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100% Cashback (via Cashrewards or ShopBack) on All Woolworths Mobile 30-Day Prepaid Starter Packs @ Woolworths Mobile Online


Online purchase via Cashrewards or Shopback only. Instore purchase does not give cashback.

Special Terms on Cashrewards

Cashback is eligible for customers buying a new service (SIM) & new sign-ups (new customers).
Cashback is limited to two prepaid services per customer per month only.
Service must be activated within 30 days of purchase and remain active for 30 days to be eligible for cashback.
Cashback is ineligible if sale is cancelled, withdrawn, changed, refunded.
Cashback is ineligible on recharges to existing services.
Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff, or student discount.
Cashback is paid only once per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans/items purchased on that order.

As a Woolworths Mobile and Everyday Rewards customer, you can save 10% on your groceries once a month, every month. You can choose when to redeem your discount. Simply follow the steps below to qualify.

Referral Links

Referral: random (254)

The referrer and referee will both receive a $20 WISH eGift Card (Only until 12 Dec 2021, Gift card value is $10 thereafter). Referral codes can only be shared after 35 days of service and gift cards sent only after staying for at least 3 active months. Maximum of 10 referrals per year. Once referred customer activates on Woolworths Mobile, they must download the Woolworths Mobile App, and enter the eligible referral code within 30 days by selecting “Refer a friend” from the slide out menu.

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  • +2

    Nice find, Neoika! You are the Cashback Queen (or King)!

    The 'Go to deal' link, however, is misleading. If someone goes to the deal and purchases from there, they wont get cashback (but I'm sure they wont be an OzBargainer too).

    I am unable to find 100% Cashback on Shopback website. Am I missing something?

    • Thanks to WatchNerd previous post. Cashback amount matches cost amount.

      • Yes, I figured it out. Cashback amount is matching the 'discounted' cost amount.
        However since this 'discount' doesnt appear on Shopback page, will they honour it? Shopback usually doesnt honour if the 'offer/deal' is not explicitly listed on their page. Their page still lists the full price (eg: $30 for 30GB).

        Anyone from the previous deal, got cashback thru Shopback? I checked and couldnt find anyone confirming.

  • +5

    Service must be activated within 30 days of purchase and remain active for 30 days to be eligible for cashback.

    There's the catch. You will end up paying for the next month…

    • How? Activate on (say) 1st September. Stay active till 30th September (active for 30 days). Dont recharge/renew on 1st October (31st day). Conditions have been met. Service was active for 30 days.

      • How? Activate on (say) 1st September. Stay active till 30th September (active for 30 days).

        That is 29 days….

        • 1st September to 30th September is 29 days?
          But the starter packs are "30-day". So irrespective of when I activate on 1st September, I still completed 30-day if my pack expires, right? Or not?

          • @djoz:

            1st September to 30th September is 29 days?


            If I am born on Mon, then on Tue I am 1 day old.

            • @jv: If "Life" was a 30-day prepaid starter pack, wouldn't one die after being 30-days old, thereby honoring the Terms and Conditions to get Lifeback (Cashback)?

              • +3

                @djoz: I don't like to talk about death… It is depressing.

            • +1

              @jv: Unless you were born as a prepaid sim on Monday (up to 11:59 pm) ..in that case on Tuesday you are 2 days old.

    • Hmm…can someone confirm this by experience? My gut feeling is that there won't be a need to renew for the next month in order to be eligible for the cashback. Or maybe I'm too optimistic…

  • +17

    Will stay clear of Shopback. They are scammers and ozBargain is full of their scam posts.

    • +5

      They were good earlier. But yes, have been hearing a lot of people complaining about Cashback not being confirmed lately.

      • +26

        I got tired of getting emails stating:

        Your Cashback is now confirmed!
        Cashback A$0.00

    • +14

      SB are bad!!! I had stopped using it for while due to so many transactions not been tracked and even I sent them receipt they still declared it's a invalided claim.

      On the other side CR was doing much better job, I made purchased during flash sale on CW for 10% cashback and ended up not been tracked as well, but I provided all the evidences needed and customer support claiming they unable to track my transaction, but they still honored my claim and paying it out of their pocket!

      And the cashback was available to withdraw straight away. After that incident I started to using CR again regardless the transaction eligible or not.

      • Any negative review of "Honey". Plugin found a $14 coupon code for Aliexpress and 714 Honey Gold.

    • +5

      True, I did a $550 purchase on Amazon, clicked through the app which forced open my Amazon app, completed under a minute. "merchant has deemed your cashback ineligible", what a rort. Noticed they also removed their "100% tracked guarantee" or something like that from their page.

      • +4

        Same here for BWS. Neg from me.

      • -1

        Why on earth would you have the amazon app installed? That's CLEARLY going to void the cashback.

        (I don't know how you expect different apps to pass affiliate clicks through to each other. It is possible, but man, crazy expectation because then the cashback companies will constantly get caught out every time a store updates their app and things break!).

        • +2

          Are you being serious? Lol. Not everything I buy qualifies for cashback and I want the app to track my deliveries. Cashrewards opens up Amazon via their in-app browser perfectly fine, which shopback USED to do as well. Now it literally says "go to app" on their Amazon shopback page. Besides, pretty sure they've claimed it works fine or there would be a disclaimer saying 'UNINSTALL AMAZON APP IF YOU ARE BUYING ON MOBILE" 🙄

    • +1

      Buggy software and tracking yes but calling a legit international business scammers is a bit harsh.

      • +2

        Nah, the trends of when it occurs (high value purchases) and lack of legitimate customer service (always blaming the user even when evidence provided) mean it's a known problem. They've had more than 12 months grace period to fix it. If the problem exists after that long, it's intentional (not necessarily designed to rob you but they've made an intentional decision not to invest time into fixing the problem). If it's intentional and robs you, I think calling them scammers is reasonably accurate


    • +1

      I’ve never had an issue. I always use the app.

    • +1

      Your neg is totally unwarranted since you can use Cashrewards instead of Shopback to acquire this deal.

  • +5

    I don't bother to take risk. Rather pay $4.9 for Kogan 40gb Sim.

    • +1

      My CR got tracked.

      • -1

        I don't mean they don't. But u need to remind yourself not pay for another 30 days or whatsoever.

        • That’s with all 30 day sims

  • There is nothing on cashreward or shopback's page that says it is 100% cashback

    • Read this
      The previous deal - people have confirmed receiving cashback equal to the cost price, on Cashrewards. No confirmation on Shopback yet.

      • +1

        amount of cashback
        Prepaid 30-Day $30 Plan $12
        Prepaid 30-Day $20 Plan $8

        discounted price
        Prepaid 30-Day $30 Plan $12
        Prepaid 30-Day $20 Plan $8
        and that is what the plans are currently discounted to on woolies's site.

        so yes. it is 100% cashback

    • +2

      It's effectively 100% Cashback as they're the following:

      • 12GB for $8 (Normally $20) | $8 Cashback
      • 30GB for $12 (Normally $30) | $12 Cashback
      • 42GB for $15 (Normally $40 | $15 Cashback
      • The question is - will Shopback honour it, as the 'offer price' is not explicitly mentioned on the Shopback site?

        From Shopback website:


        • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
        • Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff, or student discount.
        • +1

          Can't see why not, it's not a coupon or any other offer that you apply yourself, the prices are already set at the discounted amounts.

        • Got it tracked from SB previously .

        • I posed this exact question to TA and GYB last time and both replied in the affirmative.

          Bought through both cashback sites on the same day - CR confirmed the cashback in 6 weeks, SB still says pending with a date 13 weeks from purchase.

          Worth it to hold a number without recharge (which should last 6 months) for the 10% off shopping, so at least 4 coupons after 45 days.

          • @Junk Sifter: Holding a number without activating works? What's the system they use to distribute the discount codes or whatever?

            Or do you mean you activate, then the number won't die for 6 months?

            • @justtoreply: Activate then turn off auto recharge. Carriers won't reassign the number until 6 months of no recharge.

              Edit: Reread the T&Cs Woolies disables calls after 90 days, I guess to stop people abusing this promo. Still worth it for a voucher or two.

              Link your Everyday Rewards card for the voucher.

          • @Junk Sifter: So you still have 10% off even if your 30days have passed? Also, if I already have a 10% off from another product (e.g., insurance), would you know if this will give me 2 vouchers for 10% off?

            • +1

              @sigplay: No idea, check the fineprint.

            • +2

              @sigplay: You get the 10% off until the service gets terminated. So 6 months after your last recharge expires.

              • @ShouldIBuyIt: Great - thanks!

                • @sigplay: If too many people exploit this loophole, it will get fixed soon. T&Cs clearly says a prepaid service must recharge to maintain the monthly 10% off benefit.

                  • @Neoika: 10% off is nothing compared to how much they make on their expensive fruits and veggies. If anything that will draw more customers. Doubt they'll fix it

                    • @ShouldIBuyIt: You probably did not know that 10% off could be used multiple times online in a month before pandemic started. In the old days, it even worked on 3rd party giftcards and travel card recharge.

                      • @Neoika: I didn't. I only get it offered once a month.

                        • @ShouldIBuyIt: I means T&Cs said once a month, but it was not enforced back then.

                          • @Neoika: Makes sense but worth a punt I guess. Good offer to test since this is practically free assuming you get your cashback. Worst case scenario, you only need to spend $80 to get the cost back and it's probably easier now for those in lockdown since other smaller stores may be closed

    • Below are the CB rates, which correspond to the discounted prices of these plans on Woolworths site.
      Prepaid 30-Day $40 Plan $15
      Prepaid 30-Day $30 Plan $12
      Prepaid 30-Day $20 Plan $8

  • Just bear in mind that although free, the delivery times are truly terrible.

    'Due to delays caused by COVID-19, delivery estimates are approximately 10-15 business days.'

    And they don't seem to be kidding. I've been waiting for ages for mine.

    • Have placed two orders in last 6 months , the first one took ages but the second came within a week. But I would say be prepared for min two weeks

  • I wouldn't do anything again with Cashrewards. Signed up to a new Woolworths plan which offered a $50 cashback back in January… showed in my cashrewards until May as pending, then they had the nerve to tell me that they aren't able to pay it as the referral didn't go to them??? Useless. Shopback is much easier.

    • +1

      Agreed. Same experience here. I purchased a Woolworths mobile plan following a link from Cashrewards' site promising me $20 back which never materialized. I exchanged something like 6 emails with a Veronica from their member services team but it was a complete waste of time as they basically claimed I was imagining what I saw. Never again.

    • +2

      Same here, my biggest cashback (~$60) is still pending when it should have been approved and confirmed since mid Jul. Wrote to their customer support and only response I received was they can't do anything because there was confirmation from the store. It's now sitting there still showing as pending.

      Any sharings on bad experience with Cashrewards would just get negged here…

    • Did you report this to Consumer affairs? If it never gets reported, nothing is going to change.

      It doesn't take long at all. I reported Kogan last nigbt, and report Flybuys approx 3 times per month (5 breaches in December). Always has worked out in my favour. They are without help that mob! But obviously not many report these things, and it makes sense as a business to rip off 1 million people if you only need to pay the Consumer report fees/ fines for a select few.

      Take screenshots, report to OCBA when it fails.

      Generalised statements about SB/ CR aren't going to change much here. Let's face it, they work and fail just the same. Give SB/CR a chance to amend, if that doesn't work, report it.. ..simples.

  • Does porting back in after a month constitute a "new customer"?

    • +1

      Yes, only Vodafone/Kogan has "away 30 days" restriction AFAIK.

  • +2

    I'm staying away from Shopback after their hacking scandal. Will be sticking to Cashrewards as my trusted provider.

  • Got me excited, read 100% cashback at all Woolworth stores for 30 days.

  • Can anyone on WW Mobile please advise if you can you disable auto renew?

    • +1

      Yes, it is like Amaysim, but only with 90 days grace period. After that, the number may be disconnected and put into quarantine.

      • Thanks!

      • +1

        After 90days it becomes inactive, until after 6 months when it becomes terminated.
        Only way to get it active again (and port out) between 90 days and 6 months is to recharge.
        Source: got caught up and now trying to port out…

        • Thanks for the input.

  • Usually how long does it take to track my purchase?

    It seems quite slow on this one as my previous purchase not with woolies is almost instant tract and got email right away.

    EDIT: Got the tracking email in an hour.

  • +2

    Just to confirm that I bought the sim card from the last sales when it's 50% off, I bought $20 prepaid plan for $10. Sim card arrived within a week, and CR tracked immediately and approved $10 cashback second day after 30days (note, I did not recharge nor did I switch to another portal UNTIL 31days). personally I won't buy via SB, after too many occasions with negative experiences.

  • Special Terms on Cashrewards

    Cashback is eligible for customers buying a new service (SIM) & new sign-ups (new customers).
    Cashback is limited to two prepaid services per customer per month only.

    If I've an active prepaid service, would cashback eligible if I buy a new service (SIM)?
    Do I need to activate new service using a new email to be eligible for cashback?

  • +3

    You can use the starter kit credit towards long expiry plans FYI - when you activate the sim =)

  • Hey folks got a question

    Bought one of these deals, sim about to finish . Realised this 10% off deal applies
    Comments say you can use 10% for up to 2 months,
    App says my 45 days isn't up yet, so I assume I should be able to use it soon.

    In the mean time I got another woolworths sim on promo
    Can I just port my expired woolworths to the new woolworths sim
    And will my 45 days reset again?

    • No, it must be from other Telco.

  • Bought a $20, went to activate, completed every step, last step is a required payment method but it fails every time trying 3 different cards from 2 different banks
    Need help? Live Chat!
    Enter details of problem, chat has a character limit, re-type problem more concisely
    (Automatic response, still need help?)
    As it's outside of our business hours, I won't be able to connect you to a team member. Sorry about that!

    So a real dick-around, complete waste of time and it's put me in a foul mood.
    How's your evening going?

    • +1

      Maybe try it another time. The payment gateway for eGC purchase was down for a while too last week.

  • What if we don't get our sim card in time? Ordered on 16th August, just got confirmation it has been posted 24th August with estimated delivery of 10-15 business days :(

    • Hope for the best. Mine was dispatched too yesterday.

  • I have received my SIM but it is asking me to pay $20 at the end of the registration. I thought I already bought the $20 pre-paid plan?

    • I just entered the SIM card number and found my chosen plan is ready to activate. Alternatively, I can also choose a more costly plan. Maybe you have chosen the wrong plan. The last step is just for verifying card by charging $1, not payment. Disable auto-recharge later if you want to.

  • Question for the experts
    I've finished my sim about 2 weeks ago.
    Just got a msg saying you are eligible for 10% off
    But inhave to authenticate my rewards card. If I change the rewards card do I lose my 10% off eligibility?

    • +1

      I think it is fine to change it, but it may take time to be effective.

      • i just tried to use the code and it came up with you are not eligible for the offer,

        have you got any idea why?
        i did change the linked rewards card and it says valid, 10% valid as well

        • When I did it last year, I did not try to use the offer right after change. As I said, it may take time to be effective.

          • @Neoika: ok ill give it a try in my next weeks shopping,

            also, is the once per month calendar month or 30 days on their system?

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