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365 Day Mobile Plan 145GB - $120 (New Customers Only) @ Catch Connect


Catch Connect 365 Day Mobile Plan 145GB - $120 (New Customers Only)

Includes bonus 25GB data

120GB/$150 after recharge

I signed up for this plan last year when it was $120 for 120GB (no bonus data), so I miss out on this sadly. Haven't had any issues with service/slow 4g speeds etc. (Sydney based)

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Catch Connect
Catch Connect

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    What's the Catch ?

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      Shitty network, lol

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        I am sure they use one of the big name networks

        • Yup, optus. It has been horrible where I am for weeks now

        • Yep. Optus

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        i want to disagree, since i do get better reception than vodafone where i live, but optus and their mvnos don't have visual voicemail so poop to them

      • Catcha network, weak signal, 3G turns to H often.

  • I'm also currently on the 120$/120GB deal, any way to get this offer since my prepaid is expiring soon?

    • Port out then port in again.

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        Port out to a $4.90 30 day Kogan plan or $15 90 day plan, and port back to Catchconnect at the end of that.

    • I think I’ve got about 1 month left on my current plan, I’m planning to call them at some point between now and then and see if they’ll match it

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        I did just try online chat, they wouldn't come to a better deal but calling might give better chance. goodluck!

  • Any deal within the $30 to $70 price range soon?

  • Anyone comment on OPTUS reception in and around the Cairns region? Currently on Kogan (Vodafone) and had no reception down at Mission Beach a few weeks ago.

  • So this is an Optus MVNO?

    • Correct

      • thanks Tweedy96,

        Was a consideration to move from Belongs $10 1GB plan for the kids for the extra data, but Optus is lousy around here.

        Now if there was another Telstra MNVO with more data at the $10/m price point, id give it a good look.

  • I currently have 3 of us on catch. It works so well for us! I hope this is a new data allowance, however it seems just a bonus data if you activate within a time frame. I have to move my daughter’s and still have a $30 pack when there was a misprice. Hopefully we get the extra data

  • Btw it says ends 24/8 so I’m assuming you need to activate by then? If you have a saved sim (like I do) it doesn’t seem you’ll get the bonus data (just started steps to activate and it says 120gb). But I’m not sure as I don’t need to activate yet

    • "Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase", is that means if I buy the sim on 24/08 I will have until 23/09 to activate the sim? My contract finishes on 01/10 with Telstra so I might have to activate a bit earlier to take this offer.

      • Hi I would say so. Try chatting to catch albeit they are pretty useless with explaining offers. For example they don’t even know you have 2 years to activate sim! I’m assuming to take this extra data offer you need to do within a time frame

  • What’s the best option for a long term low cost eSim just to receive calls.

    • Optus prepaid daily plus ? I think it’s $30 every 6 months. They’ll take $2 for the first call/message/data you use and then on that they you’ll have unlimited calls and text and 500mb to use.

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