly.

      • +2

        I have had mine since December last year. Worst day down to 30%
        I get through most days with around 50-70% charge.

        Mostly phone on speaker, at least an hour a day often two or three, emails, a bit of browsing. About 3/4 hour wireless carplay. Occasionally MS Teams but it gets warm. I don’t game.

        The lowest at the end of the day was three hours wireless carplay, a couple of hours air playing to a Samsung TV, a bush walk out of range and a taking a stack of photos, slo mo and videos.

        I was impressed at how well it does for such a little phone.

        Anyway, technically battery life is halfway between an iphone8/SE2 and an iPhone 12. So better than almost any phone a few years ago but not as good as flagship phones with more room of bigger battery. Size trade off is so worth it IMHO.

      • FYI: If you are worried about battery, but like everything else about the mini, then a MagSafe battery pack is a great accessory.

        I’ve got one of the MagSafe battery packs and often have 80% to 90% battery on the phone by the end of the day and just a depleted battery pack.

        I was running a Moto Z2 Force with battery mods on LineAge OS (Android 10 version), tried out the iPhone 12 Mini for 14 days before returning it (thanks Apple, I didn’t love the red colour, but loved the phone) and got an iPhone 12 mini for “free” on a Telstra $99 12 month plan through Good Guys (blue, looks great, love the phone and have got used to iOS quickly - really love many features and miss very few Android features).

    • Is it too small? Like previous versions iPhone 5

      • +9

        I went from Nexus 6 6" screen —-> iPhone SE 4" screen —-> iPhone 12 Mini.

        To me the Mini is the perfect size.

      • The screen is bigger than an 8 Plus. Perfect size for me.

        • +2

          No it isnt.. 5.4" vs 5.5"

          • +2

            @Pinchy: Touche

            • +2

              @Dibs: It is bigger than the classic 6/6s/7/8/SE screen though

              • @ak47wong: That’s surprising based on the name

              • +2

                @ak47wong: Yes, but also in an 'odd' shape. If you open up Netflix and watch a 16:9 video side by side, you'll actually have less screen on a mini compared to an iPhone 6/6s/7/8/SE2. As I wrote in another thread, the bigger screen of the mini is great though for vertically scrolling content (like browsing or using apps like mail).

      • I went from xr to mini
        Perfect size for me too

    • +1

      Hi mate. What protective case did you go for? I’ve always used otterbox defender as I am prettt rough with my phone at times on site. But my iPhone 11 with the defender case is unwieldy at times. I’m moving to 12 mini to make it more usable as you suggest. Going to try the otterbox commuter but not sure if it will give me enough protection. Thanks!

      • +12

        Spigen is the only company I'd go for in the crowded and confusing market for cases

        • +2

          ^100% I've had Spigen cases for years and they never fail me.

        • +1

          I used to use only Spigen but now I definitely recommend Pitaka case. I'm using their Air (slimmest one) with iPhone 12 Mini and it has been solid.

          I dropped it on concrete at chest height, also had some pavement landings and also survived. The case scratched and teared a bit but the phone is completely intact.

          I do have a tempered screen protector to protect the front as well though.

      • My mini is naked.

  • I am starting to think the XR might be dropped and the 12mini becomes that entry level price point.

    Will be interesting to see what happens with those rumours of the "13" being priced below what the 12 was launched at.

    • +1

      XR is definitely not longed for this world.

      I reckon the 12 will also disappear and the 11 will become the cheap model.

  • +1

    Great price. Good job op

    • +1

      Great price.

      Until next month you see the price of the 13………..

  • +6

    Good price, but not as great as the outright offers from Telstra Day. Still a positive from me

    • Not as good as 5% price match with officeworks on that Telstra either 😆

  • Am I right in thinking that Costco doesn't deliver and I would need to go to a Warehouse and make this purchase in person?

    • +1

      Nah, they started online a little while ago with delivery. Some things are only online. Price has delivery built in.

  • +1

    Does Officeworks price beat costco?

    • +1

      Someone asking the real question. I want to know too!

    • +3


    • +1

      I just successfully price matched a 128GB

      • They didn't mind that Costco is subscription only?

        • +1

          What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?
          Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)
          Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)
          Stock liquidations (i.e. competitor clearance products or goods sold by a business placed into receivership)
          We reserve the right to limit sales to reasonable retail quantities.

          They probably would use the 'Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)' line to say that it isn't available to the public as you need a subscription.

    • +1

      Yes! It does price beat Costco or Prime Membership.

    • +2

      Yeah they do. I just called them up and they confirmed that they do price beat Costco prices now. Just ordered the 256gb over the phone.

    • Officeworks chastwood store refused. Citing membership

      • Try someone else. I got them to match Telstra.

  • Still waiting on my iPhone Mini 256GB from TGG on 20th June… I presume that Costco have a different means of importing them?

    • +8

      Costco is an efficient global company.

      TGG are another incompetent Australian retailer.

    • I think they will only list things they actually have stock of.

    • +2

      unrelated but i remember when the iphone x came out. i pre-ordered with TGG. Waited a long time for it and they sent me a note 8. yeah… had to go instore and awkwardly explain what they did lol

    • Just cancelled my good guys order I put in June

      • +1

        order I put in June

        this year or last year?

  • That’s what she said…..whooooo

  • +7

    Love the mini, it's the perfect size for me. No other iPhone has a higher pixel density, and the OLED screen in gorgeous.

    It seems that it's not selling very well, hence the discount. I'm worried that Apple will stop making phones with this form factor altogether… so best to pick one up before they discontinue it (rumours say there will be a 13 mini though).

  • +1

    Ugh. I went to such efforts to discount my
    mini purchase and this happens.

    That said, I’ve had it most of a year now and it beats the stuffing out of my previous 6.

  • +3

    Got it from telstra deal for 700. Happy with the purchase.

  • Seems like a really good price. Planning on sticking with my iPhone 8 for another year at least, but would jump on this if I was looking for one!

  • -1

    Telstra Mini 128gb was $732 for me. Probably about all they are worth really.

    • Where?

      • -1

        Ordered over the phone.

        • From Costco?

          • -1

            @spillmill: Telstra business

            • @DisabledUser401833: Is it still Available for that price with Telstra?

    • Wow, how did you get it cheaper?

      On the Telstra Day website (thanks to this deal Telstra Day: iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $699 (Save $500)…), it was:

      Edit: Ah, I see you mention Telstra Business, so I assume you got another 6% off? Wow.

      • Not sure, when I got the paperwork was $106 a month for 12 months, plan is $45, so 12 x 61 = $732. Should of got another one too lol.

        • You can't really compare outright prices to the price on a 12 month plan…

          • @ozbargain-pashim: yes you can as you can pay out handset anytime, still need a sim.

            • @DisabledUser401833: No you can't as you're still stuck with the plan…

              • @ozbargain-pashim: Nope you cancel anytime, there is no lock in contracts anymore, where have you been 😂 don’t bother replying you know nothing.

                • @DisabledUser401833: You still have to opt for the plan and provide all your details and agree to have them collected, saved and used for credit checks.
                  It's hilarious how you think it's the same as buying outright 😂

  • So tempting to get one but only got the XR in Jan, so must resist. Must, must, must ….

    • +1

      Bought an 11 in Jan too. Would have jumped on this instead!

  • Does anyone know if this is the instore price as well, or online only? I'd rather go instore today than wait for delivery.

    • Yeah, I would like to know too. I would rather go instore and get it right away, besides I ran out of my croissant stock and need to restock to bunker down in this lockdown.

    • Considering their online pricing includes the cost of delivery, I assume not. Someone else might be able to provide a more definitive answer though.

      • I called the Perth store, and they said there were none in stock so they believed it to be online only. I ordered online as a result.

  • +8

    I've been an Apple phone user since the 3G, and to be honest, won't be changing any time soon. But there are no words that sufficiently describe Apple's audacity in charging customers $100 per 64GB of flash memory in this day and age. This is one of the reasons I hate Apple, and hate myself for being too much a creature of habit to change my phone ecosystem (oh believe me, I've tried).

    That said… good deal on the base phone.

    • I've been an Apple phone user since the 3G, and to be honest, won't be changing any time soon.

      I stopped using my iphone 3G last year…

      When are you planning on upgrading?

      • +3

        Waiting for a good deal for iPhone 3GS?

  • +1

    I want this deal but not a member, do I have to wait for a card or will they send me the member details right away to be able to register online?

  • No deals on iPhone 12 Pro Max.😕

    • tape both together like LG did V50.
      unfunny banter aside, I too am waiting for a proper discount on pro max.

      • There wont be any. People wont be able to afford the iPhone 13 Pro Max cause of pandemic and loss in income. So everyone is waiting for the 12 to drop in price which it wont. Any person who is willing to sell their 12 can do so at any price they choose.

        The 12 mini is seeing discounts because Apple not continuing the line due to lack of interest

  • Ordered one on HN on 21 July and am still waiting for stock, now I see this……🥲

    • See my comment above re: TGGs. :(

      • +2

        OMG, June… I lose……

  • Seriously torn between a 128 gig mini or a 256 gig pro [not maxx]. Let the telstra deal go convincing myself that I should wait for the 13 pro. But there is something about the size of this one that is very tempting. Battery is my only worry.

  • Upgrading from an SE 2 - I don't want to lose the home button.

    • That's what I'm anxious about. I absolutely love Touch ID and hate the idea of Face ID. It's a large part of the reason I've been holding off upgrading for so many years.

      • The loss of fingerprint sensor is annoying, but only when out and about, because of masks. At home it unlocks instantly (unlike my iPad, which sometimes takes a second). I’ve snagged my partner’s old Apple Watch (it was sitting in a drawer, not being used) and that fixes the issue for unlocking the phone when out, but for things like authorising payments or logging into banking apps in public, I still need to enter a password.

  • +2

    The 12 mini is firmly the most underated iPhone of all time.

    I think people don’t like the term mini. They also don’t realise the screen is substantially larger than the iPhone 6/7/8, yet in a way more compact form factor.

  • +1

    Its that time of the year where iphone 13 is going to come out in a few months. Had the 12 max pro and its just so inconvenient and its best with my wife in her handbag. After putting a heavy case, it sadly is a brick.

    Maybe I'll hang on just a bit for the 13 version and choose the smallest size (might not have the mini version)

  • I bought a 12 pro max 128gb used for $1500 and that number still haunts me! But, too it’s credit the size, battery life and amount of usage (I don’t use tables anymore) as an all in one; daily gadget and in a simple rubber case, no worries with the glass for the first time too!

    But the price; apple are bonkers

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